The Power of a Dream

Dreams are but the peak of our imagination. They help us overcome a lot of obstacles in our life when you really think about it and if they’re put to good use; they can even guide you to becoming the best person you truly wish you were or the nightmare dwelling in your deepest inner subconscious…

You see, Devin for example was a 13 year old boy who was so dull when it came to talking about or even picturing the most creative ideas any other person with an imagination would do. He didn’t have much of an active imagination at all being so blunt around everybody and surrounded himself in a vibe full of depression and anger; which that being said, was the reason he didn’t have any friends, topped off with having strict parents who he could hardly deal with as they would punish him harshly for any fault he did at school or at home such as having bad grades or leaving the simplest crumb after dinner was over.

The only spec of imagination he had was in his dreams, but even then, he would brush them off by saying when he woke from them, “No worries, It’s just a dream.” And he would say this regardless if it was a good or bad one.

Until one day, he just couldn’t handle his life as it was anymore as he woke up in the middle of the night from his last dream which held his sanity by the edge of a cliff; his usual routine of saying it was just a dream was over, as he ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and went up the stairs where his parents were sleeping and by then you could guess what he did was of an act only a murderer would do.

He had lost it, he thought to himself as he saw his once loving parents which only did what they did because they loved him, breathless and dead-still as a mannequin lying in their bed covered in crimson red and with that being said, he laughed a laugh that would send a chill up anybody’s spine if they heard it from a mile away and as fear-inducing as the villian scarecrow.

The once sane Devin who’s only real problem was being blind from the truth of his waking life became a monster of a person after he left the house. Commiting acts of murder, theft, and many things that no living person or being should ever experience.

By now, you might be wondering what was his last dream all about which would alter his life forever. Well, it was actually a simple and short; yet destructive one. It broke all the concepts of fantasy and reality, it was both a dream and a nightmare combined which would shape the person he would become.

It was all plain white, almost nothing but that color surrounding him was imaginable until a voice called out behind him, a very familiar one; it was a clone of himself. His clone manifested all his waking problems of his life upon the blankness surrounding him and stated the only words he needed to say before his waking which would determine his fate forever, “Life is but a dream right? No worries.”

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    The concept wasn’t bad, but it seemed pretty rushed. Also, remember, a semicolon is meant to separate two ideas that, though are full thoughts, make the most sense to be in the same sentence, as they’re each together making a point. Two completely different sentences, however, have no need for a semicolon; just use a period. Also, try to shorten your sentences. Sometimes, the sentence would carry on so long that the thought would get diluted through a series of adjective clauses and the like, and it became confusing to determine what the sentence actually meant. All in all, though, it wasn’t a bad concept.

    • Gloomy Reads

      Thanks for the feedback, will work more on it!