Karma’s Fear

Do you ever feel like your being watched even when you know something is not there… but who’s to say there isn’t something there, That there aren’t monsters under the bed or demons in your head?

It was 3 am in the morning I woke up with a pain in my head as if someone had hit me in the forehead above my eyes. “Ugh not again,” I moaned while holding my head. This isn’t the first time this has happened I tend to get these once a week. I got up out of my bed to get a glass of water. Maybe this will help I thought as I walked down the stairs from my bedroom.

As I walked past the bathroom to get some water I saw something from the corner of my eyes, A tall man he was all black like a shadow tall very tall about 6 feet or so. I just kept walking hoping it was all in my head. It was not the first time I’ve seen him through ever since I was a young girl I’ve always seen him… watching me as if he wanted something from me. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I hear, “Rose why are you up so late?” It was my mom luckily, she never believed me when I told her I saw things in my dreams or in the halls of the house, she calls them off as a case of fear in my own head that I make up these “people” in my head, but I don’t there is a difference I know there is because… I can feel him… staring at me as if he is trying to tell me something with his eyes.

“Rose why are you up so late?” My mom asked again.

“Oh I just needed to grab a drink mom.”

She looked at me with her tired eyes, and yawned, “Okay honey you better not be up all night when I am away okay sweetie?”

“Yes mom,” I responded. She walked back into her room and plopped herself down on her bed, and I got reminded of the words she said, “You better not be up all night when I’m away.” I forgot she had a business trip coming up tomorrow she will be on a plane ride to Massachusetts. I walked back to my room glass of water in hand, I took a sip and rested on my bed.

It all felt normal at first, but as I rolled over to sleep I felt it again those eyes only I can see I covered my eyes with one of my soft blankets, as I did I felt something on my head it was like a hand but not solid it was like air compressed around that area of my head, and it was so cold like ice. As if this “hand” was in snow for ages. I felt nervous. I could not move because… I didn’t want to I was too scared to move. I thought as to what would happen if I did move. I closed my eyes with force, afraid to open them. I could just call for help I thought I tried to open my mouth, but something kept my mouth shut. I felt this hand move up and down my head as if it was petting my head or telling me to calm down… slowly. I did. I dozed off this hand calmed me down instead of being scared I closed my eyes till I fell asleep.

The next morning I was greeted with a pair of gloves on my bed they were leather gloves. I put them on and they fit perfectly. They were warm on the inside with a little red bow on each one of the gloves. I got up out of bed to see my mom made me dinner it was bacon, eggs covered in cheese, with some toast. I sniffed the air, “Mhh~” I said out loud. I sat down, and a note was on the table with the breakfast it read, “Sorry Rose I had to leave earlier then I thought… P.S. hope you like the gloves I got you.” I smiled, “Oh mom your so sweet,” I said.

My mom changed after my dad divorced her, and one day as he drove me to his house for the weekends our car got hit by a truck the steering wheel got stabbed through my dads ribs cage, but he didn’t die on impact. After I called my mother, they took him to the hospital, and he was taken care of until one day as I was showing him the good great I got for my math tests. I was in 7th great at the time. As a takes to him he flatlined, and died in front of me. It didn’t scare me though if anything it helped me cope with death because when he died to the sound of my voice he looked so at peace so calm as if he was just falling asleep. I did cry when he died through. All the stories he told me, all the movies we went to see flooded back to me, and those memories stopped at the site of my dad bleeding on the steering wheel. His face so full of fear as if he saw death himself. I snapped out of it to notice I was shoveling the food in my mouth after I made it to the last few bites.

“It’s a shame I won’t be able to spent time with my mom for the last week of summer vacation.” Unlike most kids, I was excited for school because it was going to be my last year in the middle school, and the sooner it starts the sooner it ends.

The smell of bacon left the house when I was done eating. I did the dishes, and then I felt it again that hand but this time on my shoulder it was gripping me tightly. I turned around with a knife I was washing and pointed it forward but nothing was behind me.

“Just my mind remember what mom said. It’s just my mind,” I talked to myself to get myself to calm down. I went back to doing the dishes, and then I heard a voice a mans voice saying, “If you believe her you are sorely mistaken it’s not in your head.” I flipped around the knife in hand my legs shaking, and sweat running down my face… so cold.

