The Out Casted

My name’s Zac. Just a normal Girl. Really. It seemed like any other day to me. I woke up at six am and got dressed for school saw my friends. The school I mean isn’t an ordinary school. We are all being trained to be cold hard killers. No special names like “Jeff The Killer” Or “Smiley”.

A name is something I did desire. My friends called me “The Out Casted”. Oddly I was pretty popular. Mostly for my cold looks or how nothing got in my way. I didn’t have the average appearance of a female at my school. I was large busted and had wide hips, pale skin and blonde hair, black eyes that could give someone chills with one look. The girl who always had headphones to her access.

What I was listening to give people a fright. Mostly distorted lyrics about ripping out organs one by one causing an agonizing pain. Others listened to bubble pop… The people I would some day kill. We weren’t trained to kill each other but work as one. Treat others like family. I don’t need family nor do I need friends. Or so I thought.

A transfer came from Australia. He was about six feet tall. With dark blue hair and light cold blue eyes. Most thought he couldn’t make it through a week with his thin appearance he ended up being like me. Quick. Focused. Nothing in his way… But me. A month later I had enough of him being like me. I gripped my knife and pistol in hand.

“What the hell are you trying to do?” I stared as I held my knife to his throat, and my gun to his head.

“Scary… I like you.” He looked not even frightened. “Yes. Our fashion in killing is the same. Nothing in the way to distract us.” He chuckled and stepped away “How about dinner tonight…?”

I froze in my tracks and looked back at my friend about his height who nodded

“Fine. I’m not going to enjoy it…”

I started walking back to my dorm to pick out an outfit to wear if we were going out. It wasn’t a date or anything. I just wanted to look nice. I ended up wearing a turtleneck with a vest and blue jeans still something I could move swift enough in even if I did need to kill. I put my hair into a tight bun and locked my dorm.

“The Out Cast, huh?” He chuckled “I thought no one got a special name…”

“It was my friends who gave me the name. Piss off. Why did you want to go get dinner anyways…?”

“Your not normal. Seem bored of your friends who are nothing like you… And you’re a pretty girl.”

“Screw off. I’m just trying to get thought and graduate.”

The newbie chuckled at me a little bit and held out his hand for a shake “Taj, Taj Gibson. Casually called Bluebird.”

I felt red wash over ny fave and took his hand “Zac, Zac Dwight casually called The Out Cast.” We shook hands and were on our way to the restaurant. When we got there it wasn’t anything I’m used to. I’m not human after all.

“Umm… Uhh… This isn’t what I eat…”

“What do you eat then…?” He laughed as if there wasn’t anything else to eat than animals and plants.

I looked at the ground shyly and preyed he wouldn’t flip his s**t. What was I going to tell him. Was I going to speak ever casually and say ‘oh just a person or two’ jeez…. I’m a freak…

“You’re… Like me aren’t you…? You eat people without it being cannibalism.”

“Oh… Well… Yes…” I blushed darker.

“In that case I know the perfect place to eat.”

Taj grabbed my hand and walked to an alley where drug deals happen usually. Two people where in there one dealer and one junkie. I looked at the dealer and back at Taj. He nodded as to say “why not?” When the junkie walked away I grabbed the dealer and tore his jugular with my teeth and started to eat casually. Taj waked over and joined me just taking the arm while I was settled on the shoulder after all I wasn’t very hungry. I was trying to be very messy and I peeled off flesh with my hand and ate it that way. Taj looked up at me with blood smeared on his face as I giggled

“You have a little blood… All over…” I kept snickering as he wiped his face with his black sleeve.
Once done with our meal I carried the contents of what was left in my backpack which was lined with plastic bags. When we got to my dorm I looked at him and asked him if he wanted to come him. He answered yes politely I opened the door to him and let him in. We ended up staying the night together and woke up the next morning and got ready for school when we stepped out of my dorm to hear chatters all around us so I put in my headphones as he put his in too.

I lunged at students and Taj followed slitting throats and killin those who had a problem. I called my friends when done and told them to come get food. When they saw Taj and you covered in blood the attempted to run away. Taj and I caught them and slit their throats one by one. We ended up staying in the dorms with a nice meal each night for a few months. We continued to hunt together and eventually became wanted criminals with unknown whereabouts. We had jobs, and kids. Who would eventually live like their parents. Killing to survive. Until then. It was up to us to protect them.

  • Joshua

    Please make another one of this, this is absolutely sickening and amazing. I LOVE IT!!

  • Jed

    1/5 Stupid and extremely rushed power fantasy. (Also, “eating people without it being cannibalism?” That makes no sense.)