It was night. I lay in my bed, unable to sleep. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately. I’ve had this feeling like I’m being watched. With a deep sigh, I slowly stood from my bed and made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass, filled it with water, and went to the bar to sit down.

I figured I should post about my night on my blog. I grabbed my camera and turned it on, recording my video for it as I walked over to the bar. Before I could get there, however, I heard the sound of footsteps on tile. I turned and looked down the hall, my expression being that of confused curiosity. The sound suddenly stopped. It was like it knew I was aware of its presence. Sighing, I went to get a drink when I suddenly felt something wrap around my neck. It tightened and I panicked, struggling against it. As my vision began to fade to black , I heard a chilling voice in my ear.

“Chaos is the end.” I nearly blacked out at that moment.

The only proof of Chaos being alive is this video.  My name is Darren. I’m the boy from the video. I had managed to get away and I’ve been in hiding for the past year. I found information, on this girl. The information found on her is astonishing to say the least.

Her real name is Andrea (pronounced like André). Andrea Mare. Her family was known alcoholics and druggists. They never wanted kids. They hated kids. When her mother found out she was pregnant, she debated on getting an abortion. She decided against it when her husband jokingly suggested they raise the child as a pet. She took it seriously and they ended up planning for exactly that.

They raised her like normal up until she was five. After that, she was a dog to them. They forced her to wear a collar . She was never taught anything. She wasn’t allowed to do anything unless it was something a dog would do. Not only was she treated like a dog, but she had been abused constantly. Whenever she got sick, she was beat. When she tried to speak, she was beat. Such is her life.

On August 22nd, she snapped at her mother for the first time. She had been forcing Andrea to eat raw meat. Or at least she tried to. But Andrea wasn’t having it. She kicked her mother, knocking her back easily.

“Terrible! Disgusting! Evil!” She screamed at her mother. Having never been taught how to talk right, she couldn’t talk well. Her words came out slow and choppy but her voice still conveyed the anger she felt. Her outburst only resulted in her being beat again.

Things like this continued. But one day, Andrea just couldn’t handle it anymore. She snapped completely. Her mother had gotten her on a leash to go outside but when she turned to do just that, Andrea stood and yanked the leash away from her mother’s hands. Her mother never even managed to turn around before Andrea had begun strangling her with the leash. As her mother’s life faded from her, Andrea whispered in her ear.

“You created me, mother. You made me who I am now. But today is your last. I am Chaos. Chaos… is the end.” With those words in her mind forever, her mother took her last dying breath. Andrea only laughed and moved on to find her father. She found him in the living-room putting his shoes on.

Sneaking up behind him, she wrapped the leash around his neck like she had done to her mother. Her father weakly struggled against her. But it wasn’t long before he took his last breath. With a crazed laugh, Andrea ran from her home and found her way to the woods where she thought she would be safe. Andrea Mare threw away her government name, preferring to go by Chaos instead. When she killed her parents, she wrote her name on the wall in red ink.

“Chaos is the end.”

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