“Who’s there!” I shouted. “I have a knife so if you are here,” I gulped. “Please leave.” My mind raced to wonder why me, why now.

“Oh sweet girl I’m not here to hurt you I’m just here to meet you,” his voice seemed calm but I stood ground I don’t know how to fight but for a girl my age, I am pretty strong but not super strong.

“Show yourself now!” I tried to sound as scary, and stern as possible, as I said that a soft “alright” came from him. I didn’t see him until I felt a little tap on my right shoulder. I spun around knife still in hand. I froze I couldn’t move I couldn’t believe it. It was a tall man, but he was just vapored as if he wasn’t there he was a walking shadow. My eyes widen as I saw him move closer, I backed into a counter, He keeps walking. He put a hand on my cheek saying, “Oh sweet girl why are you so scared I thought you’ve seen me plenty of times.” I couldn’t open my mouth it was like it was pressed shut. After a while of staring into his black empty eyes, I could finally muster up some words, “What are you…”

He stared at me a little longer as if he was examining my face. He spoke, “It’s hard to explain but I can tell you, and tell you why I’m here.” My stomach dropped more, and more by every word he said I felt as if I was going to pass out. He walked up the stairs gesturing me to fallow him. So I did I kept the knife in hand even though I was well aware it would not do anything.

We walked into my room. I sat on my bed, he just stood there I felt as if he was going to kill me or at least hurt me at any second. He spoke, “I am what some call a parasite, some call a demon or a shadow person.” I’ve heard about then, in fact, I was interested in all the stories people told about them being able to see them. “I need to feed,” he said in a mellow tone. I shot up, “What does that mean for me!” I screamed thinking he was going to kill me, he did call himself a demon.

“For you little to nothing but you are important.”

I couldn’t even think clearly, “Are you going to take my soul?” I said tears running down my cheeks what was I to do I can’t kill him, and no chance to fight. He looked at me, and wiped off a tear.

“It’s amazing the stories you humans have made for yourselves. To make you scared of death.” He seemed calm trying to get me to calm down, “Humans believe that their energy and their soul is one in the same. They are not  energy helps the human soul stay in contact with their physical form.”

My mind drifted as he said this I was a little confused, “So if humans do have souls… what happens when we die?”

I asked he looked up at me, and said, “Humans fear death but it’s not a thing to be afraid of, when a human died they run out of energy so their soul detaches from its physical form, when they die, and move on to the next life whether it’s in another world or not.”

My eyes widen in amazement by then the question popped into my head again, “Why do you need to feed, and what do you need me for.” he paused, and took my hand, and pointed to a line on my palm.

“Most humans can’t take energy from other living beings, but you can transfer that energy into me so I can feed so I can live only one person in every generation can control a souls energy like you, you’re like a host.”

I could not speak my mouth was wide open in surprise, “So what’s in it for me? Why should I help you?” I tried hard not to look scared.

“You’ll be immortal, you can still be killed, but with my energy and your energy combined, you will not die from natural causes,” he said. This is all a dream I thought… I can stop this I can stop this from happening.

“And if I don’t agree to be your host?”

He looked at me blankly, “I can not kill you since you are to the only person who can transfer energy for this generation, but your mother from my understanding she is on a plane now? Of course, I can’t kill her physically, but when she sleeps I can put her mind in shock so she will simply die from a heart attack.”

My arms were shaking my mom she was all I had left from this family, my family! My mind raced if I don’t go I’ll live but she’ll die, and if I do go with him with this monster I’ll live forever, she’ll live but I might not ever see her again. Tears ran down my face faster and faster.

“Oh, sweet girl I can’t force you it’s your choice.” Like I had one, to begin with, He brushed my dark brown hair with his hands. I asked him, “How do I get the energy from people?” As soon as I finish he said with a monsterish smile.

“You kill them.”

My stomach dropped more than ever, “I can’t kill anyone that murder that’s… that’s sick!”

His smile faded, “It’s your choice.”

