Tunor’s Revenge

This story is a victim account of a man named Karl Hanes. Everything that the victim has stated is in this account.

I was dared by my friend to go into Manner’s Hospital at 9 PM when the mannequins in that hospital apparently… move… but she gave me a task as well. She told me to save her father, who was on the 7th floor of the hospital. I disagreed at first, as I knew that hospital was going to really mess me up mentally. Well, I guess I was right. She blackmailed me. I’m not going to say her name though. (Our worker tells Karl to tell us her name) Her name was Lisa. (Karl starts to tear up) Yeah, she blackmailed me because it was my 100th dare. I’ve done some bad dares in my life. But, this was the worst. I agreed to go after her blackmailing me. After, when I got ready to go, she said she would come. We then head off to Manner’s Hospital.

We arrived at the hospital. It looked abandoned. I told Lisa that, she said, “Yeah, it is. There are still some patients in there.” I got shivers up my spine. We got out of the car and headed towards the entrance. I looked up and saw an evil-looking mannequin, staring at us from the window. It had red glowing eyes, its jaw looked like it was separated from the top of its head. The top of its head was linked with its jaw with two metal bars. I knew which mannequin it was. It was Tunor. I told Lisa that I thought I saw Tunor in the window. She told me to be a man. She never said anything like that to me before. I felt a lot of anger in me. Although, I didn’t want to lose her.

We opened the door, it was dark. Then, a devil looking character ran at us ultimately fast and we both jumped back. It was Starfy. Starfy was “the devil.” He told us, “I won’t hurt you, not like the others. I knew you were coming, I want to help you.” It was ironic that “the devil” was the nice one. He took us into the hospital. Then everything went black.

I woke up, looking around to see where Lisa and Starfy were. I couldn’t see them. But I saw a girly looking mannequin, with a knife as her right hand and a buzzsaw as her left. I moved trying to escape, she put the knife up to my neck. She was the only one I didn’t know. She said, “You know my name, right?” I replied saying no. She screamed, “Nobody does! No one! They will after this terror falls upon you all!” I was so scared. Shaking, she put the knife to my wrist. She said, “My name is… Quirrly… You will remember…” Then, I saw him. The most cruel thing in the world. Tunor. He had his red glowing eyes, detached jaw and tall figure. He looked at Quirrly, I think somehow he told her to go away. Everything went black again. I thought this was a dream.

I was in a room with Lisa. We had dog leads on, which were attached to the wall. To my right, there was a big, open, dark space. Almost pitch black. That was it. Then, we heard Tunor’s deep voice. He said, “Hello, you horrible things. Today you will compete against your friend and a timer. The b*****s on the wall behind you, all open a container below them. Whatever is in the container, you have to use to… well, I’ll let you find that out.” I knew what Tunor meant. He wanted us to injure ourselves with the object. He needed a certain amount of blood in a tube. We were competing against each other and the timer which was on for 5 minutes. Me and Lisa argued for about 1 minute. Then, we said we needed to start this task. I felt like I was in Saw. I pressed a button, I got a stake. Easy enough. I looked over at Lisa. She had a gun… She had a big decision. I stabbed myself with the stake. I put my hand over the tube. My blood filled the tube. Then, I bandaged my hand up with the bandages next to me. Lisa screamed, then she was pulled away. All I heard was screaming as she was pulled into the darkness. (Karl starts to cry) It went black again.

I woke up in room 708. Lisa’s father’s room. I heard whispering. Little children. Telling me to help them. But I couldn’t. Lisa’s father was on his bed, needing help to survive. I went to open the window, when I was interrupted by Tarly. His features are indescribable. Almost like he wasn’t real. He grabbed me by my neck, placing my head against the ceiling. I didn’t notice. That in his other horrible wooden hand. Was Lisa’s gun. He aimed it at her father. He said, “Father and daughter alike eh?” (Karl wants to stop, but our workers help him carry on) The demonic mannequin pulled the trigger. It was the most horrible sight I have ever seen. Now Lisa and her father are gone. I kicked that thing onto the floor. I ran down the endless hallway until I got to the stairs (There are no elevators in Manner’s Hospital as it is very old). I ran down many flights of stairs, way down into the darkness. Then, I saw something. Like… a spirit… telling me to die. Calling me a murderer. Insulting. Accusing. I couldn’t handle it. I called you guys (999). You said you would be at the hospital in 30 minutes. I think they heard that.

When I got to the bottom floor. There were… babies… demonic babies. Chanting, “Kill Karl. Kill Karl.” Over and over. I still hear them. I couldn’t get onto the bottom floor, they were guarding every corner. They weren’t real babies. They were mannequins. About 15 minutes later, they stopped. They started bowing. I looked where they were bowing, they were bowing down to Tunor. He knew where I was. How do I know? I felt it. I felt he knew I was lurking on the bottom floor. Then I heard sirens. It was the SWAT and police. I still felt unsafe when they came. They were shooting the mannequins, I also heard screams. So many screams. The police got me out of there, safe. Now, I see Tunor staring at me through my window at night. He’s trying to tell me something, I know it. That is everything I know.

That is Karl’s story. He lost someone very close to him. But now he sees “Tunor” at night in his window. We have helped Karl by giving him therapy appointments.

Author’s note: I hope you enjoyed this story! This is my first story and it is something that I have had on my mind for a long time. Please rate my story and give it feedback in the comments. Thank you. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I love it u did well for a first this is better then most professionals

    • H̷o̵r̴r̸o̴r̷T̴r̷i̷x̵

      Sorry for the late reply. But thank you very much!

  • Creeper

    Good story but poorly written. Next time please write a bit less casually. It didn’t have the creepy vibe because of the way you had written it. Otherwise loved it. : )

    • H̷o̵r̴r̸o̴r̷T̴r̷i̷x̵

      Thank you for the feedback. Appreciate it.

  • Ari

    Cool story. Work on your descriptive writing; it needs more creativity rather than just laying it all out too clearly.
    Also uhh…why are there mannequins in a hospital?

    • H̷o̵r̴r̸o̴r̷T̴r̷i̷x̵

      Sorry for the VERY late reply. Thanks for your feedback. The mannequins are in the hospital because they were used for entertainment, but as time went on, workers decided it was not necessary to keep them in the hospital. So they decided to throw them out. Years later the hospital shut down and didn’t open and was abandoned. There were still some patients in the hospital as it was a very edgy hospital. At the time of the hospital shutting down, the mannequins came to life and ended up back in the hospital and they became a threat to anyone that entered. 🙂