Voltrex Trio (Beta)

Laurence was a very active gamer. He especially liked to play RPG games, like Earthbound and Pokemon. He was scrolling through the internet, and spotted a new game called Voltrex Trio, that was coming out next month. He was eager to learn about it, and he found a wiki entry talking about the game. The wiki entry says as follows: 

Voltrex Trio is an RPG game that is still being produced as of now, estimated to be complete in the next month. Voltrex Trio is about three 14 year olds, Darla, Clover, and Harlow, that travel across the world in the year 2065. There is a beta released to the public, to test out the games flaws, which is linked below.

To Laurence, this sounded intriguing, as he was having trouble finding any RPG games that fit his interest.

He swiftly clicked the link, and a very sombre, black background appeared onto the screen, which had low opacity patterns, with the creator’s name, Sandler King, and the 2D pixelated art of the trio. Harlow was in the middle, with a serious face, while Darla was on the right, with a smile on her face, and Clover, which was on the left, and to Laurence, sticked out like a sore thumb. She looked sad, almost dreadful. Her head turned the other way from where the two other teens were facing. All three of them were wearing futuristic looking white clothing, with Harlow having Blue stripes on his shirt, while Darla had Green, and Clover had red. Laurence didn’t really think too much of Clover, for he was too excited to play. On top of the pixelated trio, was a colorful looking play button, which had sparkles coming off of it, and Laurence pressed it quickly.

As the game was facing a loading screen, Laurence thought to himself,Wait a moment, aren’t all games made by a company? This game was only made by one person, Sandler King. That is almost impossible, because he would most definitely need more people to help make the game. This might be a virus.’

He moved his cursor over to the “X” button, but it wouldn’t let him leave. He tried to power off the computer, but nothing seemed to change anything. Laurence panicked a bit, but slowly calmed down. ‘I guess it’s not a big deal. Maybe this person only put his name here, and plus, the computer has been doing that for a while,’ he thought.

When the loading screen went away, it had the “Voltrex Trio” logo in the top of the screen, and the trio as playable characters. Harlow was still in his serious demeanor, and Darla was still being happy, but Clover changed. She looked even worse than on the link. She had her head down, with her clothes torn up, and a bloody cut on top of her nose, and neck. Laurence thought that maybe, there was a doctor or a hospital in the game, so he clicked on her to play as. When he clicked her, the screen went black for a moment, and went up again. The trio was in a valley, but Laurence was playing as Clover. But all of a sudden, a text block appeared at the bottom of the screen. The block said:

Narrator: “Oh no! Clover is injured! Get to the nearest hospital.”

He clicked on Harlow to see if a text block would come up on him, but he said nothing. He tried the same with Darla, and she said:

Darla: “Oh no! Clover is injured! Get to the nearest hospital.”

Laurence was confused. Why were they telling him the same thing? He shrugged it off, and started to walk her forward, and he got a town named Gaster Town. There were a few houses here and there, But every time he tried to go into those houses, it always kept saying to, Go to the hospital, or Clover is injured! When he got to the end of the town, the last building was the Hospital. When he walked in, there was a woman in a nurse outfit a little bit away from the door. But strangely, there was nothing in that first floor except a desk, and a staircase.

Laurence got Clover to walk over to the nurse, and clicked on her. She said:

Nurse: “Well, it took you awhile. I guess interacting with all of the homes was your first instinct, instead of saving Clover’s injures. If you hadn’t noticed, Clover was losing blood as you were doing things other than playing by the rules, but no matter. I am a nurse, after all.”

She lead him to the staircase, and when he went up it, it took him to another empty room, and then another, and another, until they reached the top floor, with only one hospital bed, right in the middle of the room. Harlow and Darla were there, but they were in hospital clothing as well. Without Laurence touching the keyboard, Clover limped over to the bed, and went to lay on it. The background grew dark and cold as Harlow pinned Clover down, and Darla got some very sharp tools, like a knife, a needle, and a drill.  The woman grabbed the knife, And slowly made her neck wound deeper than before, and real life screams were getting louder and louder as the woman stabbed her, and Darla said:

Darla: “Oh no! Clover is losing life! Get her to the nearest cemetery.”

Clover’s screams got even louder than before, and Laurence was covering his ears, for it hurt to even listen. The screen cut suddenly to a, “Game Over” screen, and the screams stopped. He was horrified. He quickly shot his finger to the Shut Down button, and this time, it worked. He calmed down slowly, and he got up from his chair, and he went to bed. When he woke up, he got dressed, and he went outside to get some breakfast from the closest restaurant. He went to his car, and he started to drive. Suddenly, after about 4 minutes of driving, another car rammed into his, and he got injured, but mostly on the top of his nose, and his neck. When the crash abruptly stopped, he got a call from what looked like his doctor, he answered.


The doctor said, “You should go to the hospital, Laurence.”

  • Prahaspati


  • PurplexiaSphinx

    Pretty good. Although, I would recommend editing the ending a bit. The likelyhood of someone answering a phone call after a car crash is… Very low.
    At least, in my opinion. I did like the story though!