Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt. 5

Author’s Note: Hello, creepy_gurl here, I wanted to apologize for being late with all of these new episodes. I’ve been busy but now, I can write until it is finished. Thanks so much to the people who have helped on the way. I’ll be sure to work on the grammar, and bring even better stories. Thanks all for your patience, and without further ado, lets begin.

We stepped through the house and hid ourselves from that granny every step we took. I had been counting. We are on day three, and we aren’t even close to getting out.

“Toby… look” I whispered, pointing to one of our crossbows. It seemed to be in good condition, despite the fact that it fell a whole story. It sat by a door next to the stairs, a place we found as a hiding spot. I hears footsteps coming closer and closer, a floorboard creaked and a clank rang through the house. Granny was coming. I shoved Toby into that little room and grabbed the crossbow. After stepping in and silently closed the door, the footsteps stopped. Another clank rang its way around the house and the door began to open. The granny Stood rt the door way, but hadn’t seen us. I then quickly grabbed my crossbow, and smacked it into her head, causing her to fall to the ground. No blood began spewing out only her body slowly fading away.

“What was that? Why didn’t she bleed? I left a big enough hole in her head, her brain should be sliding out right now!” I yelled. Toby looked down at the fading corpse of granny, and stepped passed me.

“We don’t have time to worry about that. She’s a phantom. She was dead to begin with.” he said faintly.

“Then how do we het rid of her?” I asked, calming down slightly.

“I noticed parts of what seemed to be a portrait. On the back it said ‘fix and on the sixth day, she may leave’ so I assume it means that we have to fix it then kill her.” Toby said, scanning the floor, walls and door we stood by. Suddenly some rustling came sounding from the downstairs door next to us. I tightened my grip on the crossbow, and pulled it to my heart, ready to swing at the granny. Toby walked up to the door and pressed his back to it. He nodded and I stepped closer. He flung the door open and I got ready to swing. The granny rushed up to us and swung at me. I blocked her bat and pressed down on her force. Toby pulled into a choke hold, so I could whack her again. I swung but stopped before hitting her. Toby tightened his grip and yelled for me to kill her.

“Toby! Wait. I have to ask her some questions.” I stepped closer to granny and dropped the crossbow near my feet.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” I asked calmly, waiting for her response.

“S-so…on!” she said with a high and raspy voice. She calmed her fighting to Toby’s grip on her. She began to look down.

“He died here, didn’t he?” I questioned, softening my voice.

“Di… ied i-in muuuuy arr… ms” She said, again, sounding week and raspy.

“Then why still be here?” I paused, “Why not pass on?”

“Si-lennnnnnt… ki… l… errrrrr” She struggled. Then a lock on the door began to creek and break. The door knob began to turn, slowly. The granny began to scramble away from Toby’s grip and rushed to her basement. Toby grabbed hold on a candle stick, next to the door. I reached for the now dented and broken crossbow. The wood that held the door began to rip, the metal bars began to bend and the locks broke away. The door slowly opened and there stood a creature with long black fingers. Its body was riddled with blood and organ bits. Its sin was black, deeper than the galaxy. It had white eyes that went nowhere, but went to the soul. It had long stringy hair that covered the deep scars on its body. It stood there, silent. It looked up, revealing a stitched mouth, covered in crimson blood. It glared at us with its deep soulless eyes. It was the silent killer. My heart began to beat faster and faster. And with that, the creature began to step towards us. With every step it sped up, until it was sprinting towards us. Its huge claws jolted out and reached out for us. Toby grabbed one hand as I grabbed the other. We snapped its wrists, and broke its arm, bones and blood ripping from its skin. It bled, and was in agony, but was silent, living up to its name. It lashed at me, and ripped my sweater, scratching my side with a deep wound. Toby jabbed the candlestick into the creatures leg, causing it to fall to the floor. I rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I returned to see Toby wrestling it down. I stabbed it in the head, and out the other end. It twitched one last time before going motionless. Our clothes and skin scratched and covered in blood, I crashed to the floor, and breathed heavy, looking to the cracked ceiling. Toby looked to me, bent down, and lifted my head to his lap.

“You’re okay, right?” he asked, seeming beat, just like me.

“Yeah,” I said closing my eyes for a few seconds, then opening them. As I did, I saw that granny Standing over me, with Toby knocked to the floor, bleeding.

“AH! Toby!” I called out, trying to get up. I pushed that granny out of the way, and scrambled to Toby.

“DIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” screamed the granny. I looked to her, ready to defend myself, but I noticed her bashing the bat she held into the creature and not me.

“What did you do tho him!” I yelled, waiting for her to kill me too. She looked at me, then at Toby. She pointed towards him, and I looked. Toby was rubbing his eyes, and scratching his head.

“Did you think I was dead or something?” he questioned, seeming puzzled.

“Don’t do that t me again!” I yelled.

“Hey, chill! I was only taking a breather!” he laughed. I stood up and helped Toby to his feet. I placed my hand on my side, and looked down to it.

“Aug… ow,” I complained

“What?” Toby asked, noticing my hand on my side. I heard a “Goodbye” coming from the granny. I saw her fading away.

“Lets go, we’ll get ya cleaned up at home. This place isn’t far.” Toby said, letting me put my weight on him. He helped me home. After we returned, Hoodie ran towards me.

“Hey! You guys were gone for like, four days! What happe-” he paused, noticing my side completely covered in blood, and my sweater all ripped up.

“We’re fine. Go get the boss, would ya? Toby asked.

Slenderman walked towards us slowly, noticing our wounded statures. He lifted me up and took me to a room at the end of the hall. There he bandaged me. I stepped out of the room and walked over to my door. Toby ran up to me, wanting to know if I was okay. I could tell by his expression.

“Toby, I’m fine.” I said

“How do you know that was my question?” He asked, giving a smug look.

“Because I know you,” I said, then returning his smug look. He chuckled, and opened my door for me. I stepped in and sat on mu bed. Toby shut the door and walked away. I felt a urge of pain course through my side, and I passed out.










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  • IronMosquito

    The grammar definitely improved this time around, but I still don’t see why the granny aspect of the story was necessary. Getting better.

  • Feonia LH

    Your so mean. No more cliffhangers! I will start acting like a 2 year old without candy

  • Creepy tru

    Keep writing im so into this story i love it

  • Andy

    I love this story so far I can’t seem to stop reading