Killer Jaz and Eyeless Jack – Part 2

I went to my bed and cried. I didn’t really care if my family hated me. I wanted them DEAD more than anything in this hell whole of a world that I live in. I went to bed with tears in my eyes. I woke up to my mom screaming my name like she usually does, but this time it was because she was screaming for help. I got out of my bed and went out of my room. “JAZ HELP!” My mom screamed.

I went down the stairs to see what was going on and I saw my dad dead on the floor with his stomach open. My mom pulled me to her scared. “Mom why are u scared that dad is dead?” I asked calmer then I have ever been talking to her. She looked at me with concern. “He’s your father!” My mom yelled in my face. Then we both heard a voice say, “Don’t talk to your daughter like that.” I smiled at the voice and just stood there waiting to get slapped by my mom.

I then see that my mom is on the floor dead and her insides gone. I just shrugged and walked away. Then the only person that I wanted dead the most was my little brother. He came down stairs and saw that both our mom and dad were dead. He looked at me scared. I hear the voice again but whispered in my ear, “Kill your little brother.” I smiled at the thought of killing him myself. I grabbed my knife that I always have on me and I slit my brother’s throat.

Then the person that spoke took my hand and made me face it. It was eyeless jack my favorite creepypasta. I smiled at the sight of seeing him. “Hello Jaz.” He said with a low kinda raspy voice. “Hello jack.” I said without being afraid.

Jack pulled his mask off and smiled at me. I then smiled back even tho he couldn’t see that I smiled. Then I heard the police and Jack took my hand. We went out of the back door and into the woods. We met Slenderman. “So this is the girl?” He said with a deep and kind of scary voice. Jack nodded and forgot that he didn’t have his mask on. I smiled and put it on for him. Then we followed Slenderman to the mansion that I would be staying at.

  • IronMosquito

    Well, here I go again.
    First off I’ll adress some plot holes.
    Who called the police, exactly? I seem to remember the father being dead, the mother calling for her daughter,and the brother coming downstairs only to be killed. Did a ghost call them? Also, what made Jaz so dead inside that she wouldn’t react to the sight of a human body (regardless of whether she disliked the person or not)?
    I guess she’s spent so much time on Tumblr that she’s become numb to all sort of things. Including seeing multiple dead bodies.
    So she has Tourette’s Syndrome. So she’s bullied. I have a friend with Tourette’s who is bullied and he doesn’t kill people so I guess he must be an anomaly.
    You know what I really love? That a murderer thought, “Wow, this edgy girl has so much potential! She has a disorder? Check! She’s the perfect person to become a new Creepypasta!” As if.
    Of course, we also have to take in the fact that all these Creepypasta OCs end up at the “Slender Mansion”, so are we to assume they all live in the same place? Is there one state filled with “psychopathic” (for an actual psychopath, look up the Golden State Killer. Wow, notice how different your OC is from an actual murderer?) 13-year-olds? Or does the mansion just teleport? These stories are just the same old garbage manufactured in a ridiculous quantity.
    Anyhow, I still find it hilarious to read. Bye!

    • Jackii-Dakota Ferris

      My thoughts EXACTLY! I also find it rediculous how all these pre-teens fantasize about being a sociopathic killer when alot of them think pain and suffering is having parents and rules in general. Wheres the abuse? Torment? Good laugh though

      • IronMosquito

        Glad someone else gets it😂

  • Chasity Tinker

    This is real? I believe you

  • Jackii-Dakota Ferris

    No description what so ever, again. You need true detail on what would lead your main character into true homicidal rage. True abuse, bullying, what caused her rage-it needs to be sensical. Deep, dark, demented. To truely have homicidal tendencies comes from years of true living hell, and most even don’t act on it even then. The bullying details? Parental abuse details? Emotion? Verbal? Mental? Physical? Sexual? And what did the little brother do to have her rage towards him? Nothing but be afraid of her (based on part 1). Think more in depth.
    Good laugh though.