The Doll – Chapter 1


Sirens erupted from outside, and the lights sent shivers down his spine. But it wasn’t the bad shiver. It was the shiver of adventure. This is how he had planned it. The police were to run in at any second, and search the house through and through. The window shattered with a single glance, and he hopped right out.

A matching pair of red, glowing eyes shown through the bushes, and an evil grin grew wider on his face. It was an insane face, a gleeful psycho, and a top ten wanted murderer.

Chapter 1

I closed the book, satisfied, but not quite. This had been at least the 5th time I had read the Creepypasta, Jeff the Killer, for it had been my favorite. I thought back to all the victims of Jeff, and the kids he had turned into psychos. One, named Nina, was called a “marysue”, since she was obsessed with Jeff, so much that she tried to become a duplicate of him. She went completely crazy, and she cut a smile into her face, like Jeff. But Jeff had cut his eyelids off, instead she had sewn hers to her head. Jeff had come close to killing his brother, but he had killed his parents. Nina however killed her whole family, and even a bully. In the end, Jeff kind of rejected her, but even to this day, supposedly she continues to try and impress him.

I’m a 16 year old boy, and I go to the brand new High School. Brewer High. Some people say that there was an old grave there, but that it was transported to a different spot. If there was, which I don’t believe, then I’m not sure I want to go to this new school. But my mom says that the best teachers are being transported there, and that this is a huge educational opportunity, in which I would be able to get an amazing job. But I don’t even know where to begin. I pack my bag for tomorrow, making sure that I’ll be able to find everything for the big day. I put my laptop into its case after finishing the last couple sentences for my short story. I hoped that I would be able to be welcomed into the school, and make my mom proud.

I slumped down and turned on my other computer. I signed in, and noticed at least 20 messages pop up in my email. This never happened, but I felt like I had an idea on who had written some of them. The rest I had no clue. I checked out the emails from my friend Eric. They read:

“Hey buddy, been a while. Can’t wait 4 school. U gonna go 2 the new one right?”

Another read:

“R u ok? U haven’t answered me in a while… why aren’t you answering?”

I answered, “Yep, I’m fine. You?”

Then I turned off the computer and went to bed. I was nervous for the next day, but not the good day. I felt like this school isn’t just everything my mom had told me. There seemed to be something else. A sudden feeling of dread hung around me, but I easily pushed it away. This was a new school, what could go wrong? Well, besides bullies and mean teachers, nothing could go wrong. Never judge a book by its cover.

It was the first day of school. I had already gotten lost in the school, twice, and in the crowd of kids. This was the last period of the day after 7 other long ones. I wasn’t sure what to do, I was clueless and I only had 5 more minutes to get to History. I finally found a teacher, and caught my breath, calming myself down.

“Excuse me Miss, do you know where room 305 is?”

“Yes. Down this hallway, and then you’re going to turn right. Mr. Andrew should be the 3 door on the left.”

“Thank You, Ma’am.”

I started walking quickly, for I had wasted another minute. No, no, no I’m going to be late…

That thought kept running through my mind, but I continued using the teacher’s directions and finally made it there.

“Welcome, last name?”

“Anderson… Cameron Anderson…” I panted heavily.

“Alright, thank you…”

He handed me some papers. “This is a test to see what you already know, so I can figure out what I absolutely need to teach this class.”

“Yes sir, thank you.”

I took the papers and picked a seat in the back. Now I didn’t need to feel nervous. I know the worst kids usually sit in the back, but I was going to prove that I could sit back here without getting in trouble. I hardly knew anyone here, so it wouldn’t really matter. Then Eric walked in, got his papers, and waved to me.

“Hey buddy,” he said and took the seat on my left.

“Hey how’s it going?”

“Great you?”

“Eh,” I answered.

“What’s up?”

“Is it true that this school was built on an old graveyard, but they moved it?”

“As far as I know,” he answered.

“Oh. Guess we gotta ask Mr. Andrew.”

“Yep,” he said.


“Good morning class. I’m Mr. Andrew, some of you already have met me because of family members.” He looked over at Eric. “But most of you haven’t, so I’ll call on y’all, and you tell me something interesting about yourself. Alright let’s start with… Mr. Anderson,” he looked up at me, waiting.

“Oh, sorry. My friend, Eric, and I like to find out secrets of places, and we are looking for anything interesting about this school.”

I looked down. I was so stupid, why would I say that? “That is very interesting Cameron. Maybe I can join you in that mission?” he looked pretty interested to start.

“Um… sure. I don’t see why not.”

“Great, see you after school.”

Then it was over and he continued. After maybe an hour or so, everyone was finished, and we had finished our tests. Mr. Anderson said we had free time for the last 30 minutes of class, as long as we didn’t do anything crazy.

The bell rang and everyone was ready to go home. They all left, while Eric and I called our parents and said that we were going to do some mystery hunting at the school. They said the curfew was 10:00, and we said ok, and hung up. It was 6:00 pm, so we had plenty of time.

“Alright boys, so what exactly are you trying to figure out about this school?”

“Well… something along the lines of graveyard. We were wondering if the architect had to move a graveyard somewhere else, because of the construction of this school,” I said.

“I got nothing, but let’s do some investigation,” the teacher said to me.

“Sounds good to me,” I answered.

And with that we got up and ventured off to the old graveyard site. Surely enough, there were holes that needed to be filled, and some pieces of the gravestones had broken off, and been left on the ground in small chunks.

“Well looks like we have arrived,” said Eric.


I looked around again, and noticed something peeking from the ground. That wasn’t there before… I walk over, calling to the teacher and the tall boy. “What’s up,” they asked.

“Look over here, did y’all see that earlier?”

They both shook their heads, staring at the object in one of the dug up holes. I looked closer at it, trying to see all of its features. It had beady eyes, a black silky dress, and long silky brown hair. It kind of looked like a voodoo doll, with its small posture, and the type of cloth it was. It even seemed to have the same features as a voodoo doll, but I could tell it wasn’t. I looked at the stitches, and it looked like a little child had stitched it together. I confirmed this, and picked up the doll. It was old, and it seemed frail, but it didn’t seem to break or tear. I put it in my hoodie pocket, and went to investigate more. Maybe the doll would hold some sort of secret behind all of this.

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