The Mall-ral Lesson

I’m having some Bonding with my Friends, so, we go to the Mall. We’re planning to buy some new Clothes but, I’m seeing a Wallet on the Floor. Well, I picked it up! There’s a $10 in a wallet. I’m a little bit happy. After that, I’m lost with my friends, I’m trying to find them, then I saw the Elevator, I go in.
I’m the only person in the elevator except the Elevator Girl/assistant. I’m just thinking.. Why there’s so many floors in the Elevator’s Floor Display, its 46 floors.
The Assistant asked me, what floor do I stop?.. I answered “3”. and now, we’re on the 3rd floor. After stepping on the 3rd floor’s Floor. I noticed that there’s no People here. No stores. Nothing. But a Stairs up and down.

I’m scared, I don’t know where am I and what am I going to do. I go near to the stairs. I can see the up and down floors. I go upstairs, and I’m on the 4th floor now. There’s nothing again. I go to the 5th floor, and there’s nothing.
I remembered the 10 dollars, ” could it be connected with my situation?” I asked myself. So I go to the 10th floor.
There’s a Strange Hall, white walls, six brown Doors, I’m curious, “which door should I go?” Asked myself. I go in the 4th Door. And there’s nothing inside of it.

A few seconds later, there’s a Thing appeared on my front. He is Naked, black body, and a yellow eye.

I’m scared, I feel the fear inside. I can’t move because of fear. The thing talks to me, “Why are you here?” I answered. “I don’t know” and he asked me a question again “why are you here?” My fear goes a lot, I’m half dead because of my fear.

I don’t know what will I answer, so I keep quiet, after a seconds, the Thing fades out.. I asked myself “what is that thing?”, I go out in 4th door. I go to the 3rd Door.

I’m in a Palace! , I saw a Lady coming down the stairs, and she’s walking toward me. She has a red Dress and a Crown, she asked me “go and get my bag in my room” I answered, “where it is?” The lady replied “you don’t know?” Get out!” Well, I went out of that door.

I’m in the white hall again, the 4th and 3rd Door is gone. I’m shocked.
I go in the 2nd door, I’m in a dark room, an empty dark room, there’s nothing inside, so I wait again. I wait, I wait, I wait, and I wait. Nothing happened, I go out.
I went in the 1st Door, its.. just like a fantasy! I’m in another world, there’s a Castle, Flying Dragons, beautiful ladies, “I love this place”. There’s Someone’s Approaching me, it robbed the wallet that I saw on the floor. I kept running to bring back the wallet, the robber goes into a Small Cabin, So I go in too.

I’m in the White hall again. And I started to think, “what is this happening to me?”
I go to the 5th Door. Guess what? I’m in a Forest!.. A spooky forest, I walked, I’m scared again, its Cold, and the Wolves started making some noise. The grass is moving, and I hear some footsteps, I’m scared, I guess it will eat me, it’s coming but! It’s just a little rabbit, it scared me, and a door suddenly appears, I went in.
I’m in a hall again. The 5th , 2nd and 1st door is gone, and there’s a Last door, the 6th door.

I’m curious on what’s inside.
I go in, an empty white room, and there’s a Human-shape shadow appears. It says, “where’s my wallet?” I’m scared because I lost it, so I replied “it robbed by someone”

The humanlike shadow says “its okay, its just a $10” I keep quiet, “are you okay?” I replied “yes, I’m okay” and a large door appeared, and the humanlike shadow says “good luck” I went through the door”
Inside of it is just like, I’m in an Elevator… and the displayed floor is now normal. And the Elevator opened, I’m in a mall, a normal mall, there are people, stores, etc.

A few minutes ago, my friends greet me with “where did you go?” And I replied “where did you guys go?” And they answered “well, we’re searching for you this 2 minutes”
I’m shocked! All that happened? Its just 2 minutes?
I tell them what happened to me.
I’m just thinking, its a moral lesson.
The 4th door means “some Questions cannot be answered”
The 3rd door means ” not all requests can be done”
The 2nd door means “don’t waste a time for nothing”
The 1st door means “always pay attention”

The 5th door means “don’t judge anything , if you know nothing”

And the 6th door means “don’t lie”

All that lessons, I applied it to myself. And before I go to the bathroom, I touched my pocket, and there’s something on it.
A wallet with a $10, and there’s a Small paper inside, it says “good-luck in this world”

  • Cameryn Fleming

    Great, great story, if you are gonna keep up with this little less repetition with 5he words in one sentence. Keep us wanting more.

  • dannydubs

    look i understand you r from some where else but you need to try to learn english a bit better
    great story thou 🙂

  • Simon