Chatting in the Closet

Melkitty: <<Joined the Chat>>

Melkitty: I’m online and ready to talk 🙂

InDanger25: <<Joined the Chat>>

Melkitty: Hey, Danger

InDanger25: I need help! Someone please come! I’m so scared right now!

Melkitty: Woah, Danger. What’s going on? Why do you need help, and why are you scared?

InDanger25: I’m in a basement, hiding in a closet. Something’s after me.

Melkitty: What? Is this a prank? That makes no sense.

InDanger25: This isn’t a prank!!

InDanger25:There’s really something after me! I need help!!

Melkitty: Okay, I believe you. Where do you live? I can call the cops/911

InDanger25: That’s the problem. I have no clue where I even am!!

InDanger25: I was outside, enjoying the fresh air after getting out of the hospital like any other person would. The sun was on the brink of setting, so there was still some light illuminating the park.

Melkitty: And?

InDanger25: Sorry. I accidentally hit the enter button. I’m shaking really bad, and am someone who has trouble typing on a phone screen. Just wait for me to type for a second.

Melkitty: Okay.

GlassWindow: <<Joined the Chat>>

Melitty: Hey, Glass.

GlassWIndow: Hello.

InDanger25: I was going to take a long walk, since I finally regained the ability (I broke my legs, don’t want to go into detail). There were a few more people there, but they were all slowly leaving. I didn’t mind much, since I’m a fan of small groups over big ones. That part of me is now dead.

InDanger25: I wasn’t aware of this for a while, but I finally realized that I was being followed by something or someone. The person following me was finally noticed when I began hearing a second pair of footsteps. Starting a little while after mine start, and stopping a little while after mine stop. I then turned, and saw someone ducking out of sight. They were definitely trying to not be seen.

Melkitty: So, that’s how you got there?

InDanger25: No. I just ran out of characters. Twice, actually. That’s why there are two posts. Just… wait a sec while I type some more.

InDanger25: Oh, and btw, this will take a while. I hear footsteps above me.

Melkitty: K

GlassWindow: What is going on?

Melkitty: Danger is hiding from someone. I don’t know many of the details yet, since they got here rather recently.

GlassWIndow: Makes sense.

Melkitty: Was that sarcasm?

GlassWindow: Maybe…

InDanger25: I saw a few features of the person, and those were rather… Odd. They had long, ratty, dark brown hair that mostly covered their eyes. The only part of their eyes that I could see were filled with a kind of hatred that I’ve never seen before…

InDanger25: Then there was their sickly pale skin, and what I could have sworn were sharpened teeth. That wasn’t even the weirdest part! They wore a white shirt that looked like one sleeve had been jaggedly torn off, and the other sleeve was long, reaching about halfway past his knees. The alarm bells began to go off in my head when I saw the buckles. This person… was wearing a straightjacket!

InDanger25: I then turned, and noped the hell out of there, going in the direction of my house. I didn’t even care that running sent needles of pain shooting up my legs. I was in a crazed panic.

Melkitty: What happened next?

GlassWindow: This sounds like an interesting story. This is all true, and the story is continuing in real life?

InDanger25: Yeah, this is true. It’s still happening. It’s scaring the crap out of me.

InDanger25: Also, Melkitty, I’m getting to that. I need to type.

Melkitty: I’m getting a bit scared, and the fact that this is happening just makes it creepier.

GlassWindow: I will be back in a little while. I need to do something.

GlassWindow: <<Left the Chat>>

Melkitty: Okay then… I’ll just wait for Danger to stop typing, then.

InDanger25: When I got home, I locked the door behind me and turned on all of the lights. Then I double checked the lock. I sat in front of my TV, trying to cheer myself up by watching some anime. That usually cheers me up, even though I don’t watch much of it. That didn’t work. I kept panicking, thinking that the crazy person would be able to find some way into my house.

InDanger25: I finally calmed down when I caught a rerun of an episode of Parasyte on Adult Swim. I shouldn’t have let my guard down. I heard some sounds from behind me, but I thought that it was just my stupid cat flailing about. That wasn’t it.

InDanger25: Then I felt a cold set of hands on my shoulders. One bare, the other covered in cloth. I knew who this was. I was frozen, so I didn’t react well when something was placed over my mouth. Chloroform.

InDanger25: Then, it all simply went black.

Melkitty: My God…

Melkitty: How many bad things can happen to someone in less than 24 hours?!

GlassWindow: <<Joined the Chat>>

Melkitty: Welcome back, Glass.

GlassWindow: Thank you. May I ask if Danger stopped typing, and about what is going on now?

Melkitty: They got knocked out with chloroform.

GlassWindow: Sounds scary.

InDanger25: It was and still is.

GlassWindow: Tell us more. I am getting pretty curious.

Melkitty: Me too.

InDanger25: It gets worse. Just wait for me to type up the next wall.

InDanger25: Ugh. I need to upgrade the amount of characters per post… Again.

GlassWindow: We can wait.

Melkitty: ← Agrees

InDanger25: I think I should have unlimited characters now. $5 upgrade, don’t fail me now.

InDanger25: I’m still going to post in chunks, though. To let you guys know that I’m still alive.

Melkitty: kk

GlassWindow: Okay. Good to know.

