Night: Two


My radio clattered to the floor.

“F**K!” I shouted. “Keep going!!” I threw my arm towards the end of the hallway and my coworkers flew past me. I skidded to a halt to scoop up my equipment, which had now come apart, battery from the base. “S**t. Central Control’s gonna chew me a new one.” I thought, shoving the handheld into my utility belt, I took off running yet again. I neared the end of what seemed like the mile long hallway, and rounded the corner to the left. Housing Unit 9. Lockdown unit. Saved for the worst of the inmates. Ones who just couldn’t make it a full week without killing or trying to kill.  Us and eachother.                 I skidded to a halt in front of the slider, one of two that had to open to access the Unit. I snatched my radio again. “Pod 9, access Slider One” I called. The Unit control was located a floor right above the sliders, and controlled all the doors of the Unit electronically.                 “Officer *******..I don’t think you should go in there..” Pod control responded. “Who in the hell does this lady think she’s talkin to?!” I said aloud. I clapped my hand against my right backside..   Yep. Had my MK9 riot can of pepperspray..
” I’m good ma’am ” I said over the radio
” Access slider One please” ..                 “10-4″ She responded, as the door let out a groan and slid open. I was able to take maybe 5 steps before I reached a packed crowd of my fellow Correctional Officers. I couldn’t see past them through the window of Slider Two. ” What the hells goin on up there?!” I asked, tapping a few shoulders. One of the men turned around, but when he saw me, he looked like he might be sick.                        “What?!” I demanded, “Someone tell me something!!” As I spoke, C.O  T.Hall approached me, a solemn look on his face. “Don’t go up there” he said, his head down. “Why Hall?” I asked softly. But he wouldn’t reply. He just shook his head and gently tried to turn my shoulders back towards Slider One.                    “Hell no!” I said, offended. ” Just cause I’m a woman doesn’t mean I can’t handle a little blood and guts!” I yanked away from him and began elbowing my way through the crowd. It was near silent, except for the hushed whispers and radio traffic. ” What the f**k is going on?!” I said, pushing to the front to get a view through the plexiglass window of the slider.
I froze.
There, beyond the last sliding door, the end of the hall was shaped like an octagon. On each side of the octagon was a smaller slider that led to the “zones” as they’re called. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. Cellblocks. Where the inmates are housed. But in the middle of the octagon, an inmate stood.                                   Shank in left hand, about a foot in length and filed down to a needle like point. In his right hand, he held a “freeworld” knife. Store-bought. Smuggled in. The knife, pressed against the throat of Officer J.Scott, My husband.
Scott was knelt, inmate behind him, with the shank jabbed into his side. Our eyes met, and I swear my heart stopped. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t form any words…I was genuinely afraid. Scott’s eyes glazed over and he tried to smile as he mouthed “Hey Babydoll”.
I..couldn’t think.
“Pod Nine, access Slider Two” I nearly whispered into my radio, shaking.
“That’s a negative Officer *******” She responded.She sounded.. sad.
“******* come on, let’s go.” it was my Captain, pulling at my shoulders. “No” I said weakly. “Now! Get out of here” he demanded, pulling me away from the plexiglass. “NO!” I shouted, yanking away from him, I looked him directly in the eyes. “I’m not going anywhere” I growled, causing gasps and whispers at my disobedience to a direct order. Captain took a step back, obviously shocked, and I turned back towards the window, pressing my forehead to the cool glass.                                               “What do you want?!” I shouted at the inmate. I knew he could hear me through the slider.                                                       “I want out. NOW b***h!!” The inmate screamed. He was sweating, panting. Eyes bugging and dilated. It was then I noticed he was shaking too. “F*****g druggie” I thought, glancing at my husband, who had his eyes closed. Always the calm one of us, even with the knife pressed so hard against his neck, I could see blood streaming despite his dark complexion.                                 “That’s not gonna happen and you know it!!” I screamed back.                        “B***H! You don’t make the rules!! I do!!” The inmate hollered.
I brought my radio up to my chest.” Pod Control, access Slider Two” I said quietly. “Negative” She called back.
“Tell you what!” The inmate shouted “You think I’m playin?! HUH?!!” He brought the shank up above his head “F**k this life” I heard him declare, as he brought  the shank into down, deep into Scott’s side.
I heard screams all around me. But I couldn’t make a sound. I couldn’t move. I stared as Scott’s eyes flew open, and he gazed at me through the window. He stared for a minute, then down, down to the fresh wound on this side, flowing with blood. His mouth opened, then closed. He just stared.                                   ” Whatcha gonna say now b***h?!”The inmate taunted. “Let me OUT THIS PRISON!!”  Captain stepped up behind me, out of the crowd. “Look..” He started. And this time, I screamed as the inmate brought the shank down again, into Scott’s belly, causing him to double over in pain. The inmate yanked him up by his hair and again, raised the shank high. Scott’s hands flew up, and the inmate brought the shank down again, piercing his chest, hand caught in between, now pierced as well. “STOP GODDAMNIT” I screamed, pounding the plexiglass with my fists as hard as I could. “STOP!!” The inmate cocked his head to the side, snickering at me. My blood boiled with rage. “I’m gonna kill you” I thought, staring directly into his crazed eyes.”I will kill you” He seemed to read my mind, and began to shake with laughter. Tears sprang to my eyes. “Scott?” I whimpered. He was still kneeled, hands clasped over the wound on his chest, head down. Blood was forming a pool at his knees, but I could still see him breathing. “Pod Nine.” I snarled into the radio. “Access this door…now.” The slider began to move, and the inmate suddenly went silent, frozen in surprise. I felt my lips curl into a smile as I took my first step into the octagon. The inmate jerked his arm above his head, shank held high as the crowd behind me began to shout and plead for him to stop. Our eyes met, and he grunted as he brought the shank down towards my husband for the kill.
A sound as I’ve never heard before erupted from me.Much like a demon, or ..a carnal roar.
Hatred flowed through my body and willed my actions to the fullest speed. The inmates eyes flickered towards me in surprise as I lunged at him, diving over Scott’s left shoulder. But what I didn’t see, in my rage, was the inmate bring the “freeworld” knife, which had been against my lovers throat, up and pointed..towards me. I dove, with full force tackling the inmate down on his back. The shank that was meant for Scott’s heart, plunged into his sternum. POP! He gasped. Eyes bulging. Mouth open.
I tried to laugh.
“What the f**k??!” I layed on top of the inmate, but.. I couldn’t move.Dizzy? Even as he began to laugh, wheezing and spraying blood from his mouth into my face. “Dumb b***h” he gasped. I balled my fist up to knock the f*****s few teeth out..
“Why can’t I move though?”.. the room is starting to spin. Surrounding noise begins to return and I hear histerical screaming, shouting..radios keyed up. Screaming for medical. Screaming for God to help..
I can’t breathe.

I try to swallow, to talk..and feel something, blocking my air..burning my throat.

“Oh my god..” I hear someone say… I’m so dizzy..I shut my eyes. But I’m too tired to open them again..voices start to blend.

“The knife” I hear..                                                          “the knife went through her throat..” and as the voices all grow faint..I hear a wet, gargling chuckle through the darkness.

“I’m getting out” cackles.

I’m sobbing. It’s 2:56am. I sit up in the bed. “I’ve never cried in my sleep before” I thought. I reach over and grab my phone from the beside table. Nobody is awake. Nobody to call. I let out a sigh. The nightmares are getting worse. I wipe my eyes and chuckle out loud “Who the hell is Scott?”