The Hybrid Experiment

In 2005, a private genetics lab in Costa Rica did research on bio engineering, hoping to breed dinosaur like creatures by fusing reptilian DNA into chicken embryos. The end results were heavily misshapen chicks with traces of scales on the body. These chicks often died within a few hours.

One day, preserved fossilized tissue of several species of dinosaurs were smuggled from various locations and were sent to the lab. The scientists were surprised to find that small remains of DNA were within the fossils. They fused a sample of DNA into a chicken embryo, and successfully recreated a Utahraptor mixed with chicken DNA. This got them excited, but they wanted to create entirely new creatures of their own. They used the other DNA samples to mix with chicken embryos, and once again they successfully recreated the dinosaurs. They were identified to be Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Carnotaurus.

All animals were placed into their own enclosures and were carefully monitored. They were given plenty of food, water, roaming space, and even some human interaction. The creatures grew rapidly, and everything was going to plan. However, the unexpected progress made the scientists eager, and wanted to go beyond the boundaries and make unique hybrids of the dinosaurs. They took DNA from the dinosaurs, and fused them with human DNA to make them more intelligent. Unlike the chicken embryos, the scientists had more control over the DNA structure with the human and dinosaur DNA. This resulted in highly grotesque creatures that were simply labeled as Human Dinosaur Hybrids, or H.D.H. for short. They stood fully upright, and were much more dangerous than the recreated dinosaurs. Each had problem solving skills, and could even make their own tools similar to apes. There were 10 human dinosaur hybrids that were created.

H.D.H. 01
Scientific Name: Tyrannosapien Rex
Height: 7 Meters
Weight: 7,800 Kilograms

H.D.H. 01 had a reddish color scheme, with some faded brown mixed with tints of faded charcoal black on the back of the creature. It also had a short tail. However, on both of its feet, it had two toes. H.D.H. 01’s hands also had two fingers, since its base genome had two fingers as well, but the arms of this hybrid were huge, and much more man-like. The skull is very much like that of the Tyrannosaurus, only with a spike coming out of the back of its head. Three spikes also come out of the top of the back of this hybrid as well.

H.D.H. 01 always looked around its paddock, often trying to find a way to escape. It also observed the scientists that were that were studying it. One day it pretended to be sick, and when a scientist came to check on it, he nearly got killed by H.D.H. 01 and escaped. Ever since that incident, H.D.H. 01 got tranquilized by a worker entered the paddock.

H.D.H. 02-08
Scientific Name: Homoraptor Sapien
Height: 3 Meters
Weight: 1814 Kilograms

These were a pack of the seven Homoraptor Sapiens which were Utahraptor hybrids that lived together in the same paddock. Of all of the H.D.H. animals, these hybrids looked the most human-like and are the most aggressive. There are heads-resembled humans, but had no hair and had huge sharp teeth. As raptor hybrids, they had razor-sharp claws as well as a sickle claw on each foot. They had dark tan skin and were feathered around the arms and tail. The feathers were a jet black, and they all used the feathers as a cooling mechanism. The Utahraptor, as well as other Dromeosaurids, were fully covered in feathers. However, the human DNA caused the creatures to have much less feathers.

The raptor hybrids were very vocal and communicated to not only each other, but with the Utahraptor in the other paddock. The area each creature was stored in was a big dome and the enclosures were all next to each other. Each paddock had steel walls that were 16 meters tall. The researchers brought the Utahraptor into the same paddock to see if they would interact more, but it was instantly attacked by the hybrids. The Utahraptor clawed 08 to the chest and badly injured it, but 02 and 07 jumped on to the Utahraptor from both sides. The rest of the pack quickly overwhelmed and Utahraptor and was eaten alive. There was also an incident where H.D.H 03 found out about the security cameras that monitored the raptor hybrid pack and destroyed them.