InDanger25: When I woke up, I heard someone talking. They talked pretty strange. They sounded and they said things like “Wake up already!” “I am not a patient man.” And “Maybe I will just kill you now…”

InDanger25: I think they noticed that I was awake, and rushed over. All the things that I thought I saw about the person in the park were now eight in front of me. He smiled with sharpened teeth and said, “So I see that my little guest is awake! Welcome to my home.” I then noticed that his teeth weren’t naturally sharp. I could tell that they had been carved to look like that.

InDanger25: “Where am I?!” I screamed at him. I was terrified and angry at the same time.

InDanger25: “You are in my house!” he said, almost as if my words had offended by them. When I finally took a look around, I noticed that the place I was being held in looked a lot like a living room. A pretty dark, messy, and aged one at that. I could have sworn that there was blood on the floor. There was a long moment of silence, and then he broke it. “Well, it is my childhood home at least. The only home I ever knew.” He smiled after he said that, showing almost all of his long, sharpened teeth.

InDanger25: “What?!” I screamed at him, obvious confusion in my voice. I tried to stand up, only to realize that I was strapped to a metal chair that was completely out of place in the room. He just clucked his tongue, and began walk away. He was humming a tune that I didn’t recognize.

Melkitty: It must s**k to be you. (No offense) This sounds freaking scary!! I wouldn’t be able to speak!

GlassWIndow: Please continue. I am getting a bit worried.

Melkitty: Ditto!

InDanger25: I’m on it!

InDanger25: I was scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, or even if I was going to live to see the next moment. I didn’t know when the crazy guy was going to come back up that flight of stairs, take out a knife, and kill me.

InDanger25: I looked at the restraints that kept me to the chair. They seemed pretty rusty, and sure enough, they gave way after a few good tugs at them. I was so relieved when I was free, but that was quickly taken from me.

InDanger25: I heard approaching footsteps and singing. It was the same melody he had been humming earlier. The words are still ringing in my head. This is what he was singing: “The blood-red moon on the blood-red sky. Breaking into his home at night. Slit his throats and cut his wrists. Oh, what a perfect night for this…”

InDanger25: This made me remember that this guy was most likely an escaped mental patient! I knew what I had to do. I had to run. Luckily, there was a nearby door. Unluckily, it only lead to a closet. That’s how I got to where I am now…

InDanger25: I took out my phone, and began looking up things about any recent mental escapes. I was right, by the way. A little over a year ago, someone who was kept in the mental ward at a hospital escaped. I also read that he killed a few doctor and nurses on his way out, too. The scary part? This was the same hospital that I was at. He was in for being a killer. The killer of a LOT of people that had been close to him. He referred to himself as ‘Glass’ too. This guy was genuinely crazy. Not someone that you would want to be messing around with.

InDanger25: Then I logged on here and wanted to know if anyone could help.

InDanger25: Anyone have any ideas of why Glass wants to kill me?

Melkitty: I don’t know…

GlassWindow: I have an idea. Maybe he was jealous of the fact that you just got released from the hospital when he had to fight his way out. Maybe he is trying to kill you because he hates the fact that you were getting let out and he had to be locked up.

GlassWindow: Maybe he hates you.

Melkitty: You seem pretty fired up there.

InDanger25: I’m sorry, WHAT?!

GlassWindow: You said you were in the closet next to where you were tied up, right, Danger?

InDanger25: Yeah, why?

GlassWindow: …

Melkitty: Glass?

Melkitty: Wait.

Melkitty: Oh my God.

Melkitty: OH MY GOD!

InDanger25: …What?…

GlassWindow: I F O U N D Y O U . . .

InDanger25: <<Left the Chat>>

Melkitty: OH MY GOD!!

Melkitty: NO.

Melkitty: No. This isn’t real! This is a prank! Nothing happened, right?

GlassWindow: That would he wrong, darling.

GlassWindow: Heh heh heh…

Melkitty: Oh…

Melkitty: Oh my God…


GlassWindow: How cute. Threatening me when you think you know where I am. What are you going to do? Call the police on your computer?

GlassWindow: That will not help. How do you even think that they will find what is already done?

Melkitty: …

Melkitty: Oh…

Melkitty: Please….

GlassWindow: <<Left the Chat>>

Melkitty: …

Melkitty: …

Melkitty: <<Left the Chat>>

GlassWindow: <<Joined the Chat>>

GlassWindow: Good luck.

GlassWindow: <<Left the Chat>>

<<We’re sorry, This chat has now been locked. There will be no more posts allowed. If you are inconvenienced by this in any way, please either make a new chat or contact us.>>

  • Adam Gegi Yowanda

    That plot twist tho 😮

  • Slendery Does Things!

    Holy crud, not scary, but well made…

  • Misterlemon

    I love the style you made the creepypasta. No one else would have thought of this

  • Jestrel Layson

    Its wasnpretty obvious cause glass like didnt give a s**t even a little but nice story tho 😊

  • the watcher

    You could see the plot comming from afar
    Nice story non the less
    Would have loved a bit more psychotic behaviour

    With love,

  • Emily Cubbage

    Omj I always love reading this and I’m so glad I can comment now! ???? I am a artist and I drew Glass (how I see him at least) and I’m pleased by my outcome ^^ I really wanna show the author so I can have his or her feedback c:

  • Avid Horror

    Why did the story suddenly go from present tense to past tense?

  • Avid Horror

    This story starts making less sense at chloroform

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    I really enjoyed reading this. While it was somewhat predictable, and I somewhat wonder why Danger would think to go on an anonymous chatroom during this horrible event instead of just calling the police and hoping for the best, it was still quite enthralling.