The Dark Web 2 Ch.5 Freakshow

Author’s Note: To Konnor, a chapter just for you since you like it so much.

The immersing darkness grasp its icy grip on her bones, snuggling cozily under her battered skin. Goosebumps trickling among her flesh, she takes a deep breath and begins to walk. There was nothing to assist the aimless path, nothing but blindness accompanied with slight panic attacks. She wanders slowly lifting and setting her bare feet down, being aware of possible traps or wires. There was no method to this madness.

A soft red light dimly begins to glow far away in a higher position. Following it like a North Star she approaches it, the ambience spreads out exposing a window panel inches away from her face. Displayed like a sideshow attraction at a fair it was a small enclosed room with a body strapped to a wooden chair. Multiple lights begin to turn on to her left and right, along with it revealing a row of identical rooms as the hallway she stands in comes to light. Some rooms were occupied, some were empty. Those that were vacant had bolted chairs with muddy stains stained into the grain, some windows had spider designs where it looked as some victims tried to escape, others had greasy handprints trailing down in red. As she walked down one direction she noticed a few rooms had corpses dispayed in them.

One room had a woman with her breasts sliced off, her stomach was torn in half with a doll head sticking out as if to make a surprise appearance. At the top of the window a name was written, AMANDA. At the bottom smeared was BIRTH. Karla assumed it was one of the attractions you could pay to see, Red Rooms and perversions galore treck across the dark web with ease. Whatever gets an untouchable’s d**k hard can be found on it.

Karla receives a despondent yet abhorred feeling dribbling into her conscience, when suddenly she hears a shriek from her left. Hurrying to find the source she’s greeted to a man in a chair shaking his head violently crying, his red eyes tell a tale of pity only a broken soul could relate to. Among the naked floor lay tarnished saw blades, shattered razors, ground drill bits, and angled nails. The top of the window displayed KONNOR, the bottom wrote TIN MAN.

Karla hammers her one fist on the bouncing glass trying to help. A slit vent from above whirls to life along with others lining down both sides of the room. Air blasts in circulating around in different directions and speeds forming a vacuum effect. All the pieces of rubble pick up floating around as the wind picks up. Karla turns away and clenches her wet eyes. Liquid splatters on the pane making loud splashes, screams bounce off the window for a brief period until silence makes its apperance once more.

She turns her face to the wreck that sits before her.

One crooked saw blade rested between his right eye and cheek bone, wedged in with extreme force. The drills bits and nails drove through leaving bleeding chambers, razors stuck out across his body revealing bone and muscle. His body was a mangled collaboration of tortured flesh and scrap. He chokes a bit with a rusted nail piercing his tongue to his lower jaw. Drooling out pink slobber he then rests his chin on his chest, blood pools at the base of his feet.

Backing away she presses her back against a wall that folds in with her light amount of force. Toppling backwards she lands scraping her elbows onto a rough surface. Aching in pain she rolls onto her belly and sees her face staring back at her. As the lights from above flicker to life she sees her apperance duplicate around.

Standing up she sees herself, half naked and afraid, a stump where a hand once was, crusted blood stains stamped across her skin.

Her form being pushed aside a thing comes into view appearing across all the mirrors. His lower jaw was extended creating an over bite with shallow teeth, the arms were long drifting past his waist with fungus claws, a deformed head made it abnormally shaped, to top it off it was abnormally muscular. He looked like a product of i****t and steroids, his glossy eyes penetrated her soul from every direction. Spinning around she couldn’t tell which one was really him and which was a mere reflection.

She tries to steady her shaking arm and twirls trying to stay as close to the center of the mirror maze as possible. The being licks his chops with a yellow faded tongue and leaps forward. She drops down to her knees as he lands on top of her from an unknown direction.

His thick nails scrape into her tender cheeks running blood into her open mouth. His erection bulges into her lower back as he laughs, she swings back with both arms.

He grabs onto her stump and forces it into his salivating mouth, biting down he pulls a heavy clump of skin and muscle away as fresh blood squirts into his throat. Writhing in agony she lets her weight pull her down to the floor, her arm slipping through his graps using blood as a lubricant.

She kicks a mirror nearby shattering it into bits. A wider piece glimmers on the floor, quickly grabbing it she’s tackled once more as the deformed man climbs on top of her. His breath stinks of raw meat like gangrene is rotting his belly in slow strokes, a cannibal born of i****t. She strikes the shank into his throat and pushes with all her might, screaming as blood spurts out into her eyes and hair. All the while her mouth stays open, partially screaming from pain, the other feeling from blistering anger being released.

He drops onto her in a slow slump, she pushes him off and stands up facing the mirrors once more.

Cameras in dark corners rotate and zoom in to her, a crackling sound through speakers push through with a deep voice.