My Love Renewed

My darling, I have come to talk with you again. Your body has long since rotted, and the wildlife has had its fill. I miss you. If you had just been faithful, things would not have went this way.

Sometimes I still hear you talking to me… Telling me sweet little lies… Suffocating me with that nasty silver tongue. But, I digress. I came back to talk to you about my girlfriend.

She isn’t like you. She doesn’t understand what kind of man I am. She wouldn’t even give me the time of day…

At first. It was much easier to catch her eye once I gave her his. She screamed, but I was laughing too hard to notice much. I left the blood and muck on them.

I didn’t think he’d mind. He was dead, after all. She tried to run though, just like you did. But I got her. She was a lot more willing to please once I hobbled her. I know that seems a little drastic, but after what you did I really couldn’t afford to take any chances. She was mine. Mine alone. I wasn’t going to let her go like I did you.

You see, even though she didn’t understand me, she was different. Her eyes were always watching me in that stupid little restaurant she worked for. I tried to tell her that she didn’t need to work, I would take care of her. You know I am a gentleman like that. My lover does not have to lift a finger. I am the man, and I provide very well.

But she had the audacity to laugh at me. She isn’t laughing now, of course. I waited for her to finish her shift a few weeks later and I approached her in the parking lot. She smiled at me at first. She tried to make small talk, but I only wanted to give her my heart. She told me that she had a boyfriend and I laughed. He definitely was a boy, but he had no claim over her. She may have been holding his hand in the park..

But I am the only one who knew her true heart. I am the one. I told her this, and she started walking faster. I yelled at her to stop. I told her I was sorry. I told her I was nervous and I just wanted to give her a present. She stopped.

You know how charming I am. She couldn’t resist. I gave her the box with that moron’s eyes in it. I took her while she was still screaming. We went back to the house I had made my new home… And well…

I am sorry to have to tell you this… but we made love, or whatever passes for it these days. Why am I telling you all this? I just want someone to understand. Someone needs to see that I am doing what is right.

She loves me. I know she does. I know you wouldn’t approve, but I needed her. She fills my heart with warmth. I know she is coming around to her true feelings. She will be the woman I need. My wife. My true love.

We are destined to be together. I was wrong about you. You were not my real love. That idiot with the bad cologne had already soiled you. She was pure.

I know she’s a little young… eighteen. But I am understanding. Soon enough she will be able to leave the basement. Soon enough we will be a family. I guess I came to share the news with you because I know if you were still breathing you would be so very proud of the man I have become…

And the father I will be. Yes, that’s right. I am finally going to be a daddy. I know in my heart that I am going to have a son. He will be just like his father…

A real lady killer

  • Giulia

    I love this kind of stories 🙂 Nice job

    Also… one last thing

    Running through the parking lot
    He chased me and he wouldn’t stop
    Tag you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it
    Grabbed my hand, pushed me down
    Took the words right out my mouth
    Tag, you’re it, tag, tag, you’re it
    Can anybody hear me
    I am hidden underground
    Can anybody hear me
    Am I talking to myself

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.