The Devil’s Game

When I was twelve, I loved playing The Legend of Zelda and Mario. I would always beat my friends in competitions on Pokémon as well. Then one day, I played a Mario game called Super Luigi Smash Bros. I was about to beat the 5th boss but it broke so I threw it out. Sad and confused, I walked around the neighborhood and saw a garage sale.

I couldn’t believe it. They had Super Luigi Bros. I bought it and the owner said, “Wait,” so I stood there. He was like, “Here, take this,” he gave me a DS. I was shocked when he said, “The DS is free.”

I ran home and put Super Luigi Bros on the DS he gave me. No saved files. So I play and named it ‘Lucky Day‘. Thrilled, I played it, beat the game, then left.

I got bored the next day so I went back to the DS, but something was different. My saved file was gone. Instead of ‘Lucky Day‘, it said ‘Devil’s Game‘, and it was on a different level. So I went in and it was a Bowser level, but Bowser was bloody and sharp objects sticking out of his body. It was his bones and some flesh sticking out.

Luigi said, “Soon they will know I killed Mario, so you have to make sure they don’t, Bowser.” Then I realized the flesh was from Mario since I saw his hat. Terrified, I left the game.

I immediately woke up the next morning and the game was in my hand with laughter coming from it. I looked at it but there was nothing inside. I burned the cartridge (I think that’s what it’s called) then looked at the DS, but I could still hear laughter. I searched the house and all I could find was a hat with a L at the front.

I moved and I could still hear every word from the game.

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