I ran out of the room like it would have any difference to a demon like him. I ran the door into the woods and fell on the ground, on my knees. I can’t stop crying.

“I couldn’t I can’t take someone’s life…”

I felt a hand on my head. “Rose I know how hard it is but it’s either them or your mother.” I punched him but my hand just hit thin air.

“What will it be?” He said behind me… I felt numb knowing the choice I had to make.

“Okay… but only for my mom.”

He patted my head, “Good choice my child.” He looked at me he noticed how numb I felt. “Hold out your hand,” I did as he told me what else was I to do I was so so scared of him. He held my wrist and slid his hand up it. His body seemed to fade away into my skin. My once blue veins turned black, and my heart sped up faster.

“Notice how strong you feel now?” His voice was in my head I held my head out of fear.

“I-I feel… powerful” I said clenching my fists close to my face.

“When do you need to feed?” I said.

He replied, “Soon.” I didn’t care how soon I just cared about keeping my mother safe.


I walked inside my house, and grabbed a bag.

“Hope you don’t mind if I keep some personal belongings?”

“Why would I care Rose?” I filled the bag with some of my personal belongings like a doll I made when I was 11 just for me to remember the good times, some clothes, and an extra pair of shoes along with my phone, a charger, and some earbuds. I grabbed an ax from my dad’s old garage it was rusty with a rubber red handle it was easy to grip, and hold. I put on my black leather gloves mom gifted me.

“So are we off?” he asked, I nodded, and headed out the door. Into the woods.  It’s been hour’s of none stop walking but my legs felt like they haven’t moved at all.

“Feel the strength I’m giving you, you won’t need that mortal coil of a body when you die, but yet as a soul you are already so strong it was almost difficult for me to be able to possess you like this.”

I was only half listening I was thinking about how sad my mom would be to come home from a long trip only to see her only daughter was stolen from her. I heard a rumbling sound in the dried up leaves. I held the ax tighter, and I muttered to myself, “I’m not ready to kill… ”

A young man the same age as me stumbled out of the woods my heart sank he’s so young, “Go one what are you waiting for!” The voice in my head shouted.

“I can’t I can’t,” tears flooded my face.

“Oh ma’am are you alright are you lost like me,” the young boy said.

“I’ve been lost for a few minutes now I can’t find my way back to camp,” he stood up I didn’t speak.

“If you can’t do it I will!” The voice in my head shouted. My leg without even trying kicked him down and my arms raised the ax. My arms tried so hard not to let it go down, and yet… I killed him his blood staining my ax and jeans.

“Heh… Heh,” something felt warm inside me like a pleasure I could have never imagined.

“Hehehe. Hehe,” something about this pleased me. “Are you laughing?”

The voice said I didn’t respond, soon everything about my father and mother flew away I forgot it all as if it never happened, “Hehehe… hahahaha,” I put my hand down on his head and consumed the energy in him I felt the energy vibrating through my veins so satisfying.

“Are you still hungry?” I asked.

“So your enjoy this now?” he asked I did not respond I just kept pulling the bones out of his bloody body.

“You’re the only host I’ve had who has had this much of a bloodlust.”

Later I heard a voice call out, “Alex Alex where are you! It’s your father!” I hid behind a tree hoping he could not see me. The man froze after seeing he dead son, “Alex… ” he said defeated. I raised the ax over my head. He turned around and kicked me to the ground.

“You killed my son!” he shouted. I saw my arms turn black all the way to my elbows, and I shot up before I knew it the man was under me I grabbed the ax and beat his head in more and more, blood covered my body. I grabbed a knife from my bag and carved him slicing him open blood covering my gloves. I ripped out his heart, and without even thinking I ate it, the blood squirted in my mouth it tastes so good. I started drinking the blood out of the heart as if it was a sack full of water, “hahahahah!”

The voice wishers to me again, “You are no longer human…”

  • Rhi

    This is the first story I have read on this app and is a great first impression for this app.

  • Bonnie Manz

    You have a good story however the grammar definitely needs some work. But for your first story you did a great job.

  • Cali_Katrice

    Good story. I laughed. The demon mightve thought it would be simple. He made a monster and a mistake!