A Not So Lonely Walk

It was another cold night, the air was frosty and gave my throst a chill with each inhale.
I had just left home because another household spat, And like usual when these spats occur I go outside and get some fresh air. Except this time it wasn’t so usual.
While walking and enjoying the breeze and the slight chill it sent down my spine as the odd gust of wind traveled up my jacket and onto my chest I heard something unusual, something out of place that I shouldn’t be hearing on such a remote and lonely street. It took me a second to realize what it was that was bothering me becuase of my still heated mind. It was a second pair of footsteps, ones that were not my own.
Knowing that this street was dead aside to me I slowed my pace and just as I do the footsteps maybe ten feet behind me do the same. A very smilar speed to my own except just the slight delay that is making them distinct from mine.
Weirded out but not scared I speed up. And as anticipated so do the footsteps behind me.
Tap tap tap tap.
As my pace of walking increases so does my pace of heartbeats, now worried as I avoid stopping and turning around I clue in. I’m walking further and further away from home with these footsteps right behind me. Further from warmth, safety and civilization. Closer to darkness, bare flatlands aside to fields of corn and trees from the local farmers. At this point I don’t know what to do. Turn around and face what is behind me, or keep walking straigh until we’re both so far out that I’ve made myself an easy target.
As my mind races to decide on how to get out of this mess it hits me.
I grab my phone out of my pocket and turn on the screen. With blidnding brightness compared to the crawling darkness around me I pretend to check the time as I position the phone.
I hit the button and the screen goes black. With just the very few lights remaining ahead of me and him, her or it just barely illuminating the two of us from shadows I see it, whatever it is.
It has a human body, arms legs and from what I can see fingers. It was all normal even the clothing it wore.
That is, aside to the face.
At first I thought I was losing my mind but after a couple of seconds I quickly put my phone away my heart now racing faster than it ever has. The face bugged me, because..well there wasn’t one. No eyes no nose no mouth. Nothing.
I pick up my walking a little more only faster pushing myself into nothingness where I’m not positive. This thing is going to kill me.
Never before having feared for my life I was experiencing something new, something beyond fear. This was sheer terror.
My body was shaking and my limbs were jello the only thing keeping me moving is the adrenaline pumping through my veins.
What do I do…what do I do..before I realize it I’m in a jog. And the footsteps are also but this time louder.
Was it my heartbeat that was beating in my ears..or has this thing gotten even closer?
I think about it before all the blood drains from my face and a whole new level of fear hits me..before I could hear this things footsteps but now, it’s breathing too! It was harsh and scratchy. Like a seventy year old smoker. I picked up even more speed and started running until my lungs felt like they were on fire and my head was pounding just as hard as my heart. I was so scared I felt like breaking down and crying like whatever it was behind me was going to catch me and I should just let it. I was less than a minute away from running past the last set of lights. The last bit of protection and comfort I felt I had..I start to beg and hope to God that a car or something drove by to help. But what was I thinking it’s the night after thanksgiving it’s late. Our street would be lucky to see five or ten cars throughout an entire night but the night after a holiday? I’m doomed..so I keep running and running until I can’t keep my pace up, the breathing behind me now has become louder and more menacing. It sounds like an animal on the hunt, like a predator that’s chasing a wonuded meal just out of reach. I slow down even more, my lungs feeling like they’re ready to collapse. But before they can, I do.
My legs now completely useless and wore out I fall. It quickly on top of me. It’s blank face no longer blank. Now where the mouth should be is what appears to be some sort of mouth. But without lips. Just a slit in the skin with blade like teeth protruding out. And where it’s eyes should be. Blackness. Even darker and emptier than the world around me. Like two pieces of coal. That is the last thing I hear before it let’s out a horrible cry and sinks it’s teeth into my throat.
If only I just decided not to go on this not so lonely walk..