A loud crackling of bones out numbered the screams of pain the flowed within the air. Blood red juices splashed, covering his and my body. A sicking sweet smile was the only sight to be seen. My hands seeming to bury themselves in his divided chest, each small slender finger wrapping around a crucial chunk of muscle and veins known as a human heart. Though, considering who this pathetic dirt eating b*****d was, I know for a fact this is only muscle. This man, devoid of any traces of love, he doesn’t even need a heart. With a wrestle of my arm, tugging, I could hear the harsh, violent rips of the tubes detaching. I set the motionless heart aside, lazily crawling my way up. His eyes, once shining with fear and agony, now gray and lifeless like a fish. A small digit of mine placed on his eye, digging under the lid. Slowly and precisely, I pulled up. Disregarding the amputated eye, I moved to the next, repeating the process. Reaching down I grabbed the bloody heart, my other hand prying his lips open. Brutally I crammed it down into the wet cavern of his mouth, hearing the pops and cracks of the jaw dislocating. I got off, for my work here was done.
Tenderly I placed a small peck on his cheek, my hand lingering on the other. I plucked a single black rose from the nearby vase sitting stilly on the desk, placing it on his mutilated chest. I took his arms, crossing them over the rose, like one would do to someone in a casket. I gave one last long, lingering look before I began to walk away. I sauntered up the steep staircase, heading over to the pale, sleeping body of my mother. I pulled her to my chest, my hand gently caressing her soft delicate skin.
“Don’t worry Momma, Father is never going to hurt you again.”

Its been years, several actually.  That day still grinds my teeth at the thought.  I never really understood how someone could be so, heartless, so ruthless.  Abandoning ones they loved or thought they “loved” to say, for a random person that was hotter, more sexier, or even just for the fun of it.  It sickens me, those people are a f*****g disgrace, no, worse, soulless beings which have no compassion for others, use people as play things until they’ve had enough, then they move onto the next, throwing the other to the side like some useless piece of garbage!  Behavior like that should not be tolerated!  Those things deserved to be punished, their hearts must be demolished to replace the ones in which they broke.  Their eyes shall be ripped from their bloody skull for even daring to look at another, the only ones that shall be looked at are the ones they are with; not some random body flashing itself on the damned streets!  Hands, such grubby disgusting hands touching another human! I can feel the bile rising in my throat at just the thought.  I will find a way, a way to punish all of those greedy, caniving, pigs.  I know it may be impossible to get all of them, but I have an idea.  Most….dating sites?  Yeah, most of those harbour some of those things on them, so why not make my own?  I have heard about sites just for cheating, so I’ll make one. I’ll f*****g kill them all!  I promised that I would, and what man doesn’t keep his word?

A wicked grin made way across the twenty year olds face, his hair like raven feathers dancing in the harsh cold winds of the Canadian winter.  Seating himself in a small café, he brought out his silver laptop.  Piercing ice eyes stuck their sight like glue to the screen.  Pale bony fingers hopped from key to key like a group of jumping rabbits.  Taking a bite of the delicious macaroon, he smirked. The site was made.  The young man knew that it would take some time before the people inhabited it, but punishment didn’t have to be a rushed thing. With a gentle hand he closed the artificial intelligence. Leaning back into the annoyingly uncomfortable chair, sipping the disgusting black liquid that people call coffee.  He wasn’t quite knowledgeable of these things, after the incident, as most would call it, he tended to stray away from society, loathing the people who reside within it.  The only knowledge he knew of appeared in the books he read in the library, or of the chatter of humans in the gym; yes, he goes to gym. If he has to slaughter many different types of people, he had to have the strength to do so.

As a few months flew by, girls and boys began to hoard themselves onto the site, finding new s*x partners. Scrolling through the list of hundreds upon hundreds of pigs he found a pair, they had it going in for the longest, might as well punish them first. Stripping out of his normal everyday clothing he gets changed. He threw on a long hooded sweater, it just reached down enough to cast most of his face out with a dark shadow. Tying up the black laces to his leather boots, he gives himself one last look over, making sure he was covered and no spot can be seen that gives away his actual identity. Finally he pulls on his gloves, grabbing his steel club hammer, exiting the building.

Boney fingers dug into the wooden windowsill, eyes as pale as ice glared into the dark abyss of a small room. In the darkness he could just barely point out the gentle moving of the persons lungs as soft faint breaths leave their mouth. Grabbing a small pocket knife, he jiggles it under the latch in the window. A sinister grin peeking on his lips as he hears the click of it being unlocked. He enters. Crawling over to the sleeping figure, he takes a look. What was so good about this girl that some douche would cheat in his wife with her? Sure, the girl had a nice face, but shouldn’t your lover be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? He gets on top of the bed, straddling the females waist, looming over her. He was shocked, but relieved that she didn’t wake up. Maybe she was a heavy sleeper? He raised the club hammer above his head, his eyes filled with blood lust. This, is where the fun begins.

  • DahrknessInTheLight

    Honestly, one of the best user submitted stories, that I’ve read.

    • Konner

      I wouldn’t go that far. It was good but short. I won’t get into the way it was written.The story was nice but it could of been way longer. I felt the writer repeated the details he already said just to make it long enough. Maybe he could of gave detail of why this kid would brutally murder his father? Yes, he cheated on his wife but really? There should of been more to it.

  • Meldakoala

    Interesting… Interesting…

  • Cookie Monster

    MAKE A PART 2!!!! Wow, the IS one of the best stories (Along with ‘Am I really Human’) But yes you need to drag it out and I would have like to of seen a beginning before the father’s death and how the mother reacted. But over all good job👍