The Girl in the Corner

“Bye all you little Jessies’,” Jessica said to her camera, “Like this video and subscribe, comment down below what kind of video you guys want me to do next.”

Jessica reached for the power button on her camera. She was happy she could finally do a brand new YouTube video. She hasn’t posted a new one in over a year, ever since her best friend, Amanda, was found dead with her throat slit.

Jessica sits on her desk, her head rests in her hands. Tears flood her eyes and fall down her face like waterfalls. She thought of the last day with Amanda. When they recorded and edited their video together.

After an hour or so, Jessica posted her video. She watched her videos with Amanda to feel better, realizing she had never done a video alone. Amanda has been there since the beginning.

Moments later, she hears popping coming from the kitchen, “Hmm, mom and dad are home early,” she said to herself.

She runs downstairs and makes her way into the kitchen. No ones there. She walks cautiously to the garage. No cars. She hears a startling sound upstairs.

“…Music?” Jessica said, confused. She listened carefully, it was Amanda’s favorite song.

She hesitently tiptoed upstairs towards her room, cautiouly opening her door, nothing again. She grabs her laptop and headed towards her bed.

She checked her YouTube video, “Only 5 likes?” She said confused, “20 dislikes? Out of 50 views? Let’s see what the comments say, hopeful nothing horrible. BloodyRoses said, ‘Who’s that girl in the corner’?”

Jessica scrolled up to see what she was talking about. She felt her heart drop, “Who the heck is that?” She said, freaking out. She looked at the corner where the dark figure was standing in the video, nothing. She looked back at her video, it was just standing there. Watching every thing she was doing.

Jessica decided it was time to call it a night. She put her laptop on the side of her, reached for the light switch, and gently put her head on her pillow.

3:33 A.M.

Jessica woke up with a jolt, she looked around the room, one thing caught her eye. A figure. She squinted her eyes, who was in her room? She questioned.

The figure walked towards her bed, Jessica closed her eyes as tight as possible, she opened them, the figure was closer. She closed them again, opened them not meaning to, she was on top of her now. She closed her eyes once again, opened them for the last time, the figure’s face was right infront of hers.

The figure’s eyes were pitch black, the figure had an eerie smile, and the figure was fair skinned. This was the figure in the video, “Who are you?” She said.

The figured was inaudible. Jessica looked more closely at the figure, she noticed blood, it was dripping from her neck. Jessica slightly shifted her body, her throat was slit.

Jessica’s eyes water, “Amanda?” She cried.

4:00 A.M.

Jessica’s parents are home, they begin to settle, but notice a sound. They cautiously walk towards Jessica’s room, the door creaks open.

“…We solemnly swear we won’t ever post a YouTube video without both of us!!” Said Jessica and Amanda on the laptop.

Jessica’s mom and dad walking in, they bursted into tears, Jessica was dead, and lying next to her, was a picture of Amanda.

  • ShYgUy

    The idea of seeing a ghost on the youtube vid is chilling. I liked the concept. I liked the end as well. Keep writing

  • Konner

    I feel like you could of made it more descriptive and longer. I’m not a very descriptive person myself when it comes to short stories but I still think you could of been more descriptive. I give you 4 stars. You should make a part 2.