Smelly Boy

What does being smelly have to do with demons? You can’t run away from them you can only stay and fight. Demons are like skunks a*s juice, you can only wash it off with tomato juice. The tomato juice is a metaphor for Jesus.

Christopher The Smelly Boy, was like any other boy. But actually he was raised by skunks. These were his demons. “DAMN skunks,” he would say, “Got me smellin’ like a public restroom!” He would try to wash himself… but everytime he washed his scrubbed his scrotum clean his skunk parents would beckon for him for an embrace. This… making him filthy instantly.

Then one day, while Christopher was walking home from school, he found a church. Immediately he entered seeking advice and hope, an escape from this wretched smelly life.

A priest approaches as soon as walks through the door, he was a short little man with a neck beard and probably the whitest white Christopher had ever seen.

“Hello young child. I have heard many things about you.” As off-putting as it may have seemed Christopher still was eager to rid himself of this smell… somehow.

“What’ve ya heard?” he asked the priest as he gently caressed his chin.

“They call you The Smelly One,” the priest replied, “I know you are seeking of a way to become… un-smelly.”

Christopher was stunned, “Please father homeslice priest, help me.”

The priest showed him to a garage outside of the church. Within it contained a pool full of tomato juice.

“Bathe in this b***h for a few hours and you’ll smell hella nice my guy,” The priest said. “Thank you” Christopher said “Thank you— umm what is your name.”

The priest took a deep breath, “No need to thank, my name is Hank, be free to take a w**k, sorry about the room it’s quite dank, now praise Jesus to get rid of your stank.” Hank flew out of the room riding a cross.

  • Aron Paul

    Troll pasta

  • Aron Paul

    Nice rap at the end 😂

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs work

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Omg wut

  • Jed

    3/5 Undescribably ridiculous, but hilarious.