Mister E – 3 AM Challenge


Mister E, a criminal-middle-age man in the 1990’s was killed in a furniture store after being chased by cops. Witnesses says, before he died, he crawled to one mirror in the store, started touching it, and started speaking in Latin. A few minutes later, police came and only found his lifeless body lying on the floor with the mirror he was touching earlier sitting next to him. People says that he transferred his soul into an another dimension to live forever and get revenge on the people who mistreats him when he was alive. Up to this day, Mr. E is still active and can be contacted through this ritual. In fact he is more dangerous than you think.

This game is somewhat similar to the Dry Bones Challenge. This game must be played with only one person and it must be played outside of your house. (You don’t want Mr. E to stay in your house for a long period of time).

– Matches
– Mirror
– Water with salt
– Time keeping device

1.) You must begin at 3 AM and you must be on a place that has a ton of hiding spots.

2.) Lean your mirror onto something so it will be facing you.

3.) Light 3 matches while facing the mirror: On the first match, you will say “Mister E, I want to play”. On the second match, you will say “Mister E, are you ready? I want to play”. And on the third match, you will say “Mister E, I am ready, let’s play”. (you will know the ritual works when there’s a sudden drop of temperature).

4.) At this point you have to ran away from the mirror for 30 seconds, then come back and say “Mister E, I found you, you’re next”.

5.) Run away as fast as far as you can. Do not look back, keep running, and look for a good hiding spot.

6.) Keep on hiding. You must remember that you can change hiding spots from time to time. But be sure, Mister E will not find you.

7.) You must stay hidden until 4 AM. As soon as it gets to 3:59 AM, ran towards the mirror and pour with the water with salt in able for Mister E to go back to the another dimension.

8.) Once you finished the game, break the mirror!

1.) Finish the game, no matter what.

2.) Don’t go into your house until you finish the game.

3.) If you somehow failed at playing this game, you have to redo the game the next day.

4.) You’re summoning a potential demon, so you better watch out.

5.) Watch out for some random people. Because Mister E can somehow morph into another human being to lure you out. Be careful who you trust out there!

You will know his near if you hear footsteps, silent whispers, and felt a sudden drop in temperature.

REMEMBER: DON’T let him see you, DON’T let him hear you, DON’T let him catch you!

Enjoy the game…

  • Bonnie Manz

    Truthfully I could not read your story because the grammar is so bad. You should definitely edit this story.

  • Alissa Isley

    Now tell me why in god’s good damn creation would I do this in my sane mind?!?!?!