Arbatian Mental Institution Ch.11 Home Grown

(Okay just a warning for any fans of this series, this chapter has a scene that some may find disturbing or uncomfortable just a heads up.)

Lola looks in fear as the doctor looks at her then at Kiel. He calls two staff into the room and says, “Take him to my office, Lenny take care of the girl.”

“Wait please, I’m pregnant don’t!” Lola screams with watery eyes.

Dr.Arbatian and Lenny stop to turn and look at her. An uncomfortable silence fills the room along with tension, it was as if suddenly the room became suffocating. Dr.Arbatian rubs his chin before asking, “Who’s the father?”

She looks at Kiel being held up by the two staff and looks back at Lenny. Lenny’s eye widen. “What, you’re trying to say it’s mine? Ha what a w***e, don’t even know the father of your kid?”

Kiel tries to break free but is pulled back. “Don’t talk about her like that! F**k you Lenny and the seed that dropped you! F**k this place, I swear I’ll kill you!”

Lenny grins and looks toward his dad. His dad orders the staff to take him to his office. As he’s drug by, Lenny walks over to Lola. “Oh Lola, what am I gonna do with a w***e like you?”

Lola tenses up crawling back as Kiel fights to pull forward. “Get away from her you b*****d! Come after me, leave her alone!”

Lenny adjusts his belt. “You ever heard of a ‘Home grown abortion’ girl? See, it’s an old and sure fire way of getting s**t done. I see your boyfriend might be curious, ain’t that right Kiel?”

“Lenny don’t do it, please! I’ll do anything you want! I’m begging you, leave her alone!” Kiel screams with tears on his red cheeks.

Trembling, Lola looks up as Lenny picks his boot up, a smirk on his scarred smile. She closes her eyes and tries to prepare herself. His boot collides into her soft stomach causing her to scream and cry. He begins to slam his foot, twisting repeatedly as Kiel reaches for her crying uncontrollably. The cries of a broken man, his soul lost in despair while his mind in a pit of rage.

Lola lifts her fragile arm with intention to stop him but his foot collides one last time. Lola’s crotch begins to soak with blood, it drips onto the dirty floor.

Her lungs inhale bubbles of air in between coughing. Her stomach sore and bruised, she rubs her hand across as it feels like tenderized meat. Lenny steps back smiling. “Guess we’ll never know who the dad was now, huh?”

Kiel falls to his knees screaming, a blood lust fuels all his rage as the staff fight to pull him back. He’s drug back into Dr.Arbatian’s office as the door shuts behind him. Too weak to move, Lola is dragged to her room by Lenny.

“Oh quit crying, I did you a favor. You’ll thank me one day love. Gotta look at the bright side of this, you weren’t ready to be a mom anyways. And I wouldn’t be much of a dad, but then again that a*****e wouldn’t be either.” Lenny talks with such calmness in his voice, as if having a conversation about the weather. Lola couldn’t talk, or move. Her jaw slightly quivered only to groan. Her eyes red from crying, she’s pulled into her room as Lenny slams the door shut behind him walking away with a smug look.

The staff are only allowed in the front office area as they walked in Dr.Arbatian’s office for the first time, no one had ever been inside before. A metal table with leather straps sat by a large cherry oak desk.

“Strap him down and gag him.” Dr.Arbatian says while turning towards his desk.

The staff sling Kiel’s fighting body onto the table and wrap the leather straps over him. Tightening them to where his blood flow slows down, his hands begin to go numb and change colors.

“That’ll be all, thank you.”

The staff walk out still observing the room in amusement before closing the door. A wall with a built in bookshelf held hundreds of medical books and dictionaries. A human skull was on the desk next to a red velvet box, another large door was on the back wall near the metal table.

Leaning in towards Kiel the doctor speaks, “So, Kiel is it? Heard you causing trouble today. And with my son of all people, now he ain’t the nicest person around, but that’s my boy. I’m sure you have questions about this place. Well I have nothing but time, and you, well you aren’t going anywhere.”

Kiel pulls on the straps trying to scream through the gag. He wears himself out and eventually just lays on the table. He looks over at Dr.Arbatian and waits for him to explain. The doctor lights a cigar and hushes the match.

“Where to start, where to start. Well, guess the beginning is a good place. You ready to hear a tale?”