Dead Tales: Don’t Mess With The Devil

Author’s Note: The following stories in 123KidZ Short Stories Volume 1 contains frightening/intense scenes, paranormal activity, and some moments that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 12.

In this volume we introduce 5 short stories all about creepiness. This is the 1st story. May the viewers discretion be advised.

Me and my friend have always hung out around the east side of town where the homeless lived. The area was near an abandoned oil factory and the sky was always a dusty orange.

We spray painted, vandalized, did anything we wanted. Our art gallery is under a bridge where a train runs by every hour from dusk till dawn.

One day on a cold afternoon we were joking around using red spray cans and putting pentagrams on the four corners of the bridge.

We smirked and laughed saying, “Now people passing by are sure going to think something bad happened here.”

We poured sheep’s blood across the center pentagram. We had got the blood at a nearby meat factory a few miles out of town where a seemingly abandoned house stood.

When we finished spray painting the massive pentagram, an old man appeared, he looked homeless. He was slim and about 6 feet tall, weighing probably ninety pounds, and was in his late 60’s. He was african-american and wore what the usual homeless wore, rustled up beanies and worn out sweaters. A train was passing by, the sirens in the distance. Warm wind and the typical dry dust picked up.

He looked at us with evil intent slowly walking with a slight limp. “You truly don’t know what you’ve gotten you guys into! You’re taunting the devil.”

“Back off gramps, we can do whatever we want,” my friend’s voice whimpered, he was never usually the mean one.

“You’re taunting the devil! And do you know what happens when you taunt the devil?” He kept walking towards us.

We thought he was crazy, we were atheists after all. “Don’t be pokin’ around our turf without getting into trouble, got that gramps?” I shoved him, he fell down. He pulled out a rag and coughed into it. Then, he silently he got up in a smooth motion without his hands or knees and walked past us, not saying a word. Little did we know we summoned the wrath of evil

After a few days I started getting nightmares. I’d be in the darkness, hands clawing at my feet as I ran for the light where my mother and father were. Every single time I’d try something different to change my fate but over and over again the hands dragged me down where emanating heat seared my body.

Every time i’d wake up drenched in sweat at exactly three in the morning, the echo of screams in the distance filling my heart with grief. The screams were terrifying and the echoes were worse.

A week later, I would see a figure in the shadows just outside my window in the corner of my eye. It looked like it was moving but when I looked directly at it wasn’t there. I started to hear rustling in my house and metallic objects in the kitchen falling.Then someone walking up my stairs, someone or thing knocking 3 times at my door. But every night it’d get worse, every night the fear I held gripped on me. So eventually I decided to take my yellow jeep one night to the bridge where i’d meet my friend so we can end it How? We didn’t exactly know.

It would be anywhere, it was so dark you couldn’t tell if you were walking straight. Then I heard a patter, I froze in fear. Then after a few seconds I felt something touch me. On instinct,  I ran to the jeep and looked behind me. Strange shadowy creatures were in a crowd with big shiny claws were looking at me. I couldn’t tell exactly how many they were or what they looked like but I could only see their shadow.

I turned and saw the jeep and that’s when I realized I ran into a branch. I quickly got up and dashed, the claws only a few meters away. I unlocked the car and then slammed the door behind me, locking it. I got my keys in my pocket and tried starting the car, then I drove off not looking back.

I tried calling 911, no reception. I tried again as I turned on Maple St., it picked up but it was loud moaning that deafened my ears. A winged creature could be seen in the rear view mirror, flying in fast, it had horns and screeched like the evil dead.

I made a sharp corner on Row’s Way and drove straight for another couple of miles. Then I heard the flapping of the wings, it was practically on top of my car. I freaked and drove faster not realizing I was already at my final destination. Eighty-nine miles per hour was how fast I was going when I drove off the bridge where the train would be passing by in 15 minutes.

The car smashed against the ground, the hinges creaking and my body feeling numb. The car door’s noise rang in my ear as I looked around, the car was completely flipped over. All the glass laid around me in thousands of pieces. I heard the creatures in the distance, that’s when I unbuckled as fast as I could, hitting my head on the ground of the car.

After a few seconds I saw my friend running towards me, the flying creature chasing him. In a fit of rage the winged creature attacked.

The headlights of my jeep blinked, like a scene in a movie I got glimpses of what was happening. He was engorged, then the creature ripped his arm off, suddenly the creatures with claws came in to feast on him, then the flying thing turned to look at me, then the thing was gone.

I panicked and screamed for help, clawing my way out of the car and running under the bridge, the flying creature and the clawed demons right behind me. Then the thing came out of the shadows as the moon was at it’s brightest, an unsettling face that looked like everything unimaginable casted along me. Hundreds of cries and shouts could be shown on his face. A face so disturbing you wouldn’t be able to notice you were living.

I heard the train’s sirens. I looked down, I was on a red glowing pentagram centered under the bridge. Then as the train went over the bridge, the corners of where we put the small pentagrams on collapsed on me.

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Dead Tales

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