The Lady in Yellow

I know how this will sound, I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t gone through it myself.

I need to preface this with the fact that I am a woman based around science, facts, and natural scepticism, however, I am Pagan and a firm believer in the paranormal. This contradiction is the case only because I grew up in haunted houses most of my life, and the kind of experiences I’ve had would make even Bill Nye believe in the paranormal.

To the story.

I have a friend who has a whole mess of stories that would make you call b******t, I myself only believe in a portion of them. At first I thought she was possibly schizophrenic, but she’s so sweet and fun to hang out with, so I brushed it off, gave her the best advice I could to make her feel better, maybe help a little if she did¬†happen to have something in her house that wasn’t welcomed.

Last night changed my mind.

I went over to her house for the first time. I got there before she did and I waited outside, I paced casually next to my car. Everywhere felt off, I was being watched my multiple things. I kept looking to the window of the kitchen, expecting to see a face, and nothing. I was just being paranoid. Or so I thought.

She finally came home, we got inside after trying to get the stray kitten to approach us to no avail. She gives me the small tour if her cluttered home, and proceeded to warm me of the spirits, just in case I saw one. Most were family members, the one that validated my paranoia was one of her grandmothers spirits, the one that ‘washes’ dishes in front if the kitchen window.

OK cool, I can deal with that.

I had originally gone over to fix her router; we accomplished that quickly. We’re sitting in her living room talking about b******t, when the air next to becomes occupied. I freeze, it’s been quite a few years since I dealt with a spirit, I’m no longer accustomed to this. My friend told me that it was the other grandmother, and for me not to worry, but if I felt something, it was her and I would be okay. I panicked a little, and squeaked out “Please don’t, I really don’t want to be touched” and the air next to me became vacant, she was stayed a few feet away for another minute before she left the room all together. Everything was good.

Presences came and went throughout the floor of the house, I was uncomfortable, but I didn’t feel threatened.

My friend told me about her miscarriages, an unfortunate 3 over the course of several years. After everyone, she dreamt about her great-grandmother, she would be holding the child and reassured her that she had it, it was safe from “that thing” and that she would keep them safe.

My heart broke for her.

She went on to tell me about a doll she got not long after losing the last child. Her younger sister had to have this doll, so she complied. She got it for free from an antique shop near by, the doll is of a clown, a f*****g clown… I haven’t seen it yet, and I don’t want to. A night or two after she got the doll, she had a nightmare.

She was switching stock over in her store, as they were going from one franchise to another. In her nightmare, she ends up dropping a baby shampoo bottle. She closed her eyes and waited to hear the bottle break, but there was nothing. Upon opening her eyes and looking, there was a thin woman in a yellow dress with long blond hair. This woman had caught the bottle, my friend noticed that her hands were different, her fingers were claw like. She took a step back from the woman who put the bottle back. Turning towards my friend, her demeanor changed, she got angry.

“I don’t know how you did it, but you took them from me, they were mine and you took them! If I can’t have them, I’ll have you!”

Her claw like hand went through her stomach and grabbed something, but she couldn’t pull it out, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t pull her hand out past the skin. Her thumb came out and pushed on her skin, trying desperately to remove whatever it was that she wanted.

She gave up and retracted the now bloody hand from my friends stomach, spewed vile words and threats and retreated. My friend woke up in a cold sweat and put the doll on the porch.

From that night on, this woman tries to attack my friend at least a few times a week, always around 2:30. Every family spirit in her home defends her with all they have and she’s good.

The story was a little hard to believe, but I took her word, she didn’t lie about the others.

After a while, she perks up and tells one if the spirits to stop playing games and to settle down, she proceeded to announce that they should be done and to knock their s**t off. The floor became vacant, all of the spirits dispersed for the time being.

All but one, I paid no mind to it, but I felt it.

It felt like another person in the kitchen, it started off small but got bigger, and approached the living room. It didn’t say anything, but it went from just being a presence, to being prominent.

The look on my friends face said it all before she could stutter out “she’s here”. The presence went from the threshold of the living room to being a few feet in.

I told it that it needed to leave and the feeling in the room shifted. I started to get aggressive and repeated myself a few times.

She wouldn’t back down, her presence got larger as all the heat in the room escaped.

I stood, got in between my friend and this thing and stood my ground, I got louder and commanded it to leave. If I could have seen her, she would have been in my face. My body runs hot all the time, and I lost all of the heat in my limbs, back and most of my stomach.

I didn’t back down, I told my friend to stand and to defend her domain. She did but it got colder and the energy in the room got heavier.

As stereotypical as it is, I resorted to my Faith. I bellowed out, “In the name of Odin and my Gods, I command you leave this residence. This is not your place. You need to leave!” my voice became nothing short of a roar of territorial protection. I was shouting at the top of my lungs for a solid five minutes before the presence fled beyond the kitchen window.

The air was stale and calm. My body shook so hard, you would have thought the temperature was -30 with a wind chill. My friend kept saying she was going to be sick, she was shaking just as hard. I sat back down in an attempt to sooth my adrenaline rush shakes.

There was a period of warmth, like someone set a blanket on me, I stopped shaking for a moment. Then I was cold again, mostly my legs. My friend received the warmth, she needed it more than I did. She told me it was probably the kids, scared and hiding their faces against my thighs in a way to be protected. I didn’t care as long as it wasn’t that woman.

I speaked out, “Let’s watch cartoons! That always helps after watching something scary.” She agreed and turned on the TV. We watched about 5-10 minutes of Bob’s Burgers, all the while she is saying that the woman playing cat and mouse with the other spirits. That she kept looking into the house and running away.

Within an instant, she came hurtling back into the room. I popped back into my feet, my friend followed suit. I commenced to commanding once again, my friend said she was laughing, saying that my Gods or my friends could help us. I was furious, I stepped closer, I became as dominant as I possibly could and roared my commands louder.

She retreated back to the kitchen window, and apparently continued to taunt. I could still feel her and all if her awful energy. I stepped to where I could see the window, I still couldn’t see her. I got closer to the kitchen and got as loud as I possibly could, roared a few final commands and she was gone. My friend said she fled towards the garage, I didn’t care, she was away from us and not currently a threat. I shook harder than the first round, all of my energy was gone, I couldn’t see straight and I felt as if I would collapse any minute.

Like music to my ears, my friend pipped up with “Let’s leave, can we leave?” I didn’t hesitate to agree. We grabbed our stuff and left. We retreated to a Denny’s down the street. It took me a about 30 minutes to stop shaking, we didn’t leave until after 4, after the witching hour was well and passed.

During that time, she told me what she saw as I was protecting her. I don’t remember it, but she said I dipped down at one point, as if I was going to fall. She said it was right after one of the times I had called out in Odin’s name, she said that when I regained my stance, I had huge raven wings, obviously not in a literal sence, but as an energy. She said he joined us and drove her away. I felt no other presence other than the womans and ones that were already there. I didn’t feel any different.

I can’t attest to what she saw, but I know what I felt.

The thing I don’t like, is that I have plans there this Friday. There will be four of us there, if she tries anything again, I’m burning that doll.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Two words you NEEEEEEED to learn: COMMA. SPLICE.

  • Rose Morrison

    Good story, but I agree with Daniel, this piece needs an edit so badly. It’s hard to read with all the errors.

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    Good story a bit hard to read but nonetheless good story…