At The Seams

Day 1:

“When you step foot in that place, they’ll not be a doubt in your mind that you are on tainted grounds.” That’s what the locals say when referring to Silent Groves Cemetery. I always thought it was bound to have a few mysteries since it is the oldest cemetery in town, standing for some 300 years or more and containing dozens of unmarked graves. However the age and its contents are not the most surprising thing about it, far from it in fact. Locals say that people have attempted to plant trees there before, but none have made it past the sapling stage.

The trees all seem to wither and die without explanation. This has caused the locals to become a bit weary of it. So much so that no one really goes there anymore. That and, well, I probably shouldn’t mention this, but, there were a few documented instances of disappearances related to the place, even detailed reports about the bodies which were found in pieces. Each body was found in an advanced stage of decomposition as well.

They were speculated to be the bodies of some missing teenagers or something. No one knew exactly who they were because they were so badly decomposed that dental records couldn’t even be pulled. The things some people will do for a cheap thrill, huh? Anyways, despite its poor reputation, I’ve never been one to let a mystery go. Which is why I’ve decided to venture out there myself and see if I can’t catch some sort of evidence as to what’s causing this, whether that be a soil sample or what have you, there’s gotta be a scientific explanation, right?

Day 2:

It’s about 2:00 A.M. and, while rolling up on this place a certain feeling has set in. The feeling that I may quickly regret my decision to do this. I just shake it off as a by-product of being in a place like this. A place that’s not very visually pleasing and seems to always have a low-lying white mist about it. I would swear that sometimes I can see the mist take on some recognizable shapes just outside my peripheral.

But, when I turn to look, they dissipate. I have to remind myself that I’m not here to psych myself out, I’m here for answers, answers these townsfolk deserve. When I step inside the gate, I notice a small sensation in my legs, almost like a tiny electrical shock, maybe even a bit of fatigue. I decide to push further. For whatever reason, I decide to stop and look at a headstone, as if it were drawing me in. It reads, “Here lies a man with great malice, one with a vengeance even death may not halt.”

Just as with most of the other headstones, this one has no name. It is quite odd in the way it seems to sort of absorb the light from my flashlight, leaving only a bit behind for me to make out the words. Darkness does strange things to a person’s mind, especially this type of darkness. It causes what looks like movement where there is none and makes you a bit paranoid at no real danger. At least, I think there’s no real danger.

It’s kind of hard to say because, now, standing in front of this particular grave, the mist seems to have engulfed me and the lettering on the headstone looks like it’s changing. I hit my flashlight, making it shine a bit brighter only to be utterly disgusted by what the headstone now reads. “You’ll rot with us,” it says. This is more than enough to send me running back to my car, but I quickly find that to be impossible as the ground has now turned to some kind of sticky black goo. As if that weren’t bad enough, the fatigue seems to be worsening with every step I take.

It emanates from my joints. I look down at my legs to be met with the sight of what seems to be mold creeping up them. Soon, my right leg begins to break off. And then, my left. I soon hit the ground, upon which, I notice my elbows and wrists doing the same, literally withering away. I’m powerless to do anything as, soon, all of my extremities have fallen away from my body and the ground swallows me whole.

The last sight I see is that of the headstone, which now reads, “Soon, we’ll break everyone at the seams, our spread has begun.”

  • IronMosquito

    I want to like this story, but a couple things are bugging me.

    The pacing. It was way to fast. I’m not telling you to drag out and describe everything in intricate detail like Tolkien, but even a bit of description on the gravestones would be nice. It also would’ve been nice if our mc had some introduction, maybe a description of what kind of mysteries he’s chased before? Saying that he “isn’t one to let mysteries go” or whatever implies that he has some experience with this kind of thing and would take better precautions, as opposed to running straight into a graveyard where decomposed bodies of missing teens have shown up. You’d expect him to do some more research about the place, maybe bring a buddy just in case.

    Also, the perspective. Now, writing from the victim’s perspective is fine- until you get to the death. It really takes a reader out of the story when the mc is describing how he dies as it happens. He’s supposed to be telling us this story, but he’s also dead? If I’m being completely honest, it’s a bit lazy. Think about it next time, there are good ways to write from the victim’s perspective and then change the perspective to show that he dies.

    I think that’s about all I have to say. I think you’ve improved a bit since your last story, but there are still areas where you’re lacking. Keep at it, and keep practicing! I’d also like to reccomend that you have someone peer edit for you, like a classmate or family member. Have a good one!

    • Tiny

      I agree, I could still iron out some of my abilities, like where I should’ve told it from a friends perspective instead which would’ve made more sense. As it stands, I’m happy for the critiques I recieve, they help me improve. Thank you.

      • IronMosquito

        Yeah no prob! I’m glad you agree. Have a good one

  • Love2Bscared

    I also agree with the mc telling the story but he’s dead thing. Also, I found the story to be very short with not enough creepiness. One last thing, in the beginning of the story when the mc is talking about solving the mystery and mentions taking soil samples it made wonder “Why is he out there, alone at 2:00am?! Get the samples during the day!” But I did love the subject of the story I just feel there should’ve been a little more to the story. I’ve read a bunch of your stories and really liked them a lot so I hope my constructive criticism doesn’t offend you! Keep the stories coming cuz like I said I really do enjoy them!

  • DJ bunch

    I loved the visual of the graveyard and the decomposition, the character felt almost right. I got the feeling he was some kind of scientist, almost a lovecraftian element to throwing a random intellectual to the meat grinder. I think maybe some details on his research might help you flush him out and make the ending bite more. Great job so far!