The Doll – Chapter 2

I got home around 9:00, Eric stayed over at my house so we could try to research more on the school. We couldn’t find anything, and if we did, it was a very creepy website that we had avoided.

“I’m surprised there aren’t any theories or anything,” Eric said, disappointedly.

“Me too. Well, I did bring this home, I thought it would be helpful.”

I pulled the doll out of my hoodie, and presented it to him.

“Wasn’t that from that old graveyard we found?”

“Yeah. Since it was close to the school, I thought maybe it held some clues. The rumors said that the school was built on TOP of an old graveyard, which they had transferred to a different area, probably another graveyard site. Do you think there is anything weird about this?”

Eric looked at it a for a while, turning it over, and studying it. After some time he spoke. “It has a name on it, and a button…”

He popped open the buttoned area, and some cloth fell out, the doll went flat. I picked up the cloth and started reading it in my head.

“What does it say?”

I was silent, kind of spooked by what I was reading. “Um… you wouldn’t like it… trust me…”

“Oh come on, I can take it!”

“It’s a chant, a very weird one. If you really want to read it you’re gonna on your own time. But I know for a fact that I’m not reading it out loud.”

I stuffed the word-covered cloth back inside the doll, and set it on my bookshelf. “Also, you’re definitely not reading it around me.”

He sighed. “Fine. Can I take it home, and study it more?”

I nodded. But I was concerned this doll had more to it’s story than what the words could tell. This was going to be a very interesting mystery.

After Eric took the doll and went to his house, I had gotten ready for bed, and grabbed one of my creepypasta books, Ticci Toby.

I started to read aloud. “They called him Ticci Toby, for his unusual twitches, and the uncontrollable neck cracking. He couldn’t feel any pain, another disease, which made the bullying worse. Toby Rogers and his mother were just coming from the hospital, avoiding the scene of the car crash, in which his sister had died. His father hadn’t come to see her take her last breaths, which made anger boil up inside him. He wanted nothing to do with him a-”

“Cam! Bed time!”

“Alright mom!”

I placed a bookmark into the book, setting it back on my bookshelf, lined with creepypasta, and horror. I sat down on my bed, turned on my lava lamp, while switching off my fan, and fell asleep.

The next morning I felt awful. And I could tell that was how the rest of the day was going to go. Horribly, and awful. As I drove up to the school, I saw Eric, and he looked like he was about to die. “Hey Eric are you all right?”




He pulled out the doll, and handed it to me. “I tried out the chant… and I would advise that you don’t.”

“Um… ok? Actually I decided that I was…”

“You choice… but keep that… that thing away from me!”

He darted off, into the school, a sudden energy emerged from him and he was acting normally. Weird… just another reason to try it out myself.

School went by slowly, but as soon as I finally got a break, I had turned on my computer. Then the bell rang. Dang it…

I packed my things, and hurried of to my class. Everyone else seemed to move as slow as turtles as I passed them. I stopped for a moment, and waved my hand in front of one of their faces.

Everything went normal again, and I hurried into the classroom.

The day dragged on and on, and it felt like I would never be able to leave, like the school was slowly trapping me inside it’s wrath.

I checked my watch, and realized that I had twenty more minutes of class until I could go investigate more of the graveyard, so I decided to sit tight for a little longer. I finally raised my hand.

“Yes, Mr. Anderson?”

I glanced to my watch and back at Mr. Andrew. “May I please go to the bathroom, Sir.”

Mr. Andrew was acting strange, and it was bothering me for a while. “Sign out and be back in less than ten minutes,” he said grumpily.

I nodded and headed out the door. A wave of relief settled over me as I quickly walked to the restroom. I pulled out the doll, and its button eyes had turned red once I touched them. Startled, I dropped the stocking doll, and the chant fell out the back, in blood red, huge, bolded letters. I glanced away and looked back at it, the chant had turned back to thin black scratchy lettering, and the eyes on the doll were black as well. But I noticed something I never did before. The stockings inside the doll were covered in blood stains. I picked up the doll, and tossed it in the trash can, running back to class.

I pretended like I was fine, the whole rest of the day. Mr. Andrew continued to seem frustrated, and ignored me. Then at the end of the class, he called on me.

“Mr. Anderson, please see me after class…”

I nodded slowly. “Yes…sir, can I text my mom that I’ll be staying after school?”

He nodded and went over to talk to a student. I pulled out my phone and brought up my mom’s messages. I quickly typed up what I had to, shutting off my phone as soon as I was done.

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    You have no idea how much anxiety this story is giving me. I love it keep it coming!

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