I was an experiment, nothing more. I allowed this to happen. I let myself become this… thing, this lab rat. Perhaps I should start at the beginning for you, all the way back to when I first knew what to do.

June 18th, 2054
An anonymous scientist created a procedure that, once completed, would allow people to see into the future. They needed a test subject, and I, a now-twenty-year-old who grew in the home of two scientific geniuses, was more than happy to apply for the position.

October 22nd, 2054
After four months of background testing, I was approved to train for the procedure. Before I could become a test subject, I had to be in peak physical condition and undergo eye surgery, to be certain that my eyesight was not just 20/20, but (somehow) better.

May 6th, 2055
I am finally ready to undergo the procedure, my excitement uncontainable. This is actually happening…

June 18th, 2055
One year after this whole thing started, I can see into the future. I have been able to solve crimes, prevent loss of life. This is truly the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me.

December ??, 2055
I was attacked, I can’t remember which day, or why. I woke up in the hospital, by head bandaged. The nurse said my skull was fractured, my face scarred. Why don’t I care about it?

The days all blur together. I can’t sleep without being haunted. I need to wear special pitch black sunglasses in order to look at people in the eye. They say if I were to take off the glasses, I could see terrible things. My only saving grace is my dog.

I don’t know how this happened… I took off my glasses to clean them and caught my dog’s eye. There was crying, a car with a deformed front bumper. And my dog… Asteroid… he was laying there, dead. And then I was looking at him again, laying next to me. What is wrong with me?

Asteroid died today. I took him for a walk and he pulled his leash from my hand. He was hit by a car. Screams and cries that were all to familiar, echoed around me.

I went for a walk and a man approached me, told me I would look better without glasses on. He grabbed them from my face and I saw him falling until he reached the water underneath the bridge. Upset, I pushed him away from me, making him stumble as he hit the guardrail, tumbling over it backwards and into the water below.

I frowned.

He never gave me back my glasses.

I walked home, the sound of screams, cries, crashes, and explosions following every time I made eye contact. I no longer cared.

The man who turned me into this said he would do anything in order for me to spare his life. I gave him one year to figure out how to use time travel and send me back to June 18th, 1954, exactly one hundred years before this whole thing started. Surprisingly, he succeeded. This message can be found if you look in the right places: old newspaper articles, the static on your television, possibly even underneath the wallpaper or paint on your bedroom walls.

But be warned. As soon as you saw this message, I looked into your eyes, seeing nothing more than me and you in this very setting. You have two options: spread the word or tell me how you want to die.