The Unreal Xbox

My story is made up. I’m still working with another one, but I can’t rely on my family to help me. So I made this story with my friend.

I was playing Super Luigi Bros and I got carried away, not checking the time. So I was playing a scary game, then a random game on my Xbox. I was younger when it happened.

Alright, I won’t bore you with my day that day. I was playing a game and it automatically went to a Nintendo DS game, which I thought the Xbox was broken, but later, the Xbox turned on by itself and the Nintendo game started (it was a Mario game). It started and a text box appeared and said, “Destroy the Xbox as soon as you complete the game.”

I made a new save file and started playing. I played for about 4 days then got to the final boss. The boss was not Bowser or any Mario bosses. It was the avatar I created when getting the Xbox from some old store. They gave me it for free and I loved games. The game used attacks I didn’t know, but I felt weak every time I got hurt.

I was nervous so I decided to do random stuff and use the flowers then. When I was almost done, it said, “I won’t give your family up so quickly.” I was confused as to what he meant. But I knew exactly my brothers were in the game and I had to destroy it to free my brothers and get them back. I have to beat my own avatar to free my brothers so I got a friend and we played together to beat the level.

I used fire and he used ice. We had him at a tiny strand of health so I decided to use fire again and he used a star but his character died. I shot fire and the avatar died brutally because he was burned and lit on fire. Then I saw my brothers.

So I saved and I grabbed a hammer to destroyed the Xbox. My brothers came out of the TV and we went on pretending not to know nothing about it. Even my friend, he was so shocked but did listen and didn’t say a word.

So I had to let you know, good thing that store shut down they had many Xbox’s like the one I destroyed.

My friend agreed to help me make this.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    That was… Uh… Yeah.

    I think with a bit of work, and a bit of practicing grammar and basic plot points, you could write a very good story. It was… Worth a read, at least this once.