Fires In The Sky

Wake up.

Who are you?

That’s not important. Wake up.

You open your eyes and peer into the darkness. The cold wind softly brushes your face. Your stare is void and your breaths are weak. The fear overcomes you as the darkness is realized in it’s full extent.

Where am I?

Exactly where you need to be.

You realize the voice answering your whimpering questions isn’t a voice at all. There’s no vocal patterns, no sounds, no comprehensible known understanding of this type of communication. You FEEL what is being said. Like sadness or remorse, hard to explain but easy to understand. You feel it with your heart, more so than hearing it with your ears.

You are aware?

The feeling of your heartbeat sets in as it slowly sinks into your chest. Spreading to your entire body. You feel the tickle in your throat as your breaths become deep and heavy. You want to be silent. You want to listen to your surroundings, but the compulsion to stay silent is overpowered by the need to answer… The NEED to answer this voice…

I am.

Your voice echos in the distance, silencing into nothingness. You wait for the voice to answer back, but it seems to be waiting for you as well.

I am aware…

You say, terrified to finish the thought, but you feel it’s too late to stop. You must appease it with a more thorough answer.

I am aware you’re in my head…

A ringing fills your head. Bright spots start flashing across the dark emptiness, colors spill across your vision. Colors of purples and blues. Swirling, spiraling lights start flooding your senses and the sounds of the cosmos ring throughout your ears. You feel the weightlessness take you over. A green mist fogs the background and it becomes clear that you’re looking at the universe. Cool dew drops cover your skin.

Do you understand?

You look around and realize none of this was in your head. The voice was really here. The dew drops are turning to sweat. The colors are really overcoming you… You look down and realize YOU are really here… Shackles hold you firmly to a metallic slab. Your wrists and feet rendered immobile as you spin around to stare at the wanders that surround you. You stare in amazement and terror as the slab slowly spins about. You are shown more beauty and unimaginable sights than your mind can possibly comprehend.

I asked a question.

The universe slows down and zooms in on something familiar… It comes to a little blue planet shadowed by a tall, thin, uneasy looming figure. It’s arms hang down to it’s knees and it’s hunched over, suggesting that it’s standing over something… Then it takes a step toward you… The little blue planet gets larger as the shadow looms and lurks closer. The little blue planet looks very, VERY familiar… except for the enormous shadow hovering above it, like a large moon-sized shadow. Flattened out like a spider reaching out it’s wretched legs. Legs that span at least half across the world.

I do understand.

You say this with tears swelling up in your eyes. Your voice whispers and whimpers as the creature lifts it’s large head. It’s face peering through the darkness. Two large, watery, bulging eyes, black as midnight and reflecting the projections all around you in it’s oily sight.

I understand perfectly…