Not All Little Kids Lie

A few years ago my girlfriend told me that her mom’s friend and her friend’s husband were going out on a date were they planned a lot of stuff to do. My girlfriend, Ivory, had to study for this test she had. I asked Ivory if she could talk to her mom’s friend to see if she wanted me to babysit her kids. She agreed and I was going to be paid $10 an hour.

I went over to the house two weeks later and got instructions from their mom, Jordan. The two kids Jimmy and Ann had to be in bed by 7:30. They were only four after all. She also said that Ann has nightmares and draws pictures of “The mean man who lives in the TV”. I thought it was just some kids imagination.

Jordan and her husband left so it was me and the kids. I played with them for a few hours until we sat and watched SpongeBob or something like that. When 7:30 rolled around and I told Ann and Jimmy to go to bed, they started sobbing uncontrollably. I asked what was wrong and they said the mean man from the TV would hurt them.

I waited until 8:00 to send them to bed. This time, they did. At around 9:00 I heard screaming. I ran into Ann’s room and she said she dreamt about the mean man from the TV. I heard glass smash and things falling from downstairs. I told the kids to hide and I went downstairs. A vase had fallen and broke, while a cabinet had completely fallen and broken. I looked at the TV and I saw long bony fingers and arms come from the TV. I stood in shock as an 8 foot figure stood in the house. He hit me on the head and I slammed against a wall. I had double vision and couldn’t get up.

I heard screams from the other room. I finally got up and the tall dark figure had the kids by their shirt. In a dark raspy voice it said, “Not all little kids lie,” then hopped through the TV. I called the police, but I knew that they wouldn’t believe me, so I told them someone broke in, knocked me out, and took the kids. The cops still are searching and no sign of the kids. But last week, something happened. I was staying up late studying and watching TV as background noise when it went to static. In huge bold letters a message was on the screen. “A hello from the other side, signed The mean man from the TV”.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Interesting premise