Hi. I’m not sure why I’m taking the risk and writing this but it’s worth a warning. Unlike other creepypastas that their existence hasn’t been proven yet, this pasta is based on a true story if I’m not hallucinating.
I used to be in highschool when I started using the internet. I used to visit a lot of forums and install many chatting services. People warned me in advance not to trust anyone in the virtual life. And so did I. But the guy who’s behind all this is smarter than you imagine.
One night I found a person on twitter. They were tweeting rapidly with a girl called Anna. They would tell her how beautiful she was or trying to get her say her problems. And after a while the messages stopped. Though nothing special was said in the tweets, But the conversation somehow ended. I went to sleep. Later after months somebody added me on Facebook. When I accepted their request. They messaged me in private. They asked me how I am, the usual greetings. Then they started a conversation :
– “hey i think i saw this picture of creepypastas in your timeline. do you like them?”
The conversation kept on going. The subject changed several times and I didn’t notice how 5 months of our friendship passed. I told them many things about my life. Yet I only knew one thing from them. Their name. Spooker. I liked the name and I had no problem calling them that. But how greatly I was deceived into answering everything they asked. After a while I felt a severe depression, Paranoia and psychotic attacks. I asked the Spooker about these. Their only answer was that I was under so much tension from life.
I thought I would talk to Spooker about my problems and they would listen to me and advise me on how to get rid of them. I seriously believed Spooker and that they’re experienced enough to help me. little by little I found myself isolated. I stopped talking to anyone but Spooker. I locked myself in my room. My mom would ask me what is happening and my only answer was that I need some time to get along with some teenage stuff. That’s what Spooker suggested me to tell my mom. But Spooker only suggested things. They never ordered me to do anything. After a few months talking to Spooker I found myself so hopeless, I wanted to commit suicide because I thought there’s no reason for me to exist. One day I felt so bad that I thought I should talk to Spooker as usual when I’m not okay. My depression had gotten worse. We had special times of the day to talk because we couldn’t always be online. I opened my Facebook chat page and messaged Spooker. They weren’t online. I was worried and scared but then I remembered Spooker might have had something to do and they’ll be online later so I just waited. The first thing I did the next day was checking my Facebook chat page. No answer from Spooker, and they weren’t online. I was scared. What could I do without Spooker! I lied on my bed and looked out of the window and started to cry. I really wanted to commit suicide. but I thought I’d wait for Spooker’s answer. The next week passed without any answer from them. I was scared to death. I have been addicted to talking to them. I locked myself in my room and didn’t eat or drink anything. I didn’t do anything practical either. My days passed doing nothing sitting on bed all day. Until one day I opened my Facebook and saw a new message. I quickly opened it. It was Spooker. I was so excited. Until I saw their message which caused a shock in me. I was stoned right there at my seat.
“thank you Sarah. i realized everything i needed to know from you.”
I was done. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh or just move on. I decided to reply something like “what the hell? what are you talking about?” but it kept giving errors. I tried to open Spooker’s page but there was no account of that username. I didn’t know what happened. There were lots of questions in my head. Why? How?
I wanted to die. I was scared. I couldn’t trust anyone. Not even my own eyes. What info did I give Spooker? How could they use it against me? I became a real suicidal person until my friend helped me to visit a psychotherapist. I was getting better.
A year later a girl messaged me in direct on twitter. Her name was Anna.
– “hey, i saw you in the list of the followers of Spooker on Facebook a long time ago. And I found you following them on twitter. I’ve had a hard time getting along with the depression I started to have after I met Spooker. I thought you may know them. Could you give me some info? I need to find them.
I nearly forgot about Spooker, even though it was still in my memory. I didn’t know whether to start this story again or not. But I thought I could reply briefly.
– “hi, tbh i completely forgot about spooker.”
After a few minutes of replying I felt too curious. so I continued with
– “umm, so why do you need to contact them?”
A day later she answered
– “oh ok then. well it’s a long story. spooker ruined my life. i was getting worse and worse mentally everyday. i even committed suicide once and i survived it. i need to revenge it.”
