Gone With the Wind

[October 16, 2014]

It happened again, another murder. I saw it happen, and of course the same guy. Someone wearing a mask that looks a bit like a scuba diver set, minus the neck down part. And of course, with me seeing and my roommate finding me awake at 2:45 in the morning staring outside, I’m questioned by the Police. As always, this has been happening multiple times. The murderer, whatever psychopath it is, always writes the same thing. “There it goes” written in whatever was leftover from the body. I watch the Police investigate the crime scene. The body is usually mutilated as if it was attacked by vicious dogs that was starving for four days. They are bitten up, cut everywhere, burnt in some places, and sometimes aren’t even noticeable as bodies sometimes. I remember once the cops looked at the body, asking me if I was sure it was a HUMAN body, and not just a body of a horse. A horse for god’s sake, how the hell do you even think that “Oh, someone decides to bring a horse out behind this alley, and cut it up for the neighbors!” I find it stupid. However, I guess I’m not the cop here, I’m trying to get passed my first year of college. Anyways, I’m using this to write down my thoughts because the stress is really getting to me, considering the bodies are sometimes classmates of mine. My roommate usually has work whenever I’m home, so I’m gonna start using this. Whatever, I’ll write later. Or type, I could care less, I’m way too stressed.

[October 24, 2014]

Honest to God, how do you not find a psycho that has killed at least 4 people. Do these people just not try? It pisses me off, I’m scared for anyone caught on Halloween. I could just go try and wait outside, because who needs an education when you caught a murderer? Er, it isn’t like I’ll get a job off of it, damn it. I can see what I could do, their isn’t a lot of space in the alley. Plus, just hearing him would’t help a lot, and if it’s the same person, they’re much more stronger then me. They can make a human corpse look like a beaten up horse, so yeah, screw that. I’ll scope the place out to see if there is like a dumpster or something, just to get a clear picture of his face. Oh and before I forget, they found a weird happening with these murders. No finger prints are left. I don’t know how gloves maybe? Doubtful.

[October 29th, 2014]

IT HAPPENED! Just kidding… Nothing happened. For the past five days actually, absolutely nothing. I have seen a person though, looking a bit shady. My roommate hasn’t been home in a while, so the smell of straight trash is not as bad. I’m kind writing this a bit late, and I plan to follow that guy around. Maybe he could lead me somewhere. Ok well, sorry for the short entry my 5 followers consisting of my nonexistent roommate and My dead brother’s account. That got depressing fast, sorry.

[November 1st, 2014]

No, no, no, no, no, no, please. Listen hear, if anything I previously said holds no relevance to you I don’t care listen to me. They are a group, not just one person. They torture people into joining, and I think they are coming after me. Just please send some form of-

I hear knocking please. Just please they are uikju8hiuvbf bvhyjjikolp;

[ November 8th, 2014]

Talk to your phone buddy, it’s not like they can help. Tell them what we told you.

Ok, but you said you’d leave the room, so go… Ok he’s out. This is a cult I swear, I was dragged to this place a week ago. I woke to loud yelling for me to get up, with my hand in some sort of contraption. Actually, it was my yelling, and the contraption was only on the tips of my finger. So, the tips of all of my fingers have been cut off and replaced with clips attaching the inside of my skin to a razor. They tell me I can’t ea-

You almost done in here? What, you masturbatin’ or somethin’?

Shut it, I’m just finishing.. Ok he’s gone. I can’t eat unless I supply myself with my own food. I honestly can’t take it anymore, and my other hand has been stapled to a brick. Don’t ask, these guys are insane. I’ll keep you updated…I need food.

[November 9th, 2014]

Actually… It would be ok if you killed someone for your own good…Right?

[November 10th, 2014]

It jUsT TaSTEs lIKe ChICkEN I swEaR i’M SanNe

[November 11th, 20140

What have I done. I’ve lost any touch with humanity, but I need it. I need more. But to think my sanity can go, just like that… Straight gone with the wind.

Kinda fun to be honest.

  • Hannah Stott

    This is the best ever

  • wawe

    Found a few spellingmisstakes but this story is great I look forward to more similar stories 🙂

  • Nadibeballin Ballin

    I loved this story soooooo much great job keep it going plz