The Figure Who Watches

This story I did not make up, it is your choice to believe it or not but my imagination could never produce this…

It was around December when me and my division were going for the 6th grade Kearny trip in Toronto. We were all excited because we had heard so many cool things about this trip. It was weird saying goodbye to our parents and putting our bags in the greyhound bus.

The drive there was long and my motion sickness did NOT help. I really just tried to sleep it off but unlike normal trips I couldn’t sleep, only now looking back do I realize how off it was. Me and my partner were in the back of the bus so if we had to use the bathroom it was easy, but if someone made a stink I was the closest to the door.

On the way there we stopped at a Wendy’s and I had a nice meal with my pals. Little did I know of the life changing moment I would have that very night. When everyone finished their meal we went back on the road, I wasn’t very happy about that.

After the horrible and stomach squelching trip we finally made it to the local area. We passed an antique shop which as I think about it more, may have been the cause of this experience.

We unloaded our bags and split up between boys and girls. I was put in room 1 which was said to be… haunted. There were 7 of us, but only two were at a life risk.

We spent the day exploring and doing the activities outside. Since it was so cold, there was a tight limit on our fun. But regardless we were all like 10 and we never went on trips like this. The forest always gave me an off vibe but that couldn’t ruin the trip for my 10 year old mind.

After eating dinner we were taken out to the field with a huge log. Most of the division was able to fit but I was one of the unlucky ones to stay on the ground, which I intentionally did so that I wouldn’t fall. One of the caretakers (my favorite one) showed everyone the stars, the constellations.

I’m sure it was beautiful, I wouldn’t know. My eyes were locked on the forest, horrified I stared into the black void as a white apparition which looked like a kids drawing, twitched and shifted all around the woods.

It was pure white, skinny. It was a woman, she had hair like tendrils but they were a shade of black darker than the darkness of the night. It wasn’t possible, my gaze couldn’t move I was struck with absolute horror. My body would not respond and I ceased to breath.

Barely getting a breath I used all my power and will to turn around. I tried to walk away and suddenly I felt a powerful presence loom over me, all my senses kicked into overdrive screaming of danger. I whirled around and kept on staring until bedtime.

When we were in the room it was the only thing on my mind, almost everyone in my room saw it. One of my good friends told us he knew about it.

He said it was called The Figure Who Watches. At night in this exact room it would lean over one of the beds and watch the bed right across. He demonstrated since his bunk bed was right next to the other. He was able to get on the other top bunk easily.

That night I didn’t sleep, barely at all. I had all my fears racing through my mind, I dozed off a bit and when I awoke in the middle of the night my pillow was yanked away. Too afraid to feel for it out of the fear a spider may be on it. I tried to go to sleep.

Just as my friend described, the bunk across the one where the figure watched held one of my other friends. Just like the story he was shivering and sweaty, but unlike the story I had the same experience. My friend was freaked out by the thought of that THING watching his all night.

We all discussed this together and I imputed my knowledge of ghosts to help fill in blanks. Our guess was that it was a mother of a girl who may have been buried somewhere in the 700 acres of land. We couldn’t stop it, we were powerless against the being.

Much to our horror, when we went outside after breakfast the forest was closer. That night we could clearly see the forest was maybe 100-160 meters away, but in the morning it was less than 40. We couldn’t react we had no idea what to do.

We went along with the day cautiously and discussed it amongst ourselves. One of my biggest regrets is not asking the caretaker I adored so much since he had been on that land since he was but a boy.

This was one of the few real life stories I can share. Thank you for reading

~Jack Naserum~

  • Aron Paul

    You wrote this like you really went trough this though😂

    • Jack Naserum

      I did, that was our Kearny trip

  • Burlierbard

    It was an okay read. I think maybe you gave a little too much not relative information and repeated several unnecessary things. 3 out of 5 stars