Pasta War: Z’algatoth (8)

“Hell is not as you suspect, it is not the place we assume it is. They lock you up, they torment you. It is much like a prison of torment. It is where the light hurts and the darkness is your ally. But even allies cause problems…”

I sat there, in that hellish cell. My hairs stood up on end and sweat dripped from my body. I could barely stand due to all of the work they have put us through. We get one hour of rest per day, but the heat from the bars keep me awake. That’s when a prison guard walked over. His skin was black and his eyes were red, his mouth beard several sharp teeth. And nobody tried to fight the guards because Zalgo gave them large meaty hands that could crush a whale.

The guard began opening cells, but stopped at mine. He gave me a look of pity, but he turned away.

“Hey,” I yelled. “What about me, I need out. Come on, I’m starving.”

He looked back at me. “I’m not taking them to eat,” he mumbled. “They’re going to the work camp. You’re going to meet with Lord Z’algatoth. I bid you luck.” The guard walked away, leading the prisoners to a large pit. I looked out of my small cell widow to see it. It was a large crater, filled with rare jewels and minerals. Fire bursted from cracks on its surface and smoke rolled up from the flames. All of the prisoners were tired and clumsy, they could hardly pick up their shovels and picks. Their guts sucked in and their ribs were visible. Then something happened.

A black void appeared behind me and acted as a vacuum to apprehend me. I had nothing to hold on to, so I was just taken away by it. I was later spit out, I landed on a red carpet. I was in a large hall with a silver throne on top of a pile of dead bodies, at the end. Then I had a vision, the entire hall was covered in blood.

I saw Zalgo ripping the hearts and organs out of what I realized was his children. He was throwing their bodies onto the pile and spilling their blood everywhere. His guards kept them locked in there, but there was another person there. That person was Slenderman, but he was younger. The hall began to fill with blood until it covered me, then my vision ended. Zalgo now sat on the throne that was in front of me.

“Hello my friend,” said Zalgo. “I’ve been expecting you.”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Then what do you need me for?!”

“I need you to help me,” he said. “In return, I can give you anything you want.”

“I want you to die!”

“Oh,” he said. “Maybe this will change your mind.” Zalgo snapped his fingers and a blanket appeared in my hands, pictures of my wife and children were on it. “So, will it be your family or your dignity!”

I wanted my family back, but I couldn’t believe his offer. I wanted to accept, but my words said different. “Screw you, I don’t need your offer! You’re just lying to me!”

“Fine! So be it, I sentence you to eternal torment and suffering! You will die one thousands times by the guillotine, five hundred times by the gas chamber, one hundred times by dismemberment-”

“Okay, I get it!”

“Good,” Zalgo said. He raised his hand and prepared to snap his fingers.

I heard a voice in my head say “raise your hand” and well… That’s the only thing I could do, so might as well right? I had no other option so I just raised my hand. Suddenly, a beacon of purely black light beamed from my hand. Zalgo’s hands were turned to stone and caused him to lose his powers, he was useless. All he could do was shape shift and change his size, so he turned into a giant snake.

He was completely black and had red eyes, his fangs were stone. He slithered after me and I ran. I noticed a very large crack in the wall and I squeezed through it. Zalgo couldn’t get me at this point. I ran through the castle until I found the roof exit, which I used to escape. I raised my hand in the air and was lifted into the black sky. The castle crumbled as Zalgo became normal and enlarges his body to the size of a mountain.

He then turned into a giant dragon and flew into the sky, where he bursted into light. I was returned to Earth where I stood before the mansion. Slenderman, Jack, Jeff, and Laughing Jack stood at the door, while Shadow lurker stood beside a human. They were in the forest with the hearts.

The human had taken a bite from each one and he too bursted into light. Zalgo now stood before me, he was now on the surface of the Earth. His hands were no longer stone. I blasted him with the black light, but he snapped his fingers right before the beacon hit him. His hands were returned to stone, but a smirk was on his face.

“You did it again,” he said. “But you too have been punished, you loose. Let’s go Shadow lurker.” Shadow lurker and Zalgo dropped to the ground and disappeared. I looked behind me to see all of my allies turned into windows, they were now part of the mansion. What would I do now?

I walked to Slenderman’s window. “What now,” I said.

“Well, I’d like to tell you something. I haven’t been completely honest,” he said. “I know what can defeat Zalgo. We need the sword of my brother, it can make him completely powerless. It’s the sword of Splendorman, the fortieth son of Z’algatoth.”

“So Zalgo is your father?”

“Yes, I am the fiftieth and most powerful of his sons. My brother’s sword is the only thing that could stop him. I will eventually meet my fate, but we will win if we play our cards right.”

“But what can I do now?”

“Gather more members, find a way to free us, and we will get the sword together. I promise that we will be fine, I promise.”

“Okay, I’ll try.” I walked away in search of more Creepypastas. I wouldn’t sleep nor stop searching until I had built the team. We had to succeed, for Z’algatoth now walks the Earth…