Unprepared – Part 1

As midnight approaches, a small family travels down an empty road. The children were excited to get out of the city for once, much to the parents’ amusement. The husband announces that they would get to the motel in no time. A few moments later, they arrive at the motel. Everyone collects their bags and checks in. They all get settled in and relax for the night. Just when everyone begins to fall asleep, they awake to a knock at the door. The husband goes to see a young lady outside. He cautiously opens the door, asking her what she needs. She explains that her car stopped just down the street and that she needs some help. Since it was mid-fall and raining, he wasn’t looking forward to leaving his room. He apologizes but tells the lady that he can’t help her. She nods lightly and slowly turns away. Put off by the sadness on her face, he calls her back to the door. The man tells the stranger that she could use the phone inside. As he opens the door, a silencer barrel is pressed against his forehead.

The stranger orders everyone to remain quiet, as she forces the husband down to the floor. She goes on to explain that no one would get hurt, as long as they do what she says. Once his family is tied up, the man is ordered outside. His wife pleads to the stranger but is told to be quiet. He assures his wife that he would be fine before he is pulled outside. His wife shouts to the woman that she wouldn’t get away with what she was doing. The stranger slowly opens up the door and grins at her. She reveals a tattoo on her wrist, showing an “MS-13” symbol. The stranger then pulls out her gun and fires 2 shots next to the woman. Once she looks to her left, she sees both her children lying in their own blood. She cries out, attempting to free herself. The husband also cries but is knocked unconscious. The lady fires another shot into the room before leaving with the man. She drags him to a large truck and begins to empty his pockets. After she grabs his keys, she searches for his car. The man wakes up and attempts to escape. Before he gets far, he drops back down. He shouts from the pain in his leg, realizing he’s been shot. Coming back empty-handed put the lady in a bad mood, and she was losing patience. She grabs him by his throat, ordering him to reveal how much money he had. He remains silent, much to her annoyance. After she throws him down, she c***s the gun and points it at him. Giving him a final chance, she demands money from him. “BURN IN HELL.”, he tells her. Before she pulls the trigger, she spots a bright light to her left. Suddenly, a flash knocks her over. She looks in shock as her hand is completely burned off.

The man is shocked as well. She runs, pushing the man aside. Petrified, she struggles to open the man’s car to escape. She drives as fast as possible down the road. The man manages to free himself from the ropes and limps to find help. He runs into the manager inside her office, and explains everything that happened. After tending to his wounds, she goes to his room to witness the incident. She stood in front of the doorway, frozen with shock. All she could do was scream. She runs back to her office, crying hysterically. The police were contacted immediately. They make it to the motel a few minutes later. The manager gives the policemen the room number, refusing to go back to the room. All the officers quickly head up to the room. Terror and shock showed on their faces. The scene was too much to bear for the policemen to stay any longer. The officers questioned everyone in the area, gaining any knowledge they could. After giving the surviving victim their condolences, they have an ambulance take him to the hospital. They then go out to find the criminal responsible for the murder.

The woman flies down the road, barely able to control the car. She begins to cry, as her wrist is still burning. As she was driving, another bright light shines from the right window. A loud bang sounds off as the car’s right side is hit by something. The car begins to flip uncontrollably, crashing into a tree. Hurt, but still mobile, she slowly crawls out from the car. She limps quickly into a nearby forest and rests near a tree. She rubs dirt on her stubbed wrist, screaming out in pain. Resting for a while, she looks around for anyone nearby. Just when she drops her guard, she hears a low growl. She looks up, not seeing anything. Once she looks to her right, she is met with glowing eyes. Watching her from the trees. Terrified, she limps deeper into the forest. No matter where she went, she always saw those eyes every time she looked back. Then, the bright light she saw earlier returned. All of a sudden, an explosion knocks her over. She awakes to a blurred vision. Her screams fill the forest as she realizes her legs have been blown off. Crying out for help, she uses the remaining strength in her body to crawl. Cold, tired, and barely alive, the girl collapses. Leaves begin to crunch in front of her. Relieved, she opens her eyes. That feeling quickly fades once she realizes what she was looking at. Instead of shoes, she sees claws. She looks up to see glowing eyes. The same glowing eyes from before. A bright light starts to shine. It was the last thing she was able to see.

Patrols officers race down the road with their sirens blaring. After driving for some time, they suddenly pull up to a wrecked car on the side of the road. The car had a weird glowing substance on its side, signifying how the car may have crashed. The car also matched the description of the one stolen from the victim. One of the officers spot a blood trail on the ground leading into the forest. They follow it, hoping it wasn’t another victim. Finally, they find the corpse of a young girl lying on the ground. Her limbs were burned off, and all that left of her face was a bloody mess of flesh. The scene was so gruesome that two officers puked while the others were just petrified by the body. They spot an “MS-13” tattoo on what was left of her wrist. A 9 millimeter pistol with a silencer is found sticking out of her back pocket. The officers realize that she may have been the murderer. She matched the description of the suspect, and had the same weapon as well. They arranged for the car and the corpse to be picked up shortly after. What confused them is who, or what, could have done something like this.

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs editing