The Ayuwoki Rebirth

A dim light wakes me up. Is it possible that I am somewhere else, no this isn’t a dream like a form but a seemingly fake reality that binds nightmares together. I then shake out of my thoughts. My eyes adjusted to the light with a steady focus as I begin to check my surroundings. I don’t know what’s… a sound erupts from the silence, more like someone laughing in a weird way. The voice gave me goosebumps all over my skin.

I got up from the floor that I have been lying in for god knows how long. I again did a quick check around my setting but then I heard static from some kind of device although there was no walkie or any radio around my surroundings. It could be just my ears I had said. Then I heard something else from the static, it almost sounded like music except distorted with many uprising beats with someone speaking, no more like singing every part of the static. I had then snapped out of my trance toward the static and decided to open an old antique door with a brand entitled with the name of Willie’s.

My palm reached for the door but then I stopped. On the other side of the door, I heard the pitter patter of feet going room to room of doors closing with loud thumps. My heart sank toward the noise the footsteps were so quick that I couldn’t tell whether or not it was coming from the right or left of my shoulders. I decided to slowly turn around and hide under an antique table that was pretty much the same size as me so I had a little space to cover. This time though I had found something to my right.

It’s a flashlight I said in my mind with huge relief but I may not need it, then suddenly the lamp flickered until turning off leaving me in the darkness. I grabbed the flashlight that I had spotted, the attempt was discontinued by a loud thump of a door swinging open wide so the hallway lights crept into the darkness. My heartbeat had stopped cold then and I held my breath at the sight of a man or some creature. The man like creature looked around ferociously as if hunting down a small pray that had escaped from its sight. The creature then let out that same sound I heard when I awoke from my sleep.

HEE-HEE! The creature has said almost singing with each phrase. I had decided to go and confront the creature of a man thinking it was a prank of some sort but deep inside I had known that this was no man but a full possessed creature. I decided to move steadily toward the door. The man decided to leave the room with another “HEE-HEE”! He then ran out of the room with such quick intensity that he disappeared as soon as my eyes blinked away. This shook me out of my scare, making my whole mind confused.

This has to be a dream my mind resolved but then something deep in my soul knew it was all too real to be a dream. I was then hit with something once I attempted to get out of my hiding spot. I only see two crooked feet beside before I…




I wake up once again this time I seem to be in a ritual. I then panicked when I see a knife being held right across my throat. The last thing I could do was look at a demonic diagram of bloody stars. This is the only thing I saw before I was slaughtered. My throat felt dry as I look into a room which turned dark than it was from before the ritual.

Author’s Note: This is a story based on the game of Escape the Ayuwoki.