The Show

Aaron sat there after a long day of school he pulled out his laptop from under the bed logged in, signed into skype and called with his best mate Zack. Ten minutes later Zack arrived at Aaron’s house they got onto 4chan, opened tor and scrolled through the hidden wiki link which that had recieved from another user who was willing to give it to them no questions asked. They spent the nearest half and hour scrolling through dead links that lead nowhere or lead to useless sites. Aaron went downstairs while Zack remained to search the links, he came across a link that lead him to a black screen as soon as he tried to back out thinking it was dead it didn’t let him. He then waited until a small chat box appeared in the top right hand corner with the users SnOwMaN233 and Admin4403. After explaining to Aaron all he could without stating the obvious things they began scrolling through the chat. SnOwMaN233 asking about links to snuff films that Admin4403 could give to him, being the curious kids they were they asked what snuff films were. A minute of silence then a message came up on the screen not in the chat box but in the middle of the screen it said “If you do not know what you’re doing or where you are, leave.” Of course that wasn’t going to make them leave they stayed to see what was to happen. Admin4403 followed through with a link they haven’t yet seen which was only formed of numbers making it incredibly hard to find it without having getting sent it. Aaron turned to Zack asking him whether it was truly a good idea to follow through with this Zack replied with a “it’s a great idea! Of course we don’t have to click it if you are too scared to” clearly taunting him, Aaron clicked the link.

A few seconds of slow loading the page loaded up with yet another green chat box in the top right hand corner next to that was a red flashing eye indicating it was a live stream but it wasn’t quite yet live. This time with so many more users in it betting on something to do with time. After what seemed like a long while someone with a red username appeared it was Admin4403 “Nice to see you here Aaron, nice to you too Zack” that shocked them how did this person know their names? “I can see you, you know?” Another message. With Zack’s quick thinking he covered the camera with his thumb while Aaron was attempting to back out the site. “Don’t cover your camera don’t be like that or you’ll come to regret it” followed by that message Admin4403 posted Aaron’s address and door number. They both froze with shock they couldn’t believe it Zack trying to fix the situation wrote “we’ll call the police” Admin4403 didn’t reply for all of 2 minutes until coming through with “oh Zack I warned you before you clicked the link. Call the police and your friend yeah Aaron will get a lovely surprise. On that lovely note enjoy the show” the eye in the top right hand corner that was once red turned green indicating it’s live.

No matter how hard Aaron and Zack tried they couldn’t get off this page. After a few seconds of buffering, the live stream loaded and all you could make out of the grainy footage was a dark room with a woman tied to a chair in the middle of the room with dry blood around it. Tears streaming down her poor and innocent face. Not long after seeing this in the far back corner of the room you could just about make out a tall dark figure watching the camera. This figure began to slowly creep forward to the camera and with a disguised deep voice said “Welcome to the show” with a twisted smile that was barely visible due to the mask over most of the face. Aaron and Zack sat there in true horror as they didn’t know what to expect. The deep voice then spoke again saying “what would you like me to do?” The chat box appeared in the left hand corner this time as to not cover the grainy footage. Aaron and Zack read as SnOwMaN233 wrote “let us start off easy, slap her.” The figure which Aaron and Zack only assumed was a man followed the instruction given from the just as twisted user. “Harder! I didn’t put this much money in to get this pathetic slap” the man followed and threw a what looked like a killer blow to her face. The tears started streaming down more than they had done at the start. The man turned to look at the chat box and waited. “Free her, push her down, keep her there, drive a nail into her eye and begin to skin her” he followed and did just that the woman’s flesh was visible at this point blood gushing from her face. Zack at this point couldn’t contain himself and left the room followed by the echos of him throwing up. “Aw this is no fun. Take a saw and cut her up and slowly and painfully as possible end her” the man without a thought followed and began to slowly cut her arms first then legs, stomach and head. Blood pours out of the helpless woman as she lays on the ground. Admin4403 “I enjoyed that I sure hope you did. In the future please, keep away from here” the site proceeded to close and all that was left to see was Aaron’s desktop background. It was all gone just like that not a trace as if it hadn’t happened. Aaron feeling lightheaded at this point calls for Zack who enters the room staring at his visibly ill friend pulling his phone out of his pocket with only 1 message from an unknown number “see you soon, Admin4403”

  • Socksrock

    The Dark Web series much?

  • Ray Ramirez

    I gotta admit this does sound kind of smiliar, but I still think this was good and want to see where you take it from here.

  • Adrianna Pettway

    The Show by Dougie Fresh