The Red Mask

I always thought that the thing I did will never haunt me back. But I was wrong. It came to haunt me all this time. And I will remember that day when The Red Mask came to my home.

I’m a 16-year-old boy who has made a big mistake. You probably wondering, “What did this boy do?”

Well, if you want to know then let me start from the top.

It was almost Christmas. My mom and dad were getting gifts for my whole family. And if you where in my family you will know that it will take much time.

It was almost for school break for Christmas. In school I always told my friends that I love a girl in school. Her name was Jessica. She was always the love of my life. I knew that many boys will try to make her go out with them. But she will always say no. And now it is my turn. I was a good-looking boy. Many girls liked me. But never want to ask me out.

I walked up to Jessica. “Hey there,” I said. She looked up to me.

“Yo,” she answer back.

And then I asked, “You want to go out on a date?”

She laughed and said, “Wow why do boys never learn I’m not…”

But before she could finish I turn around and ran off.


2 days before break

I felt really heartbroken now. My life is gone now. My plans for life are trash now. From that point something happened. I wasn’t the same from before. I felt like making Jessica have a bad time.

I went to her home and broke inside. Went to her room and spread gas all over around her bed and when she was in her bed I started the fire.


The next day

The next day I thought I got my revenge. But I always thought it wasn’t a good idea. I saw her with bandages on her face. And I did it. I made her life bad. Her face is ugly now.


7 years later

I live in a home alone. No family members with me. I still felt really bad for Jessica. But whatever it’s not my life.

Then I hear someone outside my houses. I went to check. And I yelled, “Who’s there!?”

Then I saw someone with a red mask.

The only thing she said was, “You know what you did, don’t you?” and ran off. And after thinking about I knew who it was. It was Jessica.

So I learned my lesson. Never and I mean never mess with the Red Mask.

  • C4Cohesive

    This was honestly kind of dull.

  • AngryGuy2

    I recommend fixing the grammar mistakes as well as the rather lackluster verb tense consistency throughout the story. Also, try to add a little more detail. I believe your story will improve greatly if you do those things. 🙂

  • PPnpoopoo

    Awful, too short, and rushed.

  • Molly

    It sounds like it’s written by a kid who not only doesn’t speak English well, but seems like they probably don’t know how to tell much of a story in any language yet.

    Story: 2/10 – fairly legible, no set-up or payoff. What did family Christmas shopping have to do with anything?

    Meme value: 7/10 – short enough and dumb enough; sending to a couple friends.