What Are the Odds?

What are your chances of meeting a serial killer? It’s a weird question I know but, have you ever stopped to really ponder the possibilities? After all there’s at least 200 active serial killers at any given time, surely your chances of meeting one are higher than winning the lottery or being struck by lightning. Now ponder me this. How good are you at identifying a serial killer? Do you look for excessive tattoos or a violent background? Or do you search deeper into their childhood, looking for patterns of abuse or the neglectful nature of an alcoholic parent? Don’t try placing your luck in generalizations though, most of those characteristics that the media so arrogantly glorifies barely represents even 1% of the serial killer population.

Now ponder me this. What sort of life would one believe they live? One filled with utter lonesomeness and regret? A life stricken with social anxiety and the inability to form meaningful relationships? If you really feel they spend their days harboring anger from unresolved social angst, then you’d be dead long before you get the chance to relieve them of their lonesome prisons. Many are known to lead normal, fruitful lives amongst us, some could even be your neighbors, your friends, or a town hero. Nothing gives them more satisfaction than knowingly blending in with their potential victims.

I assume many believe them to be criminal masterminds or undiscovered geniuses? As flattering a compliment as that would be, I’m afraid most are just of average minds, with a few exceptions. Not to mention those who believe them to be blood-thirsty cannibals or beings with an insatiable appetite for murder, believing that all acts of violence gives them a twisted sense of pleasure. This may be the case for some, however, I’d say it’s more for a feel of power than perversity, although, I can’t completely rule anything out. Sometimes seeing your victim rendered helpless under your grasp can send waves of pure bliss through your very core.

I bet you’re asking yourself how I’ve come to know these things? How I’ve acquired so much knowledge on the subject. I could claim my knowledge to extensive research or exclusive interviews but that would be too subtle. No, I’m afraid I’ve had a much more, hands on experience than that. In fact I’m about to have yet another experience. Oh? You would like me to further explain myself? Well, why don’t you look out your bedroom window? Although you may not see me I can clearly see you. I can see your eyes searching around your neighborhood looking for an unknown car or an unfamiliar person. I can see the fear surface in your eyes as you stare at your computer screen in awe.

Covering up your webcam won’t help you now my dear, after all I do know where you live, amongst other things. Your hair looks so ravishing slinking across your shoulder like that. The hue of your eyes makes me want to stare into them forever. I’m coming in to see you now, no use in hiding. Lock picking kits are amazing aren’t they? They make my job so much easier. I’m sure by now you can hear my footsteps downstairs, your parent’s screams, their garbled voices as I slit their throats. The whiny yelp of your dog as I rip out its intestines.

I’m going to pick a very special tool for you, my darling, a tool that will send shivers down your spine. Do you hear me slowly ascending the staircase to your room? You have a very lovely house, the sleek, marble coating will make my crime a lot easier to clean once my fun is done. I can hear your horrified whaling as I make my way to you. I assure you there is nothing to fear, you will reunite with your parent’s soon enough. I’m sure your mind didn’t think of this conclusion when you began reading my little story, thinking it was just another innocent tale or terror. After all, there are only 200 serial killers at any given time, surely, the odds should be in your favor? I’m knocking at your door now, do you hear it?

Knock! Knock! Knock! Open up, my sweet.

  • Phsyco_Chick

    Is it bad that when he said that im looking out my window i was and im alone in my house?!?! Thats a great story and you should do others. Really realistic and Flawless

    • SkullNboNes

      Thanks:) although I feel like I could’ve done better.

  • wawe

    Kind of heard the (not exactly same but kinda similar) story before, but written in this way Its better. Good stuff!

    • SkullNboNes

      Thanks for the complement!

  • circus_freak

    Awesome 👍❤

    • SkullNboNes


  • Ray Ramirez

    I always look forward to your stories on here. Everytime I get on here I look to see if you did anything new. Still doing awesome!

    • SkullNboNes

      Thanks! I’m glad you appreciate what I write:) I hope to get better and better!

  • Nadibeballin Ballin

    Great story loved it so much I would love to read a lot more of ur stories

    • SkullNboNes

      Thanks you! And I have a lot more on here that you can read;)

  • Ellie Holt

    Guess I’m safe, this building has no windows.