Answer the Door


One night, 3 nights before Halloween, I was home with my husband. We were just taking it easy, and watching a movie and cuddling on the couch. And then we heard a knock on the front door.

My husband, got up and went to the front door. He looked out the peep hole, and said “I can’t see anything,”. I thought it was odd. I had a bad feeling, so I told him not to open the door. He nodded and sat back down on the couch.

We got about 4 minutes back into the movie, and we heard a knock on the door again. “Ignore it,” I told my husband. Right after I had said that, someone knocked on the door again, but this time louder. Like a huge thud.

My husband, went to go look through the peep hole again. “I still can’t see anything! Stay here, I’ll be right back,” he said. “No! Wait!”, and just like that, he closed the door as he walked outside. The porch light was already turned on.

I got up, and tried looking through the peep hole, and I couldn’t see anything either. Then suddenly, I saw a figure walk quickly past the peep hole. I jumped back a bit, and then looked back into the peep hole. I didn’t have a view anymore.

My husband quickly came in and slammed the door shut. He was drenched in blood! “Oh my God, what happened!?” I asked. “It’s not my blood, quick, call 911!” He told me, while panicking. “Why?” I asked back. “JUST DO IT!!” He yelled back.

I scrambled to get to the phone, with my heart pounding out of my chest, wondering what was out there. I called 911, and the police arrived in about 10 minutes. I walked outside with my husband and the police. Someone had supposedly knocked on the door…after hanging a body to the side of our door, to the point to where we couldn’t see it through the peep hole. I started crying. The body was female, was slashed repeatedly, and her eyes were missing. The police told us if we would’ve answered the door at first, we would’ve seen the person hanging the body, and probably would’ve been killed. I was terrified, but my husband looked dazed, like he didn’t even hear what the officer said. I assumed he was just freaked out from what he came out to. Nothing more, nothing less.

Blood from the body was dripping all over, staining the wood of our porch. The police took down the body. And they must not have noticed some left us a note. I hesitated to pick it up.

The note said: You should’ve answered the door. But sense you didn’t, want to, hang, out?

The note was finger painted, and was somewhat fresh. The note was finger painted in dark red…dark red blood.

  • Hannah Stott

    Well done I love the story that to did please do more

  • Sinful

    Since* I had to. Lol.

  • coldrain

    This is really good just there is a typo it should be someone not some

  • Netor Ananab

    Wait a minute, if the killer finger painted the note in ‘dark red…. Dark red blood’, they would have his finger print and maybe a bit of his DNA. I thought this story was pretty good though.

  • Dany From Mars

    I just love stories like this! Keep up!