That Face

This happened to me last night.

I was watching a TV show which is like a reality TV parody when suddenly the screen faded to static and an image of a poorly drawn girl with an abnormally huge smile appeared. It was talking, but I couldn’t make out what it was saying. Then the image started changing, its head was now tilted. There was what I assumed to be blood on it.

The blood wasn’t like realistic. It was cartoonish blood and there was also blood dripping from the ceiling because… why not? After that it said ‘D’ and ‘E’ just before the screen faded to static once again.

The show that I was watching came back on again. Nothing really happened after that, so I just forgot about it for a while. Until it happened again, but this time it replaced a picture in one of the shots from the show. It looked a bit different but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. This time it said the words ‘A’ and ‘D’. What was it trying to spell out? Could it be… ‘DEAD’?

At this point I was freaking out. I started putting too many questions. The episode was finished and it said that another episode of the show is up next. I already saw this one, and it had a horror scene, which I was not looking for to.

So the horror scene came up and a monster was supposed to come out of a closet, walk in the center of the room, look around, and then leave trough the door at the end of the room away from the camera. But it was the body of the girl in that image instead…

It looked like she was from within the show. It did not look edited digitally at all. Plus it is on TV so there was no way it was. It was covered with blood… real blood. Its whole body looked cartoonish but also real. It was really weird, I can’t describe it well. Its teeth were sharp and with blood at the end. When it got to the middle of the room, it jumped at the camera and then there was static. I managed to record it with my phone, so I tried to see if the monster went trough the door at the back of the room but he didn’t. I then decided to go to sleep.

The next morning or today, I looked up the image and found out that it is from a 6th grade English Manual. Then I remembered… I saw the same image in my English Manual! Also that I once took a quick look at it before closing the manual and it seemed to have something strange on its shirt. But I thought nothing of it. It looked red… like blood.

I then looked trough my phone and found that what I recorded the other night. But… it wasn’t there anymore. I freaked out! I was like, “What the… I didn’t delete it… ahh what is going on?! Am I going mad?!”

“…wait. No it can’t be! It is literally there staring at me from a window holding a machete!”


“What?! It’s gone!”

*knock* *knock*

“It’s at the f*****g door!!”

I looked trough the peep-hole… She’s breaking the flipping door!

Please do not search her name… please… I don’t want this to happen to you too…




  • Tedi Malekian

    Pretty bland and the protagonist is very weird thinking blood dripping from the ceiling is a calm thing.

    • Takashi The Red Otaku

      yeah i know now. thanks for the constructive criticism. im working on something way better now

      • Good job man I’m glad you didn’t give up, can’t wait for your next story