The Narrator

I was never really the kind of guy you would find outside enjoying a walk or hanging out with friends enjoying some beers while talking about last weeks game. No, that isn’t me at all. The kind of person I was, was the kind most people would find, awkward, weird, anything negative really. I spend most of my time in my room, whether it be reading a book or writing. But those things I didn’t enjoy much even though I do them a lot. My real true passion was horror. Now you’re probably think I’m some goth or something. No I was pretty normal looking. But since I loves horror and such, everyone took me for weird. I didn’t have much friends and I liked it that way. But that is besides the point. My horror obsession grew larger with every book, story and video I watched. Later on in my high school years I became friends with people who had the same interests as me.

Most nights we would get on a Skype call and read short horror stories online and talk about them. My favorite ones were of creatures in the wild outdoors, stalking the outsiders one by one. I know, it’s strange but it’s what we did. As time went by, reading got boring. So we started watching videos on YouTube of narrators and other myth channels and so on and so forth. Some of the more popular ones like, Creepypasta Jr. Or Corpse Husband were some of my favorite channels.

One day after walking home from school, I got a text from my friend Jordan, he was one of the friends I met in my junior year of high school,  on the text he said this, “Look at this channel, it has to be the best one yet!” Out of my curiosity of course I clicked it. The hyper link from the text brought me to a channel called “CreepWire” Just by the look of the name I was already engaged in the channel. But this channel only had 5 subscribers. But I decided to look at his videos anyway. I clicked on a 5 minute video called “Jane” The story started with a description of a woman named “Jane”, she had bright red curly hair, brown eyes and she was only 5’3. I thought it was getting boring and I almost clicked off and I was sick and tired of descriptions.

But as soon as I tried clicking out a chat box opened and said, “Keep watching.” I thought it must be a glitch so I tried one more time and when I did, another box opened and said, “Keep watching.” At that moment I didn’t know what I was watching for. It was just a pitch black screen with audio. But as I was listening and watching something stuck out to me in the audio recording “Jane loves CreepWire”. I was skeptical and confused at the time. But something flashed nearing the end of the 5 minute video. What I saw, sent chills down my spine and back up to my skull. For a brief 3 seconds, you could see a woman, she had bright red curly hair, she had brown eyes and she was put next to a measuring tape and she was exactly, 5’3. She had cuts, bruises and she was staring at the camera, but she had the look of death in her eyes. Finally the video ended, I tore the g******n wires from my computer! I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could and threw up into the sink! They were still there. The images of this poor woman who was killed by a psycho! I cried and locked myself in a room for hours.

Until one night, I got a phone call. It was at least 2 in the morning. I got a phone call from Jordan’s mother.



I could faintly hear her.

“Yes yes, I’m here Mrs. Carter, what can I do you for?” I said with a soft tone.

“Daniel, Jordan is missing,” I could feel my whole body begin to tremble and shake. I almost passes out.

“Daniel I’m so sorry,” she said with the most compassion and sorry I have ever heard.

“I have to go Mrs. Carter.”

“Wait Daniel where are you—” and just like that I hung up the phone. I rushed back to my computer, plugging my g******n wires as fast as I could, praying to God hoping my friend wasn’t on that f*****g channel. Saying, “You took away everything but you aren’t taking my friend god damnit!” The computer finally loaded. I went to the channel and what I saw brought tears to my eyes. The channel had a new upload. It was titled “Jordan”. I wanted to scream and curse at the have and for what has happened! I clicked on the video, it was once again 5 minutes long. They gave descriptions of my friend.

“Jordan has blue eyes, blonde hair and freckles and—” there was a pause, “a friend named Daniel,” my heart sank. And now they were giving Jordan’s house location and what he ate this week. I was horrified! I had to get the police! But then, a chat box opened at the side of my screen. It read, “3560, w–” it was sending me my very own address! I had to leave. But before the video ended it showed Jordan. Cuts and bruises everywhere, then the narrator saying, “He liked the channel CreepWire,” then right at the very end and the same time the chat box and video said, “Hi Daniel, do you want a story about you to?” then my computer went black. And right as soon as I was packing to leave I saw something, out my window, a man, in black waving out me to come outside. I have left my house since. This is a warning to all of you, never watch the narrator “CreepWire” if you can find him. And if there is ever a man waving to you outside, hide and get a weapon, I don’t know how long I’ll last, and be the next victim, of the Narrator.

  • Danny