The Tall Man

When I was a boy my friends told me a story about a tall man. They said he takes people for no reason. One day, we snuck out at 3:00 am and tried to summon him. I won’t tell you how to summon him because I don’t wish what I saw that day on anyone. We saw a figure in the distance and ran. My friend Bryce tripped and fell behind. The tall man wrapped his long bony figures around his face and disappeared.

Me and my other friend Tommy ran and we accidentally split up. I heard him scream and ran towards that way. When I got there, he had a long slash across his stomach that was oozing blood. I called the police and got out of there. That was twenty years ago. I visit Tommy once a month at the mental institute that he stays at. The one thing that freaks me out the most is that sometimes on quiet nights, I can see the tall man. With his pale face with no eyes, nose, ears, or a mouth. And his suit with a red tie. I also see Bryce standing next to him with eye sockets that are pitch black. With his hand outraged, inviting me to join him.