Play Time

My friends found a new game to play.

It’s like Charlie Charlie or one person hide and seek. It’s called “Play Time With Your New BFF”. So, you call out your name five times, then contact the number:. __________. Message the number until you get a reply. Then follow their instructions.

YOU: Hello?

YOU: Where’s my new friend?

UNKNOWN: Friend?

UNKNOWN: I’m your friend? That’s nice! So do you have other friends? I wanna meat them!

YOU: Uh, yeah. My friends ______ and ________.

UNKNOWN: I see your room. Hungry.

YOU: Oh. Um, do you?

UNKNOWN: Don’t worry about it. Hey, can you give me your friends’ numbers? I’m not a perv, so it’s ok.

YOU: Gotta go to bed. Text you in the morning 🙂

Hands shaking, I turn off my phone and try to go to sleep.

At school I ask my friend ______, “Where’s ________?” “I don’t know” “Oh, ok. Thanks” My phone starts ringing, it’s Unknown. “Hello? Who are you?” A high, girlish voice answers. “Liar, big filthy traitor… I got your… Friend, friend, friend… Munchy, munch… Tasty no tough meat! Tasty fat! Girly fat! Tender!” The voice then starts laughing, as if it said the funniest thing ever. “Gonna get more, more, more… Do what I ask, or I get more, more, more!” It hangs up. The words ring through my head, disturbing my school work. A police officer came in and told us that ____ was dismembered and eaten.

When I got home, I got a text.

UNKNOWN: Make a circle of friends.

I called my friends, who mysteriously got the same text. We stood in circle.

UNKNOWN: Cut your hand. Let blood splash on floor.

A knife was in the middle. It hurt less than I thought it would.


And below that a picture:


We call out “July! July! July!” Gleeful laughter echoes around us. “You are beautiful! July!”

“I’m pretty! You guys are the only ones to say that!”

July is standing in the middle of the circle, she is horrendous. Blood gushing out of her eyes and mouth and is smothered all over her. Her eyes are white and unseeing.

“Tasty and tender… Smooth and fat”

I black out, to not wake up again.

Author’s Note: Hey guys, this is my first story! There will me more on July, soon!

  • Angel

    I am glad you will be making more stories for July, I was going to say the story would be a little better if there were more details. The story has a good idea, it just needs more time put into it. Best wishes and good luck!!!

  • Jacqueline Williams

    You have something here. Keep working on it., … it will become great.