The Gamer

June 15th 2014, four murders, at the same day and time. But at different parts of the U.S. All the same death. Each of the victims were young men, at least 16 to 17 years old. The boys were playing video games at the time they were murdered. No evidence was found. The case was unsolved.

Now let’s go to the beginning from where it started. Daniel never interacted with people in real life, just with the people online in his games. He was considered to be the greatest gamer. But at school, he was bullied at school because of it. He was called a no life. Daniel would come home with brusies and cuts. But he didn’t care at all.

“It’s just another day, it will be all over soon.” His mom would abuse him everyday when he got home. Daniel did not care, he couldn’t feel a thing. Like he was a zombie. The next day. He received a message online, by the name of Ben. Daniel was unfamiliar of him, he never knew a guy named Ben. He later read the message;

“Hello Daniel, you don’t know me, but I know you, I know when your online and what you do.”

Daniel was really suspicious about this guy. He sent a message;

“Oh really, what type of games do I like.”

An immediately response, “You like horror, and shooters, and anything with intense violence… especially with gory violence.”

Daniel was surprised, in fact shocked.

“How do you know this?”

“Like I said, I know what you do, but I want to make a deal.”

Daniel was scared, but yet, intrigued.

“What’s the deal?”

“Well… I need you to challenge people, but, in other words, cyberbullies. People who make fun of people for no reason. That’s where you come in. Say if there is a whole party, challenge them, if they lose, they die.”

“But how will I do that. Do I find them?”

“No, I’m going to send you through the tv, I know it’s sounds ridiculous, but I can do that.”

“Ok… I’ll do it.”

“Excellent, goodnight.”

For some reason that night, Daniel couldn’t sleep that night, in fact he wasn’t tired at all, in fact he had the urge to play video games instead. 2 hours later, his mom woke up. She was angry, she smacked him across the face, he didn’t feel a thing. She later on grabbed the console of his and she said;

“Always with games, and no one from the outside world. Now say goodbye to this, it’s going off the porch.”

Daniel did something that he couldn’t control, he pushed his mom down the floor. He grabbed his moms throat and choked her. He couldn’t stop himself, he saw the life drain out of her. Then she was gone, Daniel felt something, and it felt good. He later played, he received a message;

“Guessing you killed your mom.”

“How did you know.”

“Cause I made you do it, you made the deal of killing people who hate people for no reason. Guess who was that.” Ben was right, Daniels mom was angry at him for just playing games. While others are doing drugs and getting pregnant.

“Your right, she hated me, her own son, yet she hates me for doing something I love.”

“So should we start.”

“Yes, but where should I go, my moms dead. The power is going to go out. What should I do?” He later on did something that scared the living s**t out if Daniel. Ben came out of the tv. Daniel then calmed down. Then Daniel recognised him.

“Wait… Your that creepypasta, Ben Drowned.”

“Well then I don’t need to do an introduction.”

“No you don’t.”

“Well then follow me.”

“To where?”

“Your new home.”

“Do I Bring anything.”

“One set of clothes, that’s all.”


Daniel got a black and grey baseball hoodie, plain black shirt, torn black jeans, and black converse. Ben shouts;

“You would also need a mask if you have one.” Daniel looks around to find a black half face mask a giant smirk on it. Daniel later says;

“I’m ready.”

Ben says, “Alright, now what will your name be?”


“You think that your going to run around with the name Daniel.”

“Well, how about… The Gamer.”

“Not bad, I’m going to call you gaming for short then, now let’s go.”

“But don’t I need the weapon?”

“Ah, I forgot about that, maybe a knife?”

“There’s a huge knife  in the kitchen cabinet.” Daniel later went to grab the knife.

Ben says, “Now you ready?”

“Yeah… I’m ready.”

“Alright then.” Ben snapped his fingers, then the t.v turned on. “Now close your eyes,” Ben said. He later touched Daniels chest saying a chant. “Open your eyes, now follow me.” Ben then went through the tv. Daniel later put his hand through the television, then his arm, and his head. Once he went through he could not unsee what was inside. “Now let’s take you to your new home…” Ben says. Daniel was later on went through another television.

A figure with a blue mask then yells, “What the f**k Ben!?”

Ben says, “What did I do this time Jack?”

“Who is this!?” Jack later grabbed Daniel saying, “him!?”

“Oh, he’s a new recruit, his name is The Gamer.”

“Slender is going to have your aid this time.”

Ben later says, “Look, he needs a place to stay, and he killed his mom in cold blood. Also, if your think of killing him, you can’t.”

“Wait… you didn’t”

“Yep, he can’t die now.”

“That chant is only for slender to accept.”

All of a sudden a tall blank face man, not saying something, but they hear him in their heads, saying, “Ben… who is this?”

Ben saying, “He’s a new comer.”

“Really?” The tall figure then stared into Daniel’s eyes. The figure grabbed his own head lime he got a headache. “Where did you find him?” said the tall black figure.

“I found him online.”

“Well he’s not human”

“What?” said the blue mask figure.

“Yes, by the looks of it he’s going to be like Toby, but less annoying.”

Daniel says, “So am I going to stay here?”

One minute later, the decision was made. “Let me introduce myself,” said the tall figure, “my name is Slenderman, the boy in the blue mask is Eyeless Jack.”

“I’m not a boy, I’m a man,” said eyeless jack.

“My name is Daniel, but call me The Gamer, or gaming for short.”

  • Buffy Rice

    I really do want to read this but it really needs editing before it’s readable.

    • Bonnie Manz

      I completely agree!

  • Robert Gibbons

    Hmm. Don’t really get the point in this story. Kind of left very open n not much that’s very creepy. Waste of time to read to be honest.

  • Lulu

    How dare you end it at that?!