Knees are usually hugged when you feel unsafe. The road always begs for sleep once too many people come across it, it can’t take it. But it doesn’t have an option; it can’t sleep.

The apples fall when the wind is too much for it. The human mind can be a planned out scribble by whatever manages to control the mortal in sight. Blood will start to trickle down your nose when the heat is too much. Your smile becomes wider, and wider, the more of hilarity you see. The guilt can be seen; as can the happiness be seen. However; all of this can be mistaken. For what?

Being okay with actions.

Being ok with actions is one thing, being broken is another. I almost found it obvious.

I love the wind that rushes through the night sky. I love the fact that the road suffers in silence, while people drive on it. I just hate the smile.

I hate all of the smile.