Cursed Japanese Poem

There’s a poem, if read aloud you will get bad luck for eternity. My friend read it aloud, and I had the misfortune of watching her die… Here is our story.

I was over at a sleep over and we were all watching YouTube together. All of us loved watching scary things. We came across a video, it had a creepy feel to it, so we clicked on it. I didn’t really want to watch it, it was only about 5 minutes long. I excused myself to the bathroom. I could hear my friends laughing in the other room. I came back to my friends having the idea to test out a bunch of scary legends about demons and other things. I said yes because I thought they were all a bunch of bull crap.

The first one we tried out was “Bloody Mary”. I saw YouTubers try this out and I knew it was fake, but we tried it anyways. After looking up a few legends we did every step that overlapped. In the end nothing happened.

The next thing we tried was “Alien”. The myth was; one person stands with arms limp against a wall, one person bows 7 times and licks their lips, it was repeated 5, 3, then 1 time. The person stands up and makes a come hither gesture, the person will slowly rise off the ground. This one actually worked the 2nd time we did it.

The last one we did was “Tomino’s Hell”. This was the scariest one. I was too scared to read it aloud because I already have bad luck. My friend Maggie read it as none of us would. We thought nothing happened. We eventually got bored and started watching scary movies.

Eventually, we got hungry and me and Maggie, forgetting about the poem, went down stairs. We grabbed snacks, cake, and ice cream because my other friend Julie’s parents went to bed. We were in our socks, so it was natural to slip on the tiled floor. Little did we know that Julie’s mom dropped ice before she went to bed. Maggie stepped on the ice on the way back up stairs, as I was half way up the stairs, I heard a gasp. I turned around just out of reach of her arm. She fell backwards onto the dish drainer, a grilling fork that was recently sharpened pierced through her head. As I saw blood run down her face, I screamed waking the parents and getting my friends down the stairs in a rush. We all gasped in horror.

The police arrived shortly after. They could tell by the scene, that it was an accident. I still feel this is my fault. As do Julie’s parents. I have needed therapy ever since.

She was my best friend and I will never forget the horror and despair in her eyes.

  • Konner

    I thought it said “Cursed Japanese P*rn” Lol

    • Urang Leo

      I’d read the sh*t out of that

      • Konner


  • Konner

    Btw I did the poem before so that’s pretty cool to see a story about it.

  • Creeper

    Um it was good but poorly written and a bit rushed up