H.D.H. 09
Scientific Name: Triceratops Sapien
Height: 5 Meters
Weight: 10,000 Kilograms

The Triceratops hybrid was a large fully upright humanoid with green skin. It had three toes with a space between the big toe and its other two toes. Because of its humanoid body, the horns are located on top of its head with its frill is positioned horizontally rather than vertically with Triceratops. Physically, this hybrid had one of its horns broken from getting caught in a door during a paddock transfer, and possesses a visible scar across its left arm from an incident where H.D.H. 04 and 06 escaped their paddock, climbed into H.D.H. 09’s paddock, and was attacked. H.D.H. 09 received medical help, and H.D.H. 04 and 06 were quickly tranquilized. They were later sent back to their paddock.

Of all the hybrids, H.D.H. 09 was the least aggressive and was mostly peaceful, only attacking when scared or threatened. H.D.H. 09 even bonded with a researcher named Dr. Emily Rodgers from birth. The other hybrids also interacted with researchers from a young age, but they grew hostile after a few months. Dr. Rodgers was able to teach H.D.H. 09 basic sign language, and 09 even tried communicating to the researchers observing it by imitating sounds of people talking.

H.D.H. 10
Scientific Name: Carnosapien
Height: 4 Meters
Weight: 2,500 Kilograms

The Carnotaurus hybrid was sleek and had a short tail. Like H.D.H. 01, it had longer human like arms and had black skin with a white underbelly. The top of the head through the tail was red, and had a skull identical to a normal Carnotauros, but the body had human proportions.

H.D.H. 10 often ignored the researchers and spent most its time sleeping by the wall. Its paddock was right next to H.D.H. 01, and one day 01 dug a tunnel on the other side. It dragged H.D.H. 10 from the other side and violently tore it apart with its claws and teeth. H.D.H. 10 screamed in agony as 01 ripped out its rib cage and devoured its organs. Before the researchers could tranquillize H.D.H. 01, H.D.H 10 was already killed and eaten.

All dinosaurs and hybrids were carefully monitored since these incidents, and everything has been under control for the next 20 days. However, Hurricane Stan hit the area and caused a power outage in the facility. With the paddocks now unlocked, the hybrids and dinosaurs escaped and wrecked havoc in the facility. The raptor hybrid pack crawled through vents and took out several armed guards by sneaking up to them. H.D.H. 06 shoved its claws into a wounded guard trying to escape and tore his face open. At this point non of the raptor hybrids were hungry, but rather killing for sport. H.D.H. 08 lead the pack, and they figured out how to use the AR-15s that guards had. They used the guns to shoot the scientists and other people in the lab. They also killed the dinosaurs with chicken DNA.

Some survivors including Dr. Rodgers were able to kill H.D.H 03, 04, 05, and 06. As the survivors walked through the dark corridor, they were suddenly ambushed by H.D.H. 01, and the rest of the raptor hybrid pack found them. A man shot down 07, but 08 stabbed the man in the torso with its sickle claw and bite his right leg. 08 then ripped the man in half. 01 instantly chopped down 08, instantly killing it, and the survivors were also crushed in the process. Dr. Rodgers however survived, and 02 ran from 01 in terror.

The doctor was the only person left, and 01 roared at her. As Dr. Rodgers screamed and tried to get up, but couldn’t because she was injured. H.D.H 09 was nearby and ran to her location. Rodgers was now between the last two creatures and crawled out-of-the-way. H.D.H. 01 started biting and clawing, as 09 punched at the monster. Then 09 rammed its horn into 01’s heart as 01 simultaneously chopped on its neck. H.D.H. 01 was killed, but 09 collapsed and was dying from the wounds. Doctor Rodgers began to cry as the creature she bonded with saved her life. Just as H.D.H. 09 died it gave off slow deep blows. At first, it didn’t sound like much, but Dr. Rodgers was able to make out what it said, “You…are…my…best…friend…” Then the creature died.

Rodgers mourned for her friends and H.D.H. 09. Little did she know, H.D.H. 02 was nearby and noticed her crying. It too was mourning for the pack members it lost. It slowly approached her with a sad look on its face. Dr. Rodgers glanced in horror as she saw the raptor hybrid approach her. “Just kill me already! You and those other abominations killed my friends! You might as well kill me too!” But rather than killing her, H.D.H 02 reached out its hand to help her up.

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