It Watches

It watches me. From the forest. Behind my house. Its eyes follow me. The lights. My lights. The ones I keep on through the day and night. The ones it won’t cross. Those lights.

All I think is that thing. And the lights. I can’t forget about the lights. I think of it and the lights. Its gaze. Like that of an owl. Unblinking. Relentless. Unwavering. Nobody sees it. Only me, me, ME. They all think I’m crazy but it’s there. Watching. Waiting. Waiting for what? For the lights. That must be it. The lights.

Sleep. Sleep is what I need. Two days. Tired. It’s been two days. Two days of watching me. Ramblings, ramblings. Even now it watches. The lights keep it there. In the forest. Behind my house. Safe house. The forest must be its home. I can’t go in there without light. The light keeps it here. In view. Drowsy. I’ll take a nap. The lights will stay on. The lights keep me safe.

It’s daytime now. It still stands there unable to move and myself, more able to make coherent thoughts.

Just got back home. To this cursed place, with that thing. Still observing. For what? I want to go up to it, punch it, or… or something! Too scared to though. I just need to keep these lights on for the night. Get more sleep.

Couldn’t sleep. Had to keep the lights on outside. Keep it in the forest, where it belongs. A deer stumbled across one of the lights, blocking the light for a mere second. It still watched. I blinked. It was gone.

The creak of the floorboards behind me said otherwise.