My Love Renewed

My darling, I have come to talk with you again. Your body has long since rotted, and the wildlife has had its fill. I miss you. If you had just been faithful, things would not have went this way.

Sometimes I still hear you talking to me… Telling me sweet little lies… Suffocating me with that nasty silver tongue. But, I digress. I came back to talk to you about my girlfriend.

She isn’t like you. She doesn’t understand what kind of man I am. She wouldn’t even give me the time of day…

At first. It was much easier to catch her eye once I gave her his. She screamed, but I was laughing too hard to notice much. I left the blood and muck on them.

I didn’t think he’d mind. He was dead, after all. She tried to run though, just like you did. But I got her. She was a lot more willing to please once I hobbled her. I know that seems a little drastic, but after what you did I really couldn’t afford to take any chances. She was mine. Mine alone. I wasn’t going to let her go like I did you.

You see, even though she didn’t understand me, she was different. Her eyes were always watching me in that stupid little restaurant she worked for. I tried to tell her that she didn’t need to work, I would take care of her. You know I am a gentleman like that. My lover does not have to lift a finger. I am the man, and I provide very well.

But she had the audacity to laugh at me. She isn’t laughing now, of course. I waited for her to finish her shift a few weeks later and I approached her in the parking lot. She smiled at me at first. She tried to make small talk, but I only wanted to give her my heart. She told me that she had a boyfriend and I laughed. He definitely was a boy, but he had no claim over her. She may have been holding his hand in the park..

But I am the only one who knew her true heart. I am the one. I told her this, and she started walking faster. I yelled at her to stop. I told her I was sorry. I told her I was nervous and I just wanted to give her a present. She stopped.

You know how charming I am. She couldn’t resist. I gave her the box with that moron’s eyes in it. I took her while she was still screaming. We went back to the house I had made my new home… And well…

I am sorry to have to tell you this… but we made love, or whatever passes for it these days. Why am I telling you all this? I just want someone to understand. Someone needs to see that I am doing what is right.

She loves me. I know she does. I know you wouldn’t approve, but I needed her. She fills my heart with warmth. I know she is coming around to her true feelings. She will be the woman I need. My wife. My true love.

We are destined to be together. I was wrong about you. You were not my real love. That idiot with the bad cologne had already soiled you. She was pure.

I know she’s a little young… eighteen. But I am understanding. Soon enough she will be able to leave the basement. Soon enough we will be a family. I guess I came to share the news with you because I know if you were still breathing you would be so very proud of the man I have become…

And the father I will be. Yes, that’s right. I am finally going to be a daddy. I know in my heart that I am going to have a son. He will be just like his father…

A real lady killer