I thought I should get away from all this.
– “i see. unfortunately i have no clue where spooker might be.”
– “so please tell me if you get any new info..”
The conversation ended here. I had no information. A few days later I was searching in Reddit to find something about a horror movie I loved. There were comments under a post about the movie. As I was reading through them. Suddenly I saw a comment which made me stunned :
“hey everyone. has anyone here seen a guy called Spooker and they chat with people and suddenly disappear. it’s not a horror story. please contact me if you know this guy.”
” had this feeling of paranoia in the past few years. I couldn’t trust that writer of the comment. what if they were Spooker. But I was dying out of curiosity so I sent them a message on Facebook.
– “hey there. i saw your comment on reddit about spooker. i’ve been dealing with the problems they caused for long.”
A day later they replied.
– “hello. thanks for contacting me. can you please come to yahoo messenger? i’ll explain everything there.”
We started messaging on yahoo soon.
– “so what do you mean by “dealing with the problems Spooker caused”?”
I explained everything for him. His name was Ted. He said he was a web designer and he dealt with Spooker once when he contacted a webhost administrator. I couldn’t believe everything he said and didn’t give much info about myself either. I think he felt the same too. After I explained everything for him he started to tell me everything.
– “i have contacted with the website’s administrator and he said their name is Spooker. some months after talking to him about every issue on the website i asked my friend who used to work for the hosting service about the admin. he said he didn’t know anyone as Spooker. i tried to contact them again but the admin has changed. i was filled with fear. i thought i’m hallucinating. so i visited a therapist for some sessions. because i was suffering from an intense paranoia. after some time i met Tyler one of my old friends in highschool. she was dealing with the effects Spooker has caused for her. finally we ended up with some guys who all had the same problem. one of the people in the squad said he used to know spooker in real life but only from neighborhood stories. that there’s a kid living a few blocks away and tortures any friend who gets close to them mentally. their past was full of mystery. after some time everyone said the kid grew up and left the area. since then no one trusts anyone they see in the neighborhood.”
I didn’t know what to say. But he said I should join the squad as a victim of Spooker. After a few group chats I found myself getting involved more and more. But this paranoia has gotten worse since I got involved in the Spooker’s game again. We all wanted to find Spooker and stop them from destroying other people mentally. But we got nothing. Instead, we doubted each other more everyday. One day in a group chat someone said :
– “how do i even know spooker isn’t one of you? my mental health has got worse since i entered this group.”
Other people started agreeing with her and later started accusing others of being the spooker. Done. Everyone left the squad. I had the same paranoia sense too. So I stopped getting involved in this game. Until Ted messaged me one day.
– “hey sarah. are you okay?”
– “hey ted. yes. i’m ok. why?”
– “oh thank god. i thought you did something horrible.”
– “like what?”
– “three of the squad’s members committed suicide about two days after they left. one of them survived and two others tried to commit suicide but they were caught at the moment. i thought you did anything like that.”
I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Was there someone telling them to commit suicide or forcing them to? How did Ted know? Was he there? What if he’s the Spooker? What if he’s there to make me commit suicide too?
– “no… leave me alone… stop this game… you sick freak.”
I blocked him and closed my laptop. For several days I couldn’t get out of my room. I thought he’s somewhere stalking me.
Finally after a month my friends helped me get back to life but still the same paranoia. I think I have hallucinations but I don’t take them serious.
Anyone who’s reading this, please beware. Spooker is a mentally sick person who wants to make people go mad. and when they find you, you will lose the control on your mind gradually. you’ll have no choice. Spooker is smart enough to swindle you. Just trust no one. Especially over the internet. Suspect everyone. Anyone can be them. Even me writing this for you.

  • Amber Izer

    This was an interesting story. It kept my interest throughout and was well written. What I don’t understand is what kind of things did spooker say to his victims to make them addicted to him? This could have been even creepier with a little more detail. Great job.