The Maniac

Oh hey, my name is Lye Conamor, listen very carefully for what I am about to tell you cause I do not repeat myself, then you’ll know why I am like this. I was an only child and my parents couldn’t care less about me, they would either lock me in my room or beat me for something that was a simple mistake. I tried calling the cops but my parents would convince them that I was suicidal and always hurting myself with all the bruises and scars they gave me. Like a morning routine my mom would drag me out of bed and throw me down the stairs to get ready for school.

At least I could get some peace at school, no one really bothered me as much because I was the weird kid at school. I had no friends, people would always judge me by the way I look, I was the emo kid to them because of my scars and bruises. Of course there’s that one teacher that would pick on me, I would try my hardest at things but she would always fail me or make me stay after school. I guess it beats getting beaten up at home right?

August 12, 2016, I don’t know why this day I would decide to end it all, I guess it’s because everyone else gets a birthday party and presents, and I would think back on when I got at least a present or if my family ever celebrated my birthday, they always said, “Happy mistake of the year.” Anyway when got home from school I look to the kitchen counter and see a knife laying there, a compelling demon told me specifically to pick it up and walk upstairs into my bedroom. I did as he said. I got to my room and shut my door, I sat on my bed listening to the demon in my head, saying if I want to take revenge on everyone and become immortal I have to strike the knife against my throat. I did so and the last thing I saw was red on the floor.

I woke up 3 hours later with cross hatch stitches on my throat and blood every on the floor and my shirt. The demon hid in my shadow, I called him Draco. I walked down stairs seeing my mom passed out drunk on the couch, I thought it would be fun to water log her with the beer in the fridge, I guess I went to far. The next day passed as I walked to school early, waiting in the parking lot for my teacher. She got out of her car, that when I decided to smash her head between the car door and the car, then someone screamed seeing what was going on, I ran off in panic.

I ran, I ran far away from it all, I ran until I found myself in the woods. Like all demons they only want a soul when they provide for you, looking at my bloody hands I thought to myself that I can’t do this anymore, then… Something came over my shoulders, it was tall, dark, it had a white pale face but it had no face, but it got in my head, it said to me, “Lye, this isn’t the end for you, this is only the beginning,” and it was right, this is the Maniac I have become.

  • Angel

    Nice proxy story!!! I didn’t expect it! Maybe a little more detail on back ground and other things but it was still great!!!

  • Kittenpuddin

    I want more out of this story…could you maybe write some more of this maniac? Like maybe a part 2? I loved it. 5/5

  • VBlackitty

    Really cool Creepypasta