My Friend was Hungry

My last year in high school was supposed to be exciting and everyone was talking about what colleges they were going to and what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. I wasn’t planning on going to college or really had a plan for what I wanted to do. My friend Jared wasn’t a normal guy and acted really strange but that’s why I hung out with him and since I was a lonely guy we paired up. Jared and I would make fun of all the stuck up kids behind their backs and joke about how their high standards would fail.

Jared and I would walk on long dirt roads every day after school to get home, we both lived in the woods and liked the space out there. Prom night was coming up and Jared was getting involved with a girl who was pretty but preppy. She was going through a phase and dressed goth. Her preppy friends betrayed her so she did this as a stand against them. Late one night I saw them talking on the dirt road and Jared was freaking out. I spied on them as they talked about how her friend was a b***h and deserved it but Jared shook his head and wouldn’t agree with her. I thought they would argue worse but she just told him to calm down and eat, at that moment he pulled up a hand and started eating it.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and silently walked back to my house and thought of what happened and what to say. I decided I wouldn’t tell anyone and not to tell on Jared, he was my friend and it really wasn’t my business. I felt nervous seeing him at school but things got normal through out the day. Seeing signs of the missing girl didn’t make me worry, everyone hated her and people talked about how someone had to do it and no one would miss her.

Prom night came and I met up at Jared’s house to go to the prom with our dates. I knocked on the door and Jared grabbed me and ran me into his garage. I saw bodies of people and the missing people around town trapped inside his garage. I just looked at Jared as he softly said, “I know it’s not right but I’m just hungry and I can’t get enough.” I made a plan and set off to prom.

We arrived at the front doors leading into the school and I grabbed the arm of my prom date and told her to wait. As the other teenagers walked in I felt ashamed but I wanted my friend to be happy. Jared was the last to come to the door and we didn’t talk just nodded at each other as he walked past. I locked the doors and blocked the other surrounding doors and walked back to my house with my date. My date and I sat outside and held each other as my heart cracked hearing the screams echo through the sky.

  • Supernatural lover

    Good f****** story i love it

  • Rose Morrison

    Good premis, like the subject and progression, but way too short and hurried. If expanded and edited well, would be excellent.

    • Haylee

      I completely agree with you. Also, there was an acute sense of lack of detail in the story.

      • Rose Morrison

        Totally agree Haylee

  • Cynthia

    Awesome story! But I wanted to know why he needed to eat, was he human or a creature in disguise. How did he become this or was he born this way….I need answers!?!?

  • Rand Al’Thor

    Make a sequel it would be beautiful

  • Jackson Snooks

    I’ve made a origin story for you guys so you know exactly what’s going on